Yolanda Foster Hits The Gym As She Continues To Fight Lyme Disease


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster has not given up on her battle with Lyme Disease and it seems like the Dutch beauty is only getting stronger! This weekend, Yolanda was happy to Instagram a photo of herself hitting the gym. “I am seeing the light,” she captioned.

As we previously reported, Foster recently found out that one of the silicone implants ruptured, which could have been interfering with her Lyme treatments. She has since had her implants removed and is now living a “non-toxic” lifestyle.

Photo Credit: Bravo


15 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Hits The Gym As She Continues To Fight Lyme Disease”

  1. Well, if for nothing else, if it turns out she was misdiagnosed, perhaps this whole experience can serve as a PSA to encourage folks to stop with all the outlandish plastic surgeries that are so commonplace these days. There’s something I find troubling about women reaching a certain age in California, and implants seeming almost mandatory to be seen as attractive or beautiful. Next I hope we can tackle the issue of all of these hideous butt surgeries: it’s all at the point where it’s just too much, the body types held up as today’s cultural ideal are far too exaggerated.

    1. I agree with the butt implants! I have spent years trying to make mine smaller! Kim K is the weirdest shape to me!! Boobs well I can understand those more but don’t know why Yolandas weren’t checked years ago!

    2. I don’t think her Lyme disease was misdiagnosed but that silicone leaking into and poisoning her body was exacerbating the situation. I so hope and pray she feels better soon.

  2. I saw her ,take several hand full of vitamens and supplements on the show/ There is no way she knows how each pill ,interacts with each other. It’s nice to have a picture of her not without an iv.

    1. One of the regimes the neurologists here use for Lyme is like 15 different vitamins a day. That being said her dr may have recommended those, one of the things that happens with Lyme is your body doesnot properly use the vitamins in food ect so a ton of them have to be taken so your body gets proper nutrition.

  3. Oh for the love of God already, stop putting all these PLASTIC things inside of your body. We are told as kids “don’t put crayons up your nose” but then these women insert huge balls of silicone or saline encased in plastic inside of themselves and wonder why they don’t feel good. Duh.

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