Yolanda Foster Finds Out Her Co-Stars Have Been Questioning Her Health


On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the women continued to question Yolanda Foster’s Lyme disease, even when she revealed that her two children; Bella and Anwar had been diagnosed with Lyme.

First, Yolanda met Kyle Richards for a walk in the park and wanted to introduce her to her friend Erika Girardi. When the ladies sat down to chat, Yolanda shared she would be leaving for Ohio to get her breast implants taken out because doctors had found that silicone had leaked out of the original implant. She also shocked the ladies, especially Kyle, when she revealed that her children had been struggling for two years also battling Lyme disease.

Watch the clip below.

Yolanda and Erika met Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards and Eileen Davidson for drinks and while the other ladies got to know Erika, Yolanda was quick to bring up that she heard Taylor Armstrong was talking about her health at Ken’s birthday party.

Eileen misunderstood which conversation Yolanda was referring to and brought up the Munchausen conversation that Lisa Rinna had at Lisa Vanderpump’s house with Kyle and Vanderpump. Yolanda was less than pleased to hear that Rinna had been talking about her health behind her back and abruptly left, telling the ladies the subject would be discussed when she returned home from her surgery.

Watch the clip below.

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48 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Finds Out Her Co-Stars Have Been Questioning Her Health”

  1. It’s really only Lisa R. questioning Yolanda. Now that Lisa R. doesn’t have Kim to harass in order to make herself relevant, she needs to find something to do.

    I’m sorry but Erika does remind me of Anna Nicole Smith. I don’t think she’s even remotely as interesting as she seems to think she is. Unless tacky is the new interesting.

  2. I dont believe any of the women were being mean, when questioning YoYo’s course of treatments. They were just wondering how someone who could be so sick do things as if they arent. And how could someone do so many unconventional treatments not get better, and how could one whole family be affected by Lyme Disease at once–if this was the case, then it cant be just one famaily . There has to be some type of epidemic affecting other families in a town if this one family all had lyme disease–then others should have it too in that one town whre it originated. Very weird.

  3. Once again Yo is LIVID because people are talking about her and yet, she’s on a reality show, posts pics of herself non-stop and leaves the house without a stitch of make-up to make herself look sicker. If she doesn’t want attention, then go away and live a normal life. I decided I don’t like this Erika because she said she likes Yolanda because she’s “accomplished.” Wait, what? Accomplished in doing what? Snagging rich men? Getting huge divorce settlements? Wearing white pants? Growing lemons? What the hell is she accomplished in? And how about when Yo said in her face time with the camera that she likes Erika cuz she has brains and it’s hard to find that. What brains? Knowing how to serve cocktails and pick up rich old men?

        1. Sandy, sorry to put this here but an email is sitting in my outbox, still having probs. J said he would look at it tomorrowxxx

            1. I now show an anonymous comment awaiting moderation, since I cleared all my history and cache today. That was me, Sally. I saw your message just now…late for you.

    1. If she was successful at her job as a Ford girl for 14 years before she married, then sorry, that counts for something. That is a career in the fashion world, and the Yolandas (models) and photographers are at the top of the pay hierarchy in terms of the talent booked to carry an entire industry. Beyond that, I don’t get why some are so ambivalent that someone in the fashion industry would (gasp!) have the audacity to marry well: when a girl can average at least $200,000 a year on her own , has spent her life traveling the world for her job, spends a good deal of her time flying across global time zones , staying in 5 star hotels, eating in the finest restaurants at the day’s end with her co- workers, shooting in exotic locations and constantly being in the midst of successful, accomplished people because of both her professional and social circle, it stands to reason that they will end up dating and partnering with people who are of similar life experience and even greater accomplishments. Reading some comments here it’s almost as if somehow a woman is expected to lower the expectations for her quality of life. That’s incredulous to me.

  4. Eileen should have outed Kyle and Lisa for talking about Yolanda behind her back, they’ve done it far more than Lisa R has. The two of them looked like they shit their pants when the topic was brought up.

    I’m very confused by Kyle, she has openly questioned Yolandas disease, but in interviews outside the show, and her talking head she pretends she hasn’t. She knows we see the footage in the show rigth?
    At least Lisa V is being consistent in questioning Yolandas.

    It’s fine to have questions about Yolandas disease, but how they are going about it bitching behind her back is what is wrong. If they have questions cuz of their own limited knowledge they should just ask her, not consult wikipedia.

    Thank god for Erika this season, she is fun and totally changes up the dynamic of the group, that lunch would have been boring older women sitting around the table if it weren’t for her energy.

    It’s kinda crazy to be 5 episode in now and nothing exciting has happened, and doesn’t look to be any different next episode. Hopefully the dinner with Bethenny is the episode after, she will do something to make this season somewhat entertaining.

  5. And Lisa V having any kinda reaction to the age difference of Erika and her husband is laughable seeing as she has a 20+ age difference from her husband and married him almost immediately when she was only 21.

        1. Oh my bad, sorry got them confused, Kyle was engaged to the guy 24 years older than her.

          I think 15 years is still a significant difference, so I don’t really see a difference, both have a significant difference between their partners, so she can’t really be making it like it’s a big deal.
          Same for Kyle, if she can be engaged to a guy 20+ years older than her she shouldn’t really be clutching her pearls like she did.

  6. LVP is still my favorite housewife of all time. She never questioned Yolanda being sick. She had questions (like all of us) about all of the illnesses, different doctors, different treatments, & different medications. Thank God David said no more treatment until she got a full body scan (he must thought none of these things she was doing was helping). And he was right, it probably saved her life. It showed her implants leaking. I’m sure that can cause all kinds of medical problems. No matter how people spin it, LVP & Kyle, & Lisa R., never said Yolanda wasn’t sick. They had questions about all of it, just like the rest of us.

  7. The more I read the more skeptical I become. While I agree Yolanda has something, it seems to be fitting for what is going on – ok for Amsterdam, but not for reunion. I found this article to be interesting. I hope this isn’t another “Brooks” illness.
    Would suggest reading real skeptics of tv wordpress chronicles of Yolanda and investigation

      1. Hi Sally I tried to add it and it was removed. Perhaps if you google it? I found it on Tamara tattles – hope that helps. Makes one say hmmmmm…………………..

    1. Mally, Hi and Thanks. I just do not understand this at all with Yolanda, I don’t know what to think. It’s difficult for me because I don’t like her and never have. I can’t change that because she might be sick. I try not to say to much because I was so involved in the Brooks story line for personal reasons, I’m trying to stay out of the discussion of is she sick or not. For me I think she has been sick whether that is Lyme, the leaky implant or going through the change. The last one alone can wipe you out at times. So thanks for the link, I have saved it. Just to look at the figures per state, Connecticut is unbelievable. But then I’m from Scotland which would tuck itself into one of your states and hardly be noticed! 😀 😀

      1. Here is the latest and full chart with all the states; http://www.cdc.gov/lyme/stats/tables.html
        Lyme, Connecticut is where the disease was found and where the name originates.NJ surpasses CT in the number of cases, but still, this area is the hot spot for Lyme Disease. I do have deer roaming my property all the time.

      2. I have now read all 3 parts, the third part was just put in 3 days ago. When I scrolled down I came upon the blog comments and a person who had experience in healing in a hyperbaric chamber made several knowledgable comments. It is used primarily for people who have the “bends” which is decompression sickness, and insurance only pays for the treatment of that. It has been used and effective for the treatment of ulcerated wounds that a diabetic gets also. The main thing I learned is that a treatment like those used in one of the most used hyperbaric chambers in Mercy Hosp. in Miami shows 20 treatments to be successful at 4 to 5 hours a dive. A person would never be allowed to wear their street clothes as she is shown wearing, all remnants of shampoo, conditioner etc., nail polish is removed and a person ALWAYS wears a hospital gown and a light blanket. The smiley face T-shirt would not be allowed at all as the plastic would be highly inflammable. There is no evidence that laying in a chamber one time helps anything at all and it is a sad state of affairs that people who aren’t fabulously wealthy are thinking they are missing out on something that could help with whatever chronic illness they have, worse yet that one might save enough money to go lay in one once when there has been exactly no evidence that is successful at treating anything at all.
        Because Yolanda has so much influence wherever she goes to speak it is no longer a personal choice for her to “journal her journey” for us. Many ill people will now believe this had something to do with her getting well, and that part is rather bothersome to me anyway.

        1. 3D’s there are many uses for HBOT. Check out mayoclinic.org for details.
          I agree no one should use a celebrity use of any procedure as their own tools. I would like to think the picture was taken before or after the treatment. Insurance pays sometimes, depends on the plan and purpose.
          Anyway, I’m off for my shifts, Happy New Year to you and yours!

          1. Thanks, kt, I was quoting what the poster said and you are right I didn’t do my research after. I have read all kinds of other things about those chambers, the main thing for me was the enormous cost of it for those whose insurance won’t pay. Since there is no cure or even stats proving long term lyme even exists in the way she claims it does, I know people who have a debilitating illness will do basically anything even unproven treatments. I have been through it with a child of mine with not good results. But anyway, she does have a following and I thought the link and the study they did for the link was good for lay people like me to look at. I thought the most interesting part was how long the tick has to be connected to the skin to give a person Lyme. That was telling for me. Have a good day at work. 🙂

          2. Kt, thanks I am learning so much today, I have just been on their website reading about HBOT. I thought they were just used for bends but it’s so much more! I think we should have something like this everyday so we can all learn! Well the people who want to!!! My brain is stagnating since I retired so this year I am trying to bring it back to life little by little every day! 😀 😀

        2. My friends son in law was in one after diving problems in Mexico, when he got out he fell and broke his back. He is a doctor and is now teaching as in pain most of the time. This made me think of you! Same injury different way it happened!

  8. I agree Sally, I don’t like judging or commenting if a person is sick. But it just makes one think. I’ve never been a fan of Yolanda, I don’t think she is as “real” as she claims to be. I agree she has something, but I just hope one would not use it for storyline purposes, that is pretty low. Lyme is definitely scary. Yes, definitely amazing about Connecticut, found that surprising. I even have to get the dog vaccinated. A friend of mine didn’t and it was caught too late and their dog had to be put down.

    1. Mally, Oh wow! I would hate that with my dog, all we have to do is get a treatment from the vets, capsules, that I put down her back once a month. That’s all that is needed here in Scotland. I just checked my vets website to see if they did them but they don’t I will ask him when I next take her in. I’m afraid Brooks/Vicki fake cancer story line is hurting her, I don’t want her to be sick but I hope for all Lyme suffers it is true. I’m sure she did have it at some point! Even my replies to you are jumbled because I JUST ‘don’t know what to think!!! 😀 😀

    2. Yes, my dog got his Lyme vaccinations, and my neighbor had her dog die from complications from Lyme. The vaccinations are not near 100 percent effective, but anything I can do, I will. We also use frontline monthly…squeezed onto his back between his shoulder blades. I found a tick on him this past weekend…but not the smaller deer tick, the larger brown dog tick that does not carry Lyme. We only leash walk him on the sidewalk or street too. The medicine does not prevent the attachment of fleas or ticks. We check our dog all the time and keep him away from tall grasses. He is low to the ground and can touch the grass…so that does not help.

      1. As I said above I never knew it was bad for dogs, Meg gets the odd one but I just use a tic remover but they sound like the larger brown tic you mentioned. Front line or Advance is the one I use my vet changes each year, we like to keep her coat clipped and then can see then if they are there. We can’t keep her away from long grass as its all over the golf course, it would be impossible. She is either in there chasing pheasants or digging up lost golf balls. I will say if she got within ten feet of a pheasant she would run the other way!!!

      2. It is scary. I try to do all the precautions and check him regularly too as he always seems to want to be in the grass. thank goodness we’ve been fortunate.

          1. We are finally having the Winter we need. It is 5D F today and the snow pack is building up so we can have water in our reservoir rather than it running down the mountain. Also a lot of my trees and shrubs weren’t leafing out properly last Spring, causing me all kinds of worry to find out they needed cold stratification to thrive. The weeds were so bad too. I usually don’t allow any weeds, ANY at all, it was difficult keeping up this last Summer. Floods in Scotland, cold here and not cold enough there, Sandy!

            1. It is appalling here, very wet, in ten years I have never known a winter like this. Now January and we have only had one light frost. My garden will be full of bugs all summer unless we get some cold soon!

            2. Yes, it certainly is weird weather. I am glad you got rain that you needed. I don’t know what to think of this weather…but the next thing you know, we might have a blizzard….

              1. They had snow in Los Angeles this last year! So, you never can tell. I hope you don’t get a blizzard though, maybe some pretty snowfall. It is so peaceful to watch, it seems to quiet everything. AAhhh.

                1. I agree about the snow being so serene. It is beautiful when it covers the trees too. So, far, none yet here…but it is still early in yhe winter….

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