Yolanda Foster Explains David Is Always Working & Never On RHOBH


Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain her side of what happened regarding accusations she was talking trash about Lisa Vanderpump. Yolanda reveals she was trying to help Kyle and Lisa mend their friendship, and Kyle took it as a discredit to Lisa. Yolanda also addresses one of her most asked questions: why is David never on RHOBH and always working?

Yolanda writes, “The only thing that stood out for me in Kyle’s blog was that I apparently posed as someone that cared to help with her relationship with Lisa, and I still think today that I did.

Lisa always walks a straight line; of course she spoke to me about Kyle but never in a mean way. Even though she did not agree with me not watching the previous seasons, she did respect my choice not to.

She also advised me to watch the reunion of Season 2 so that I would understand what happened with Adrienne and why Kyle cried and begged Lisa for forgiveness on our flight home from Vegas.

I watched the famous Reunion of Season 2 that night and finally got it. Lisa’s integrity was clearly attacked by Kyle and Adrienne. Understandably she was deeply hurt by the women she thought had her back, and for that she had such hard time moving on. Shooting a show together does not make that any easier. Not that I have a degree in psychology, but I felt that the only way I could make myself useful in this group with so much drama was to try to clear the air and to help everyone figure things out by showing them a different perspective of how to move on to new beginnings and to create new memories together as a group of adult women. For that, all the pieces and the truth needs to be on the table.

So even though I felt in my heart that Kyle was wrong, I also felt empathy for her because I did see her work hard on getting forgiveness from Lisa, but somehow she never backed her words with actions.

I did try to make Kyle understand that even though mistakes were made, nobody is perfect including herself, Lisa, myself, and the other Housewives. I also spoke to Lisa about Kyle and encouraged her to move on and just put their friendship in a different compartment and maybe change her expectations of Kyle.

Like I’ve said before, just because their relationship changed shape and color, it did not mean it was lost. People break up all the time. Sometimes we do stop caring, but when the love is strong enough you can get back into it. I still believe there is love between the two and only the future can tell how they will recover and rebuild their personal and working relationship from here.

Whatever I’ve discussed with Kyle and Lisa about their relationship was never meant in a bitchy way, but rather was intended to be a tool to help them move on from this way-too-much-talked-about subject.

I honestly was an outsider that had absolutely no horse in the race because it was stuff that happened before I became part of the group.

At the end of the day Lisa took my advice as an adult woman and Kyle took it as a discredit of Lisa.

So it comes down to two different perceptions of a conversation.

Lisa and I see each other outside of the show and our friendship and mutual respect for one another has continued to grow.

Both Brandi and Lisa visited me many times and have shown me great support during these past, worst eight months of my life.

I appreciate it more than they will ever know and it says lot about who they are as women in general and as girlfriends.

I wish Kim continued success in her recovery. I am still baffled by her change of heart about me. I am glad Brandi was there to remind me the true story of what happened in Paris and the airport on the way home.

Yes, on top of not feeling well, I did schlep her pillow and heavy hand luggage through the airport while she was in tears fighting with her sis. Again the story was changed because of their desperate need for camera time.

The fact that Kim is saying that I use my Lyme Disease as an excuse for my memory loss and behavior on the show is just pure ignorance, and I feel sorry that she needs to reach that low to make herself feel good about her poor choices made in our fresh friendships.

The only reason I ever shared my health journey with the world was because I felt it to be my duty to sufferers that are bed-ridden and dying because there has yet to be found a proper diagnostic test for Lyme Disease in this country. I went undiagnosed for two years before I went back to Europe to find my answers. Not everyone is that privileged so I must have been given this experience because it’s my duty, purpose and part of my destiny to bring awareness to this silent killer.

Oh and by the way, Kim, I am the biggest flag waver for my country. I am extremely proud of my heritage and I would never use being Dutch as an excuse but rather an explanation of our cultural differences.

I wonder why Kyle says in her interview how unpredictable Kim is and how you never know if Kim is going to show up. . .

But at the same time in this reunion, Team Richards gangs up on me, trying to argue that I lied about the fact that Kim cancelled on me three times — which by the way was a fact stated not a comment to discredit her.

Which leads straight to Brandi’s statement to Kyle. . .Even though Brandi’s word choice was harsh, she meant to say that while watching the season, it did not look like Kyle was supportive of Kim and that’s the way we all experienced it.

I was happy to see Ken and Mauricio come in and break the ice. I am a big fan of both men and most of the time they seem to bring some calm to the group. Ken is a sweetheart. His temperament never changes, and he doesn’t get involved in much. But he stands up firmly for what he believes is right. So does Mauricio. I have enjoyed getting to know him and he seems like a good man that works very hard to provide a Beverly Hills lifestyle for his big beautiful family and I believe that networking and schmoozing with people is a big part of his business. A man has got to do what he has got to do! So I wish him continued success.

I feel like I often am asked where my husband is so the explanation is this: David never signed up to be on the show because besides his crazy schedule in the studio, he is also running Verve Records and has a lot of charity obligations.

Of course he wants to be there for me and support my choice to work but his time is limited. I thought bringing some music aspect to the show would be a nice addition but we all know that that didn’t work out as planned. . .Haha I hope I can convince him to give it another try.

BTW when I am asked in my interviews who my husband is working with or who was at my house, I answer in honesty and not to name drop.

Also, please remember that this is an unscripted reality show and sometimes editing a 45-minute episode cuts peoples’ stories short. At the end of the day, it is 100 percent fair to everyone. We all get our turn and sometimes it works in your favor and sometimes it just doesn’t.

Andy’s list with speculations of our net worth was rather incorrect and even though we are extremely blessed and fortunate with the life we live, I would like you, the viewers, to keep in mind that except for Kyle and Kim, none of us women and husbands for that matter were born to a wealthy family in Beverly Hills.”

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9 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Explains David Is Always Working & Never On RHOBH”

  1. Yolanda……….listen to me very, carefully:…………Keep your husband, far, far, away from the show……….if he starts making comments and getting “involved” in that mess, it will prove to be a disaster. But I think you are smart enough to realize that 😉 ………….. keep your husband happy and away from the drama………………

  2. Thanks Yolanda. I know you don’t hear those two simple words often enough in this “harsh, land of the free, home of the brave”. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery during your illness. Never stop fighting it.

  3. Yolanda! Why do you continue to lie??? Quit being such a doormat for your husband and have some self respect! No man will stay with someone who constantly goes around licking boots. It is probably the reason why you are wife number 4 or 5???

  4. David Foster doesn’t appears on RHOBH because he’s smart! He knows nothing good will come of him being constantly subjected to the unholy hag trio of Kyle, Adrienne & Kim. Oh, and let’s not forget Taylor and Faye! Ugh!

  5. Best wishes always Yolanda,
    Your insights are a breath of fresh air to the show.
    I know you will stand up to the Fayes and Kyles of the world.
    of course so would Brandi and Lisa! lol

  6. Yolanda and David are the brightest. Knowing when to show up at the filming, and when NOT to. Having the men involved has not boded well for most of them. He has a successful career, and as long as he still loves working, he should!

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