Yolanda Foster Ended Marriage With David


According to TMZ, David Foster has paid all of Yolanda Foster’s medical bills and is still doing so.

A source is saying that even though David and Yolanda have a prenup from their 2011 wedding, when their Malibu home sold which was David’s, he apparently gave her a “big chunk” of the $27 million it sold for.

It also looks as if Yolanda is going to be moving out of the Beverly Hills condo that is David’s as the report mentions she just bought a brand new home. “Yolanda just bought a new $5 million home in the fancy Wilshire Corridor section of L.A. with the money she got in the sale.”

With previous reports mentioning that David has cut off paying for Yolanda’s medical bills apparently that isn’t the case as he is continuing to pay for them.

Finally, the source says that Yolanda is the one who decided to end their marriage and that decision was apparently made over a year ago, but David never quit paying for Yolanda’s medical bills as well as been by her side for much of the past year even though she had already left him.

Interesting to hear this. What do you think? Comment below.

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  1. “A Source” certainly has a lot to say. I really doubt a sick woman, who called her husband “My Love” and “My King” was the one who wanted out, unless it was because David has been up to his cheating ways again and therefore had really already left the marriage first anyway.

    1. I’m not sure it was her out first either! The other day Mohammed was paying her medical bills. I wonder what story from a source tomorrow will bring!

      1. So true. Everyday it’s a different story. One day Yo is the victim and David the bad guy and now it’s David the good guy and Yo the nut case. It’s just impossible to wrap your head around their story!

  2. I think she got fed up with his dismissive attitude, for one. And probably a lot of other stuff, too. Whatever the reason, it must’ve been pretty big, for her to give up such a beautiful home and fabulous life.

    1. I think she wants it , so she can go to NY / Paris ect and run her daughters modeling careers , I also think there is a lot more to Yolanda in the connected world than we know- she is sly as a FOX and I don’t blame her- he is an egomaniac and usually there isn’t room for 2.. JMO

  3. For everyone saying that her declaring the divorce was strategically plannned…if this is true, I’m totally seeing it. Either way…all I have seen til now is mighty sketchy and producer driven, but when they did that to brooks they blew him out of the water. Who knows, but something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    1. SW none of these stories match up. You are 200% correct. Just like I’m sure she has plenty of her own money as does David. I also think 99% of these are bullcrap.

      1. Not to mention her girls are doing extraordinarily well work wise. Last season Gigi was offered 35 campaigns, of which she chose five. Ad campaigns are the HIGHEST ecechelon of earnings, the average person in the industry across the board is shooting two a year, supplemented by catalog and magazine work. Gigi shot 5 campaigns in one season, that means her bank account is looking VERY nice right about now. If she remains focused and professional with solid investment advice, she will be financially set by age 25- and I believe those kids love their mom enough that if she lost everything tomorrow they would ensure she is taken care of. Yolanda will be fine any way we look at it.

  4. One day David is kicking her out of the condo and wanting a “refund” for medical bills, the next is she dumbed David and he is showering her with cash, really? What are inquiring minds suppose to do ♥♥♥

  5. If this is true and I pray it is, I apologize for being deceived by the other trash and calling David a bastard.
    I am tired of being “played”. Seriously. God bless him and Yolanda and may they move forward in their destinies on earth and do what they were put here to do.

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  7. Wait….. I’ve also read that the Malibu house was a divorce gift to her from Mohammad. In addition, remember her saying a million times in her first few episodes that she had designed every inch of that house? How was it David’s house prior to it being built?

    1. What I think happened, is that she was awarded the bare lot, in her divorce. Then, when she met David, they decided to build their dream home.

  8. Too many conflicting stories. Incidentally, I agree with all of the above comments. I hope David 5th will be healthy & sane & Yo gets well soon for all of our sakes. Do not feel for another Brooks story.

  9. Divorce is such a traumatic experience, I’m at an age now that whenever I hear of one, especially to people of a certain age I just wish them the best, too. It can be a crushing defeat to the heart, regardless of how rich a person is.

    1. Yes my girlfriend 27 years marriage and he found a new/younger gal and that’s is -marriage over-she is devastated- she retired from her 33 year job and has no home ( they had to sell the one they had and split) she is hoping to buy a small condo or something but at 63 that’s hard to reset and start over- I knew him and her both from High School- I personally always thought he was cheating ( lots of signs) he was flirty with me and I knocked that off real quick- anyway my point yes Divorce sucks and the older you are its even worse.

  10. “he apparently gave her a “big chunk” of the $27 million it sold for.

    I should hope so – it was her land and that land is eight or nine times the value of the home on it.

  11. Right now there is alot of speculation as to what went wrong in the marriage, as time goes on – the truth will be revealed. But it does sound like David had enough of munchausen and her menopausal antics that are beyond bizarre. No sane person documents and puts on facebook/twitter every single time they fart or go to the doctor. Lemonhead appears to not be dealing with menopause/aging and her lot in life, hence the upteenth sick selfie’s (like anyone really cares)… lemonhead is an uber needy moronic woman….Wish she would stop, it’s nauseating…. She acts as though no-one else in the world has problems and her’s are all too important……

  12. Maybe it’s just me, but this is just a blog, either taken from other sources, lately a lot from Radar and also it is written quickly for us to comment on. There is no need to correct spellings. We all know the difference between there they’re their without an English lesson. we all do it, me more than most as we type quickly. Just give credit to the blog owners for producing a blog, that I for one love!!! Also most of the people here as well!!! So let’s get some Christmas cheer school is out!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Duchess, cut the misogyny with ignorant terms like “menopausal antics.” Menopause is a normal state all women reach if they’re lucky enough to live that long. It does not make one an object of derision, thanks.

    Also, this will be David’s fourth divorce so it’s no surprise he can’t hack it this time either as soon as the going gets tough.

    Sally, I totally agree. We all know the difference between “there, their and they’re” and it’s pretty rude to correct people on an unimportant spelling error.

  14. JenQ. You seem to like to pontificate, as Kim said the exact same thing so succinctly just before your response (you might want to look up the definitions)

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