Yolanda Foster Dishes On Filming For Season 4 Of RHOBH


Yolanda Foster has been very open about Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her co-stars are still playing coy about filming and the returning cast, but Yolanda has been more than willing to speak out. She recently spoke to E! News about her return and when the show is set to begin filming.

“This weekend you know we already started shooting the next season so we’re already moving on to new times,” Yolanda told E! News, officially confirming that she is returning and that season 4 filming has begun. So far, Yolanda is the only RHOBH to publicly confirm that she will be returning. However, Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong, and Lisa Vanderpump all attended the Bravo Upfronts earlier this month, and are reportedly returning.

As for the rumors that Baroness Monica Van Neuman would be joining the cast, Yolanda didn’t seem to know what’s going on. “We don’t know,” she said. “I just came from a meeting, and they won’t tell us until the first day of shooting and nothing has leaked yet, that I know, so it’s most likely not that person.”

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12 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Dishes On Filming For Season 4 Of RHOBH”

  1. Gosh I wish they would get rid of this B…So tired of hearing how perfect she is and always trying to be nice on camera but them trash talking people behind their back. I hope the ladies see her true colors in the next season.

    1. Agree! I do not like this woman and her snobby attitude. She made a fool of herself on the reunion show!! If she is so sick, she would not want to be on a reality show, I am tired of her using her illness as an excuse for her rude comments!

  2. I agree with you both Trixie and Rob.
    She’s probably blabbing about being invited back to the press so Bravo can’t rescind their offer.
    Her playbook is straight out of high school. Nice to the ones that are more popular to her or that can further agenda.
    The others better kiss her a$$ or she’ll lie and throw them under the bus.

  3. Everyone needs to give Yolanda a break. She’s a great girl! I feel that she is genuine. The only thing that happened to her is that she was thrown into a group of catty drama starters (Kyle, Adrienne, Marisa Zanuck, and Kim). I’m glad that Brandi and Lisa have taken Yolanda in! I love all three of them!
    Go Yolanda!

  4. I hope Bravo does not let her arrogant, pompous husband on the show! I cannot take another episode of the name dropping and boring dinner parties at their house!

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