Yolanda Foster Defends Herself Against the Cast of RHOBH


At the RHOBH finale party put together by Kyle Richards, Yolanda Foster stood up for herself against the cast members after learning they had been discussing that she might be faking her Lyme disease.

RadarOnline reported that the party was at Kyle Richards’ Coachella valley vacation home. “Yolanda came with a mission to make a scene,” an insider claimed. “She learned that the women had been questioning her Lyme disease diagnosis, with Lisa Rinna and Taylor Armstrong leading the charge. Taylor wasn’t at the party but that didn’t stop Yolanda from lighting into Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle.”

“The ladies seemed to think Yolanda had become a hypochondriac, or was making herself sick from undergoing so many alternative treatments,” the source explained. “Yolanda was very, very upset and did indeed yell at them.”

I am not surprised by any means that the other women are questioning her, I don’t agree with it, but I’m not surprised. What do you think? Comment Below.

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  1. Every season someone is targeted to be in the hot seat on these shows, it’s part of the formula for a reality show story arc. From the trailer I suspected this season was going to be Yolanda’s turn to be hazed; she’s had a conflict free 3 seasons – so it looks like that’s exactly what’s going to happen now.

    1. Of course Rinna had to switch gears and find a new target, she’s disgusting, leats make season 7 about how fake her lips & face is, well they could have that for every other women as well. They’re vile, with Brandi out of the picture they had to turn on each other like sharks

      1. I agree jake. Lisa Rinna IS disgusting. She is an uneducated acting school drop out with issues. She is NO doctor. Last season she was an expert on addiction bc her sister was an addict & now she’s an expert in lymes. By Lisa rinnas logic no one would need to go to school. We could all just get by using Google and lifetime movies. She’s a moron.

  2. 1) Yolanda is doing so many treatments say she does get cured, guess what ? she Will Never Know which 1 worked
    2) she doesn’t share where she is getting treatments how much they cost or what is exactly in those stick in me IV’s
    3) it is very possible she did get Lymes’ with all those lemon and lime trees,why didn’t she use tick repellent when going in her grove ?
    4) people question her ability to film but not be able to sit through a reunion they could of let her take a break to nap
    5) she wants constant attention
    I suffer a chronic illness several actually last thing I want is pics taken
    she claimed affordable for all, BullS%$t I get $13,000 a year paying for any of her treatments is way out of my league

  3. Yolanda doesn’t do herself any favours. I’m not getting into Brooks type debates because his NON NHL was personal to me whereas Lyme I don’t know much about. But one minute fit then not depending what is going on isn’t helping people believe her.

    1. ITA about the bouncing from fit and well for a party and such and then not. It really is not looking like she is physically sick when that happens. You already know my thoughts about this whole thing and Yolanda. I see it more as a psychiatric illness. Sorry, but I do.

      1. I know that every time an IV is put in our vein, the body sees it as an intrusion. I think maybe the worry from the ladies is genuine because going all over the world to get treatments might seem to be the only way she thinks she is going to be cured, but transfusing all kinds of who knows what into our body all the time after a time can not be considered the way to go. It could be the infection is caused, at this point, by all of the invasive treatments she has had. And those handfuls of pills, whether or not they are vitamins, herbs or Rx. isn’t healthy for anyone. The body still needs to assimilate all of that. The liver and kidneys have to remove the toxins. The stomach still has to digest it all. Maybe she could just go home, eat regular food and lay in the Sun for a few months.

  4. This is so frustrating. I dare anyone who questions her to look up the wiiiiiide variety of different symptoms and treatment methods there are. Remember, Lyme has the ability to mimic many other diseases or illnesses which is why it takes a long time to get diagnosed and usually once it’s discovered it’s already wreaked havoc on your body internally and often times neurologically. The only thing i wish she would clarify is when they figured out anwar and Bella have it too. It sounds like they got tick bites at the same place/time.

    1. Why is this frustrating? Everyone is only just wondering if she has maybe being taken advantage of. I haven’t seen anyone bash her or question f she is sick or if she has Lyme. If Yolanda didn’t want us talking about it, she wouldn’t do the show. And, I am not one of the people who thenk they are fame whores for doing it. She has as much right to be on as any cast member, but I do think she wants it to be given a platform. If lots of folks are talking, we get answers. So far it hasn’t been proven that anyone is questioning whether she is sick. The only thing similar to OC is that the people are wondering about the treatment, and out of a positive reason I would hope.

  5. Hmmm, I don’t know anyone with Lyme disease, but I don’t see how it can be healthy traveling all over the world injecting all these forein substances in your body, how do you know that isn’t what’s making you sick. I hate to say this but she seems to be really sick when she doesn’t want to film something, but then she’s fine when she films something she want’s to be a part of. I’ll have to watch this season to get a better understanding, I don’t know!!

    1. Absolutely. We have seen a couple trailers is all. We don’t know that anyone was being anything but caring about Yolanda. Those previews are historically edited to look way different than they actually are. I mean am I missing something? I haven’t seen anything showing anyone being horrible to anyone else. There will be enough to be up in arms about when we see the actual show.

  6. I have a friend who’s was very sick with Lyme but she and her doctors have it under control and she lives a good life.. At first they treated her for MS and then she went to a infectious Doctor and it turned out to be Lyme… I just wonder if Yolanda has something else going on.

        1. I am curious, CassyJ and anyone. I have tried to post a few times, and when I hit the comment bar an “error” window pops down, and won’t post my comment. My husband says it is likely they don’t have enough servers, and that they are busy. Has that happened to any of you?

          1. Yes it has happened to me. When it does I log off wifi and use cellular data. It is either their servers are too busy or your signal is weak. I’m sure that answer makes it clear as mud. Lol. But I just copy and paste it in a notes doc and post it a bit later when it will post.

    1. It does seem like something really serious. At that reunion she could hardly look forward, it was easy to see she was struggling. and from this thread, Lyme can do horrible damage when not diagnosed early.

  7. It’s just Bravos new stunt, accusing someone from now now on every show of faking an illness! Next we will be doing paternity tests or breasts exams to determine who’s breasts are real! We went through one horrible ordeal with Brooks already, enough!

  8. I question the severity of her illness since it seems to only affect her during off-season. Yes, I know.. you can have a disease and live a “normal-ish” life, but I find it somewhat questionable that if she were really that sick to fly all over the world seeking out treatments, constantly posting pictures of herself hooked up to this machine or sitting in this hospital bed (and all this during off-season) and she’s got enough money to last a few hundred people a lifetime, then why in God’s name would she suddenly stop all that during filming season. It’s not for the paycheck, so what other reason is there. Does the disease only affect her if camera’s aren’t around? I don’t think she’s making up that there is something wrong with her, I just question her sanity. And off topic here but I’m not looking forward to her chirping “HELLO MY LOVE” every time her husband makes an appearance. It makes my skin crawl for a number of reasons. First, it does not sound genuine. And second, how many of us yell that out at our husbands every single time we see him and we’ve been married forever. I’m pretty sure the graveling at his feet act is not what keeps a marriage humming along for years and years.

    1. I think my husband would question my sanity if I did that! He has just come back early from a golf trip! I greeted hm with ‘what are you doing back’ quite reasonable I think!!

      1. Sally,
        Totally with you, my husband was on a business trip last week, he came in the door, I said good timing the dog needs to go out to poop, welcome home my love.

        1. Never the “my love”. I have used the, Oh the puppy wants you to walk him. He just rang the poochie bells (signalling a potty run) !

      2. Oh, thanks, Sally. That is more like it. And her nasal tone is off putting. I wonder what he really thinks of her illness. I remember when they had one of the dinner parties when she got well the first time. They both gave speeches about how blessed they were. I do wonder how blessed he is feeling now.

          1. What are you referring to? Please tell me why you say that or think that, and not back in March when I was hostile toward Brandy. I have apologized for that, and you are saying hateful things here. What is you beef? When I ask this question the last couple days, no on will answer. I want you to tell me here I have a post that is hateful, or what you see is hateful, I can not very well self reflect if you won’t show me what I need to look at to see f I am being hateful or condescending. 2 people have said I have done things they do not like. I have answered them both times, then no acknowledgement or answer to my Q. There are many, many pages I don’t post on at all. A lot of posters have as much to say as I do and more, and I am trying to figure out what the beef is with you. If you don’t answer again I will assume you didn’t see it, but won’t be self reflecting. Believe me, I would if anyone would tell me where these offensive posts are.

  9. Munchausen syndrome is a psychiatric factitious disorder wherein those affected feign disease, illness, orpsychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to themselves. It is a mental illness, in which a person repeatedly acts as if he or she has a physical, emotional or cognitive disorder when, in truth, he or she has caused the symptoms. People with factitious disorders act this way because of an inner need to be seen as ill or injured, not to achieve a concrete benefit, such as financial gain. They are even willing to undergo painful or risky tests and operations in order to get the sympathy and special attention given to people who are truly ill. Factitious disorder imposed on self is associated with severe emotional difficulties.

    1. What is your point? There are no doctors in the rhobh cast. No one is qualified to diagnose Yolanda. If they cared about her they could speak to her off camera. Either way she is ill and being used by famewhores who are too cowardly to focus on their own lives. Btw I believe she is actually ill with lymes & I pray for her healing.

    2. Thank You, caily. I know a lot of posters have asked and wondered what that illness was. Again, how does anyone know anyone is “using the illness” for any reason. We have seen a couple of previews is all. I like to wait to actually SEE the show before I start making judgements.

  10. I doubt very much she is faking, but the constant stream of selfies during her kooky treatments are not helping her case that she is not attention seeking.

  11. For the record, I do NOT think she’s falling! Lyme , if not caught early , van be very devastating and long lasting, vs if you catch it right away. I think she was trying to use her platform to educate people, hence all the selfies and posts etc. She had said she’s doing better now , that’s why she’s back to filming . I’m just going to give her the benefit of the doubt and not allow Brooks to taint my opinion about Yolanda

  12. I don’t think she is creating her own symptoms purpusefully or faking. But I believe her once symptoms have been aggravated by her traveling, treatments, & her own mental state. I know that there must have been varied symptoms but saying she called someone an a$$hole because of her illness? Really? In that case, I’ve had Lyme since Jr High School.

    1. Actually she herself said she called Taylor an asshole because her brain couldn’t find the correct vocabulary she needed to have that discussion. At the only reunion where Taylor and her were on together. She told us all that she only had 1/5 of her brain function and couldn’t often remember anything and apologized to Taylor for that.

      1. Personally I would have called Taylor an a$$hole because, well, she’s a huge a$$hole. Not the Lyme, just goid character judgement.

        1. I see what you mean, but I was just answering the comment about saying it because of her lyme. I think it was me that referred to that conversation somewhere, just remembering when Taylor and her were talking about how David and his ex wife was a friend of Taylor’s. Then at reunion she mentioned it, and for some reason I kind of felt for her that she couldn’t bring proper words to mind.

  13. I don’t compare this to crooks. I do think something is wrong with Yolanda, I don’t see her as a nasty woman, I know nothing about Lyme disease, I think what it is coming off as, Yolanda seems to be sick when she doesn’t want to film something, however we don’t know how much she is filming this season or how healthy she will be, I think we’ll learn alot more when the season starts, and if she is looking real healthy I think alot of people will question it, but I do believe something is wrong with her.

    1. Reading everyone’s comments I think yours are the most realistic. Yes she does have something wrong I don’t think she is faking it, I did and still do Brooks, but I am hoping the leaky implant will play out as so many women have them now and it might make them think to have their own checked. I don’t want this to be Bravo’s new story line if so it will turn viewers away. I don’t like Yolanda, I think she is phony but I do think she has been sick just she has not done herself any favours. 😀

  14. When it was said above she is magically healed to film, but not when it is not time….filming is done over months. Illnesses like Lyme are not like other illnesses where you are bed ridden for long periods of time. During flair ups you are very sick and feel horrible, however these can last for 24 hours to weeks at a time. Doing IV Vitamins is not unheard of for anyone battling a chronic illness. So she had the money to travel and do stemcell treatments and other things. People with MS, Lyme, Hunningtons ect will, and would if money were not an issue, to try and keep the illness at bay.

  15. Oh Dear, before the season even starts, drama is already happening. Why cant they get along? Even if Yolanda was overdone with her Lymme disease, it’s no one’s business discussing it behind her back & doing the same thing the RHOC have done with Brook’s so called cancer. Yolanda I really don’t care for, truth be known, but still & all, right is right & wrong is wrong. Why cant everyone be happy for each other, enjoy each other drama free?

    1. Yes. Before the season even starts. We, as viewers, have no idea who really said what yet. There are always ROL stories, or from “a source” stating they are questioning her treatment. It is their business because she makes it everyone’s business. She does do a lot of charity work. Her husband has given and helped earn millions of dollars for charity. She wanted a platform for Lyme, and with that comes questions. It is the way it is in a charity. So, the same question on everyone’s lips is of course going to be on the minds of people who genuinely care about her. When my Dad used to have these handfulls of herbs and vitamins it appalled me. And he was an Herbalist! If she wanted to keep it private it would be. I am not saying she should or shouldn’t make it public, that is her decision. But when one wants a platform, it must be a transparent one. So the folks who would be donating to the cause can have the total view of the information available.

  16. I don’t know anything about Yolanda’s health — other than earlier this year there was a post that drs. had found an old breast implant that was leaking and they thought it might be the culprit — for her sake I hope so and that as soon as they got it out she felt better — but here’s my point with ALL of this kind of thing — I wouldn’t presume to know, no matter what, because I consider a person’s health PRIVATE. From personal experience, I do know that some illnesses that can be “invisible” (fibromyalgia, depression, arthritis and others come to mind) can contribute to a person looking “normal” — if their symptoms are not “flaring up”. If their symptoms are rampant, it is possible they can’t even get out of bed that day. In some cases, immune systems have been compromised, making them more susceptible to viruses, etc. I know this to be true as I have experienced it myself. An inability to get a good night’s sleep, chronic pain, fatigue, digestive issues, anxiety, susceptibility to viruses, migraines, ETC. Stress makes it SO MUCH worse and can definitely cause flares. It is not unusual for people who have fibromyalgia to develop osteoarthritis/osteonecrosis. In reading about it, many of the symptoms are similar to other syndromes, including Lyme Disease — so crucial to obtain the right diagnosis — and then treatment! (Sometimes there is no real treatment for some of these syndromes, so people who can afford holistic treatments are definitely better off for being able to explore other options when nothing in the “Western” medical realm is helping!) Therefore, people who are ignorant about such syndromes, or people who make assumptions, or who desire to be judgmental, or WHATEVER their mental trip is, can often get the wrong impression about such syndromes. What I don’t get is — if one of my friends honestly didn’t understand if I had i.e., fibromyalgia — why she wouldn’t just come to me privately and say something like, “You know what’s weird is, sometimes you can hang out and do stuff, and others you can’t, is that just because you don’t want to, or what?” and I would be happy to fill her in that no, I do not “make up” symptoms, educate her, etc. In fact I would welcome the opportunity, especially if the alternative is her gossiping about me with others as if I were making something up or was being a hypochondriac. GIVE ME A BREAK! Bravo — this is not a good storyline, it wasn’t for Brooks and it’s not for RHOBH. PLEASE just show what’s really going on…this manufactured stuff is just B.S. Health is PRIVATE. Let it go.

    1. Thanks Mousie, very well explained. I suffer from severe osteoporosis, stenosis of the spine & scheolosis, all hidden. Live most of my days in pain. It is very private & I just cant say ever “Oh woe is me” or hang out my laundry. So, I hear you clearly. This would be a better world if most wont jump to negative conclusions so quickly unless it’s so blatant & advertised on a large poster. Enough is enough. This is not a Brooks or a Brandi.

      1. Starr,I am really sorry you are suffering, I have osteoporosis as well. Some days it can be so debilitating! I am sorry for you xo

  17. Oh good gosh—-bravo please get rid of the losers, (lemonhead, kimbo & trampon), all bring down the show.
    lemonhead is simply amazing, she get’s cured of her lies, I mean lymes every time filming starts, and when she has been extra bitchy, vindictive, she always claims (it’s the lymes).. how convienient…. she’s an aging, menopausal silly woman who needs constant attention and lives in the past when she was a dime a dozen model 50 years ago, and is UBER jealous of Lisa Vanderpump….. duchy needs to go find a windmill and stop pimping out her daughters in the modeling world. AND PLEASE, ENOUGH OF THE DEATHBED (HOSPITAL BED) SELFIES, grow up and go away already………

  18. Most of you don’t have a clue what you are talking about!! Just keep typing about something you know nothing about you vindictive, nasty, hateful, judgemental people who no nothing about Lyme’s disease if you did you would not write such ridiculous and ignorant writing let alone hurtful and attacking which is so untrue!! I have a son who when he was younger the our Dr. tried to tell me that I didn’t know what I was talking about when I took my son to the Dr. over and over and called the Dr. over and over!!!! When my Son’s Lymph nodes under his arm and neck swelled and would not go down they did a biopsy but only for Cancer!!! I had asked for Lyme test but he did not feel he need one since he never had a bull’s eye rash!! Did you know that only 50% or less get that bull’s eye rash!!! Finally at 13 my son wakes up in the middle of the night his right side of the face is distorted he can not move his arm correctly or his leg and he saying his back is killing him!! The Dr. will not let me go to the ER till he can meet me there at 10 am!! He tells me my son has Bell’s palsy! No way, I argue with him that does not include the arm, leg and back pain! I have had enough something is terrible and I have not done right by my son staying with this Dr. bound by insurance! Enough I am taking my son to another Hospital he tells me he will not authorize it I don’t care he can’t hold me hostage any longer! I take my son directly to another hospital tell them what is going on they do a spinal tap he has no only an infection in his spine but he has had a stroke!!! The cells in the spine to tell if you have an infection normal are 0-5 my son’s was 518! My Son had Lyme’s Meningitis! My son IQ went from 142 to 74 he still can’t drive at 32 he has to this day bouts with Lyme’s I took him to Boston for treatments! Dr Fallon has found women in Mental hospitals with Lyme’s they didn’t know that was what they had they just stuck them there because no-one ever thought to test them!! You don’t know what you are talking about, you don’t know what Lyme’s does to you and the damage it does and yes the bouts come and go and you can’t control when they come and sometimes it is like a clock coming around when the clock goes off just like it did last yr! How dare anyone who knows nothing about Lyme’s even try to speak about this with the millions of suffers out there! This is a heart wrenching disease that makes you suffer over and over! If you want to be dis-liked and for people to realize how disgusting you are as a person then go ahead and keep attacking Yolanda, it shows your total lack of knowledge and empathy for another human being and your own ignorance and lack of research yet all you want to do is talk drama and type drama without knowing what you are talking about or typing about just as long as you are attacking someone! So sad in life that some people weather you are on that show or hiding here typing and attacking shame on all of you! You have no idea what struggles Lyme’s can bring to a family’s life! Lyme’s changed my son forever,,, I had to learn to love a different child after a brain injury that it caused he was different forever!!! Do you have any idea what this has done to me as a mother!!!!! My son it has changed his life forever! Is it fair, why my son?? Please stop you don’t know what you are talking about I promise you! My son struggles so much, He has had the port a caths a home health nurse gave him MRSA and almost killed him! He has has so many pic lines, believe me you can’t know unless you live it! Please leave Yolanda alone unless you have or had Lyme’s

    1. Cleesrly your doctor hand absolutely no knowledge of Lyme Disease. A Bullseye rash is not a given, but if seen is a sure sign. He had no infectious disease knowledge. I am so very sorry about your son. I can tell the subject is close to you, so you do feel for Yolanda. She presents quite differently, however, and though no one can ever say how another feels since it is subjective, many see her has fluctuating too much

      1. I was not meaning to post that unedited and not right post. I cannot fathom how horrific it would be to go through what you and your dear son have endured and still do. It makes me fume to see how ignorant some medical professionals are and though they lack knowledge, they don’t seem to know what they don’t know, enough to let another doctor step in. Meningitis is a terrible illness. A child in my son’s class was stricken and when his pediatrician said take some acetaminophen and call in the morning…it was the wrong advice sadly.
        No one should have to go through what you have. I feel so sad for you and your precious son. My heart goes out to you. Nothing can take away all that you have suffered, i do hope and pray for you. I also hope to god that Yolanda is not overdramatizing her illness and that is for everyone’s sake. As a nurse, have a hard time believing Yolanda, since she seems to love the cameras when she is ill, unlike most of us. It does not take away from those who really do suffer from disease either.
        Take care.

      2. As a registered nurse im wondering how some of you ladies believe what you post realsandy I have been around lime disease and yes I do think Yalanda has this dreadful disease we known know how it effects each person persay as our bodies are all different I just hope Yalanda gets this under control because it will wear your body and mind/energy down

        1. If she has it and I never said I never believed her, then she seriously is doing her body more harm by what she is pouring into it. I honestly have never seen anyone who wanted to take as many pictures as Yolanda when they were ill. There are people who suffer from other illnesses and not Lyme. That make them act the way she does. She certainly said she was diagnosed with Lyme. As a nurse I would believe her. I just see some red flags that make me see more to this story. I think Yolanda does have problems, especially with aging and losing all the attention she has always received for her beauty. None of us here were top models, I imagine, and we cannot actually understand how she feels. She is aging. She used to talk about keeping her husband longer than his last several wives, she seems very insecure to me.
          I have my feelings about her based on all that has aired. You can rip me apart all you want, but I have saved lives and I do have gut feelings when something is wrong.
          Would you have your teenage son lift you up and be photographed if you were a multimillionaire and capable of walking? It just doesn’t add up. She could hire someone to help her. She loves the attention a bit too much.
          Don’t ever question my ethics. This is not a forum to attack posters. We all have opinions and most of us respect others and agree to disagree.
          Have a wonderful day. I hope you and yours are all in good health. 😉

          1. What is she pouring into it…IV vitamins and she had a stemcell transplant. None of that is doing the body any harm. In fact because of the way Lyme can effect you the IV vitamins are needed because it does not allow your body to produce many of them. On the oncology floor we give IV vitamins all the time. In bigger cities in Texas they have IV clinics which you can get them at opposed to hospitals. I can also say you must not have been a hospital nurse in the past 5+ years because people constantly are taking selfies. In fact at UMC there is now a form which must be signed stating posting any pictures of patient means the hospital is not responsible for any release of information due to pictures and ICU it is not allowed at all. A patient (who was a no information patient) tried to sue for violation of HIPAA because people knew she was in the hospital but she had posted selfies on FB and that’s how they knew. I mean heck people post bathroom selfies why would sick people in hospitals be any different.

            1. I was not talking about IVs. I shoild have said ingesting. When I saw all pf the supplements she was ingesting, I was appalled. The body is a fine-tuned machine. You cannot just take al kinds of herbs, etc. in mass quantities and not suffer any consequences. I know about multovotamins in an IV. They are gievn to those who are usually unable to take anything orally for the most part. If she is also taking vitamins by mouth, then she is overdosing on fat soluble vitamins. I am not an idioy, so please do not assume to know what i am thinking. Yolanda goes to various health provoders in all aprts of the world at the same time. Sometimes a little too much of a good thing has detrimental effects. I will not argue this sny further. I will no longer comment here. Have a great day!

            2. You know what. I know people take selfies. People don’t have their teenage sons carry them around and take selfies. Would you do that. Being a hospital nurse in the last five years and selfies is what qualifies you to be a nurse then? Seriously? I do not make personal attacks on you, but you are headed on the wrong direction. Yolanda is headed for renal failure with her use of iV multivitamins and probably liver failure from overuse of herbs and supplements in general. What kind of nurse who ever studied medical nursing would not know that? My emergency background makes me more qualified than you seem to think and I am also getting lots of input from my physician husband on this. He is far more qualified than you are. Your words are dangerous. Do you know that green tea extract can cause hepatitis if overused in some people? Please. I will no longer comment. This is my last. I will not receive follow up replies either. The end.

              1. I’m not sure why the hostility over saying you must not have worked in a hospital in the past 5+ years as a reply to the statements people who are ill don’t take as many pics as Yolanda. I was not trying to say anything about your knowledge or lack there of. I was just saying it is truly an epidemic where people take pics everywhere and even when sick in the hospital. I’m very sorry if that statement was taken any other way, I have many friends who no longer hospital nurse because they work in other areas from NP, office nursing, HH, forensics and research they don’t know what it is like to be a floor nurse anymore or what goes on there anymore. I was also saying that because of the way Lyme effects some they have to take amounts of vitamins that would be costic to others because the body can no longer process the amount a normal body needs. I also know the vitamin reg. Is an insane amount. I am often in awe of the 30 pills (all but 3 are supplements) a day my uncle takes for his, all prescribed by a MD. Like I said I apologize if this was taken any other way as it was not my intent.

            3. I was the one talking IV’s. Every time we puncture the skin, the body has a physiological reaction. In this case like the OC guy, she wants a platform for the horrible disease. I, too, like may people have suffered from illnesses that can not be seen. Actually most diseases can’t be seen or diagnosed with the naked eye. Yolanda herself in some of the speeches says the more questions, the more answers. Not this ignorant stuff above. That is just worthy of ignoring. I do think Yolanda’s cast mates and her friends are simply asking questions. Wow, we haven’t even seen a show yet. When a platform is raised for an illness or disease that has been so far not on the minds of people, it must be able to withstand question. That is the way science always works. I have a Nephew who works in Diagnostic Medicine, in the lab. They have to answer questions on a daily basis from everywhere.
              It does not seem to me, minus the ridiculous name calling, that anyone here has said anything cruel about Yolanda, and I would bet that all of us would love to see her well. It is a topic that begs a lot of questions. It can’t be private and have a platform at the same time. Bashing her is a different thing that saying whether or not we personally think the treatments are worth the risk. That is my worry. Every time we inject something into our body there is s risk of lots of things going wrong. Infection, staff infection, contaminated cells, just on and on.

    2. Gayle, I am so sorry about your son, it must be horrendous for him and you! I didn’t know in U.S, that you couldn’t go to ER without a doctor signing it off first. In UK you just go it doesn’t matter about a doctor. I really feel for you. 😀

      1. Sally, Any person can walk into any emergency room anywhere in the country anytime they want and that person will be seen and treated. No sign-off by a physician is ever required. Ever, it’s just not true.

        1. Thank you, having just been in a brilliant hospital this morning it is awful when people don’t have access to good hospitals. Maybe I misunderstood Gayles post then!

          1. I think the confusion and stress at the time may have caused a misunderstanding on Gayle’s part. I hope the best for her and her son.

    3. Gayle I’m so sorry about your son. I can’t imagine seeing my child struggling with an illness & then seeing the vile, ignorant hatred that shows up on these threads. Please know we’re not all the same. Frankly I’m disgusted more often than not when I come on here. I’m praying for you and your son & I also hope you don’t get too caught up in whatever ensues on the show this season.

  19. Gayle, I’m so sorry to hear this. What pain you must’ve endured & still is enduring. & what of your son, this must be so difficult for you all. I will be praying. God bless you all.

  20. Nothing surprise’s me about this group of mean women but Yolanda is such a classy decent Person and in my eye’s better than any oyher woman on this show including lisa v. because no matter what she seems to be involved for someone not to gossip that is and lisa rinna started from day one gossiping ad for Taylor still the same olé trouble maker kyle well she’s kyle just a hypocrite and Im ashamed of them period

  21. Some people here are attacking other posters. Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether you agree with it or not. The idea of this blog is for each of us to put out our thoughts but we should never attack another poster who thinks something different to ourselves. I don’t know if RealSandy is right or wrong I have my own thought on Yolanda but RS is entitled to her opinion please just play nice.

    1. Just because someone gets upset doesn’t mean anyone attacked them, no one attacked her they questioned the statement she made. Here’s a novel idea, let’s all take care of ourselves, if it is directed at you then you worry if not the other person can worry. I said something about this on another page, don’t disagree with the “regulars” you will get in trouble and it is a Nono to disagree or question the “regulars” because they self moderate herr. So it is ok for you to try an attack posters because they questioned what she said but the posters are not allowed the same respect to question her? Guess what; no one needs your self moderation they pay people to do that for the blog. this whole self moderation is laughed about on a couple of other blog sites and guess what disagreeing is not trolling or attacking just because someone gets all pissed off about it. We don’t need anyone to be the mommies here thank you.

      1. In that case I’m not sure what it has to do with you! We do self moderate on this blog, it is different to others so please don’t compare.

      2. Oh, so now because you were upset, it didn’t mean anyone “attacked” you? Wow. All in a couple days you have changed your view on that. And the “regulars” are just those that enjoy this blog. You say that as if it is something to be ashamed of. There is a reply button under posts because the blog isn’t only about our opinion “strictly” about the cast. Or else there would only be a comment button. We all join in whether or not the people posting are “regulars” with whom you personally seem to feel a lot of hostility for. Quite a few times when a new person posted and was attacked, everyone, regulars, infrequent posters, posters who post anonymously stepped in with their opinion of it. It has nothing to do with regulars. I feel kind of sad that you see this entire thing as so negative. And that wasn’t sarcastic. It is difficult, at times, not to take some things personally. We all have out hot buttons, and like any kind of conversation or social interaction, it is best when we all try to just accept others for who they are.

          1. Show me a place I was condescending. As I said, I no longer take the kind of thing you just said personally. You are the one who just now said something derogatory about me. kelly has been telling us all off for a few days, and I know some don’t like it, but this is a blog with reply button. If anyone doesn’t want to be replied to, they can write a journal and read it to themselves. I do “stick my 2 cents in” because that is what this blog is for.

            1. No forget it I just went up thread and saw the hateful things you also said. So I realize you won’t answer because you just wanted to say something snotty and demeaning to someone Go for it, girl.

  22. I am not a Yolanda fan. I have been very ill several times and in the hospital. I wanted NO visitors. I didn’t want anyone to see me hooked up to IV’s and catheters and tubes down my nose. God forbid anyone but immediate family or Drs or nurses saw me so I guess it is hard for he to understand Yolanda need for this attention while undergoing these procedures. Is it a call for attention or to bring attention to a disease? I don’t honestly know. I just know I don’t want to watch and I wont.

  23. DeeDee, you are delusional, I have seen more hateful comments from you than 3D. There seems to be a few who are trying to bring this blog to a level of other blogs. Sorry but it won’t work. In future you and Kelley don’t exist as far as I am concerned so type whatever you want. Feel free. I hope you have a really good day today. ;D

    1. Actually, Sally, I find you to be delusion. You are commenting on hws all day so try to keep things in perspective. Secondly, what you refer to as posters bringing the blog down is me calling out a bully for attacking a sick person. You just need ppl to go along with your view apparently, even though I directed no comments to you. You feel the need to come in and moderate me while your friend continually bashes a sick person & anyone who defends her. I’m done with you as well. I’ve never even had a cross word with you but that’s fine. Get lost.

      1. We are not required to wait for you to “direct” comments to us to reply, hence the “reply” button. Blog, meaning open forum. I didn’t see anyone attack Yolanda here that Sally defended anyway. And before you get all in a huff for me stepping in, I already know what you are going to say. If I am the friend, since you didn’t name the person, I never attacked her, so I don’t think you are talking about me. It is a discussion on Yolanda Foster’s illness, so it is being discussed. I do not see why anyone is so upset that it is being spoken about. If Yolanda wanted it kept private it would be private. she wants a platform for Lyme Disease, and the more discussion and questions, the more attention it gets.
        And the first sentence of your post is condescending and unkind. Sally is never unkind or condescending to anyone.

        1. 3D it’s ok! Sometimes you can’t win, I would have stuck up for anyone in those circumstances, it is an open forum you are right but it seems Deedee is ‘done with me’! I don’t like upsetting anyone but are all entitled to our opinions of housewives but not each other. 😀

      2. DeeDee, Maybe I do comment quite a bit but that’s because at times I have to rest because of back pain. Sometimes things happen in our lives that we have no control over. I am also sorry you find me to be a ‘delusion’. Perhaps I should have stayed out of it but when someone has said things about me that are untrue others have come to my defense. This is where my reply to you came from. But I will make one last point, this is an open forum so we can reply to each and every poster. I hope now we are ok but if not so be it. 😉

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