Yolanda Foster Confronts Lisa Vanderpump


On this week’s episode of RHOBH, Lisa Rinna was accused of throwing Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump under the bus when she made it her mission to find out who said what to Yolanda which ultimately led to Yolanda confronting Lisa Vanderpump for talking about her children’s Lyme disease and showing their medical records.

When Yolanda asked Lisa if she said that Bella and Anwar didn’t have Lyme disease, Lisa said, “I said, ‘What I’ve gotten from it is that Mohamed said they were healthy.'”

“So that’s basically saying they don’t have Lyme disease,” Yolanda confirms. “If you’re really curious and you want to understand it, I brought you their tests and I want you to take it home and read it.”

“Oh my God,” Kyle Richards, who was also present at the lunch tells the cameras. “She went to great lengths to prove Lisa wrong.”

“I don’t want it!” Lisa says, with Yolanda insisting. “No!”

Lisa confesses, “I don’t want to look at a medical file. She’s a mother she says they’ve got Lyme disease then she’s right.”

Yolanda tells Lisa at the table, “I want you to read it and if you said that, I would love for you to apologize to them because this will come out and I wouldn’t want this to ruin your relationship with my children. I would want them to understand and hear from you what you said. Saying the children don’t have Lyme disease is discarding their journey of three years. It would break my heart for Bella and Anwar to hear that you put any doubt out there.”

“I’m saying I never knew they were ill!” Lisa says

“I don’t really understand why Yolanda’s telling me I need to apologize to her children,” Vanderpump says. “Mohamed told me they were fine and that’s what I thought.”

“All I know is they are talking about my children and if they had any questions they should have come to me,” Yolanda says. “Why talk about it behind my back?

Watch the clip below.

What were your thoughts on the episode?

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174 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Confronts Lisa Vanderpump”

  1. First, lvp didn’t bring the children up…it was Kyle! Why isn’t she getting any backlash? Is it in her contract that she starts crap and gets to sit there wide eyed while someone else cats the backlash? Second, lvp NEVER said they didn’t have it, only that their dad never told her they had it and three, Yolanda on her high horse and bald faced lied about who told her that it had been said. I’m done.

    1. This is a little difficult as I haven’t seen the episode as yet. You may have something on Kyle because she never gets called out for things! Yolanda has never liked Lisa so it suits her to just blame Lisa. I wish she had brought Kyle into it as well! In my opinion this is the worst season of BH and I’m just about done with watching it. I have never liked Yolanda and she really is showing her true self this season!

    2. Again, why wouldn’t Kyle ask what Mohammed thought when Lisa brought up the kids. “What does Mohammed think” Up till then there wasn’t any talk about them not having it. Why is she always being said to have started this? She asked what Mohammed thought. Lisa and Mohammed are friends, or were. Did you see the surprise when Lisa said “he says no” I think that was the last thing she expected her to say. Anything to make Kyle look bad. Lisa is the one who said Mohammed says the kids don’t have it. Simple. Lisa said it and no matter who told Yo, Lisa said it, not Kyle.

      1. Because it is none of Kyle’s business to “fact check” Yolanda’s kids health… that’s why. Kyle was stirring unnecessarily. If my friend told me her kids have a health issue, I wouldn’t ask another friend what the kids father said unless I was trying to get some ish started.

          1. Here’s why it isn’t her business, the same reason your life isn’t for Sally and I to discuss without you in the convo…..if I discussed your life with someone it isn’t my business. Here’s the thing you forget we see the shows 7 days apart however this all happened months ago and weeks apart, At this time it wasn’t on the TV announced to the world. The same as it is appropriate for LR to discuss Kim. If you want to discuss someone then GO TO THE PERSON. It’s what I teach my kids and what I was taught. If you speak about someone who isn’t there you are always wrong. The same Yo was wrong to bring it up to LR, if you want to know go to the source.

            1. I still disagree. They were discussing Yolanda. Not gossiping or degrading her. Yo has been sick for years. Yo told Kyle on the show before this party that the kids have Lyme. Lisa says when she asks what Mohammed thinks that he doesn’t think the kids have it. I still don’t know what you think Kyle expected her to say that was inappropriate. No matter when the shows are taped or seen, we, the audience already knew that the kids are sick. I doubt very seriously Kyle was expecting Lisa to say that.
              So, are you saying, and this is a sincere question, that you never discuss anyone who isn’t present? I would fail horribly in that strict environment. I told Jim just today what our Daughter said to me. I spoke about inviting another person to the dinner, none of whom were there and spoke about them all at length. Nothing spiteful was said, although we did say something Grandma might not have liked to hear. There was a logistics planning necessary to the dinner.
              I didn’t see, and I watched it again after all this backlash, anything offensive about what Kyle said. She asked what Mohammed thought. She isn’t a close friend of his and Lisa is. This is all concerned conversation at this point, IMO. I would not be upset if a friend asked that question, and I have not even told the world on television. When Lisa said Mohammed says no, I honestly thought Lisa misspoke because she hadn’t heard what Kyle asked her. When she said he says no, she asked again. Mohammed says they don’t have it. That is a big statement. If she had said Mohammed says they are as healthy as they can be, there wouldn’t have been any reason for further questions, and that is why I believe the responsibility belongs to Lisa. I mean this is a show, not an internal audio tape concealed from the family.

              1. 3D I agree that Yo has no right to criticise any of the women for talking about her ‘kids’! The big difference between any of us discussing each other’s kids is we have not put ours on reality TV. As you know one of my biggest no no’s on blogs is when commenters are nasty about kids, saying they are ugly, badly behaved, the worst I saw was demonic! Yo has pushed her girls and discussed their health many times. What I don’t understand it was ok last season for Brandi to accuse Bella of being an alcoholic but Lisa and Kyle can’t discuss her kids health! Double standards or what? Yo needs to go! Without fail if she is so worried but then she isn’t as she just wants to push the girls careers as she always has! I don’t know of any other housewife who has done it as much as Yo!

                1. We all talk about the housewives, and they are not present. I agree with you about the children. Yolanda featured them on more than one occasion and spoke of them. Only the youngest is 16 or more noe and not too young, and she had him carry her around…so Yolanda has the problem or she would never have done that. We have the right to comment when we see bizarre parenting or comments about her children and have an opinion about it….but not criticizing the children. They are always inncent unless they break the law.

    3. You’re absolutely correct. I think Yolanda is feeling the pressure of everyone questioning her “lyme disease” now that Munchausen and Munchausen by Proxy has been aired. The “medical records” were probably all from the quack Yoyo sees.

    4. LVP is the one who lied about it. She said Mohamed told her the kids weren’t sick. he never said that. She made it up in her mind and thought it was the truth. Not the first time. There’s a word for that: delusional. She’s caught lying once again.

    5. It’s irrelevent who brought it up, all Kyle did was ask the question. Lisa gave actual information.
      Lisa did say they didn’t have it, Kyle asked “What did mohammid say” and Lisa replied “No, he said they are healthy” that implies they don’t have it and aren’t sick. She didn’t say he didn’t tell me, she said he said they are healthy.

      1. Info she invented, she basically lied & gossiped. Good that people see more and more of who she is. She’s not Yolanda’s friend, who would do that on TV. She’s no better that any of the other HW who created drama for the sake of it.

    6. I agree! This season has been so great because Brandi and Kim are gone! The new women are awesome! It’s time for Yolanda to go away! And Kyle.

    7. Your so right, it’s been Kyle stirring the crap…did you see at the table how she was the one who baited Lisa Vanderpump about the kids, she kept baiting her over and over (how many times did Lisa Vanderpump say “I don’t want to talk about it?) And then Yolanda blasted her LV only, while Kyle sat there acting all innocent! Yes, Erika told Yolanda about LV saying that at the dinner (which she was answering Kyle’s 20+ questions in rapid fire about the kids) but why didn’t Kyle get blamed – she was the sh!t stirrer? Also remember back when in the park Kyle met Erika for the first time…and Yolanda first said her kids had Lyme disease (she was questioning then in the park – and in her private video to the camera on the show! Also it was Kyle once again questioning Yolanda in Italy, remember LV and her were walking in the grass and Kyle was saying she was sick when her mom died and she had all these pains and etc.. and chalked it all up to DEPRESSION? Kyle was insinuating that then too! Kyle is very sneaky…I wouldn’t be shocked if Kyle put the “Munchausen” word into Lisa Rinna’s head??? C’mon everybody connect the dots…it’s Kyle that is the real doubter here, not Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa Vanderpump shut that Munchausen crap down at her house when it went on! Kyle never gets called out, is she untouchable? Heck she doesn’t even want to talk about her drug addicted sister (I know my sister did the same behaviour…it’s not ALL ALCOHOLISM! I’ve been watching the show since it first started!

    1. And I say BIG DEAL. This is the quintessential much to do about nothing. Why oh why is this tiring topic being made the center of the show? I was thinking after the first few shows they were all onto something great. Trips, clothes, jewelry, food, yachts and a little wanting to throw someone overboard. This ridiculously pedestrian storyline is serving to remind me that Bravo is trying too hard.

  2. This is just RHOC v2.0. Honestly, how many more franchises are going to take this route? YF has chronic Lyme, her kids have chronic Lyme, everyone has Lyme Disease ( I feel like Oprah). Can we move on already? Kyle can instigate trouble with Katherine & her morally corrupt bestie. Or maybe air her family’s dirty laundry (but no, never talk about it). Or maybe carry on the pretense of her freindship with LVP while secretely fuming over her lesser chess playing skills. Frankly I like LVP don’t give a flying rats butt anymore.

    1. Roxanne, I am just watching the episode of the explant surgery and my goodness this woman bugs the crap out of me! It’s quite interesting watching a decent copy of an episode as before it’s been really poor quality! You see so much more. David was obviously on the way out long before he went. He has no patience with Yo at all! I’m not even getting into the hotel at the Hamptons!

      1. I think David was emotionally gone way before then also. His words to Yoyo after she woke (you’re done, babe) were flat and there was no love in his voice. Very prophetic words now that they have separated.

        1. Kiki, yes I was shocked by how detached he was. I don’t like Yolanda but I would hate to be married to someone like David!
          I was just reading that Yo and Lisa R have had a spat on Twitter! It’s never ending!

  3. Haha! I think you might be onto something with that Kyle clause. Kyle TOTALLY dragged Lisa into that discussion about Yolanda’s kids but Lisa should still apologize because she was wrong to participate, especially because she is friends with Mohammed. Ultimately, Kyle stirred Lisa into the discussion but it is Lisa’s fault for letting Kyle sucker punch her like that. Lisa should just apologize to Yolanda and consider it a cheap lesson: Kyle is looking out for Kyle. Always.

  4. Yolanda set that up, take kyle and lvp out then take down LVP then throw Rinna under the bus. First off LVP said Mohammed said his kids were fine, LVP really didn’t say anything about YO’s kids, Kyle instigated the whole thing Yo says nothing to her, its obvious Yo really dislikes LVP. Also obvious what Yo thinks about Rinna she threw her right under that bus!! Well Yo-Yo I guess you don’t practice what you preach which doesn’t surprise me!! Next week looks good!!

      1. Looks like Erica goes off on Rinna, Rinna is pissed at Erika because she’s the one that told Yo-Yo about Kyle and Lisa V. and Yo-Yo told everyone that Rinna told her about Kyle and LVP. Looks like Rinna confronts Yo next week which sets Erika off, at least that’s what it looks like.

        1. Well sorry to Rinna fans but it’s about time! She hits and runs! (Oops I nearly put something else there!, good job I noticed it!!! So was I right last week about Erika stirring things up or have I got it wrong?

          1. Now I am already not liking Erika’s way. She lied outright when asked who told Yo. She could have simply said it was her. If she wasn’t ashamed of saying it what did “headspace” have t do with it. The bad “headspace” lasted longer because now not only does everyone now she told Yolanda, they know she lied about it. None of it is a big deal IMO. Big effing deal what any of them said. Lisa said what she thought. Kyle was surprised and asked what she meant. Erika told Yolanda it came up at dinner. Rinna told Yolanda she was sorry for the munchy comments. Yolanda either lied or remembered wrong who told her someone brought up her kids. Yolanda is the one who made a big deal out of nothing. Lisa then asks Rinna in the limo why she said it and Rinna told the truth that she didn’t bring that up. Erika lied thru her teeth, not because of the party atmosphere, because she didn’t want them to know she said it. Anwar is a minor but none of them are children.
            No one said anything with deceit or cunning during the entire sequence of events. Nothing hurtful or unkind was said or done by any of them, minus maybe Erika.

            1. I am so over Erika. She is trashier than Taylor ever was. I’d rather have first season Camille and Taylor back than watch one more second of that slutty piece of work.

          2. Yup she stirred things up last night and rolls over to next week. We’re you throwing some shade at $hits Rinna LOL. Good one Sally

  5. Ok I will not be watching this anymore. I don’t like Yolanda – never did – and sick to death of her “illness”. That is her only story and now that she is supposedly better she goes on the attack. Goodbye BH.

  6. Some of these comments are so comical, Yo confronts people on speaking of her children, has and shows proof of her honesty and somehow she is still wrong. Sorry if someone speaks untruths or says anything that isn’t positive about my children in confronting them too. Yo did nothing wrong here.

    1. ITA CassyJ. I don’t understand some of these comments but hey, we are all different . But clearly you and I are in the minority regarding this issue

            1. I sat by a pool in Tenerife last year crying over Carole Radziwells first book! Can you imagine what I will be like with this! Xo

    2. Yes, it really makes no sense. Yolanda is offering proof and the women are more interesting in continuing gossiping rather than look at fact. People just jumping to defend certain housewives.

      I don’t like Yolanda, I think how she made her point at that lunch was wrong and she needs to get off her high horse, but at the same time she has a valid point.

  7. Yolanda just crawls my blood with her holier than thou, high & mighty, do as I say —- or else!!! add manchausen to that attitude.. Kyle was told by Yo, yet again questioned & pushed LVP & got her in hot water with her good friend, Mohammed, while she Kyle acted all innocent.. Yo is jealous of & hates LVP as we have clearly seen in past & the present Kyle is a big fat hypocrite, Yolanda even a bigger one. Erika was the one that opened her trouble making mouth to Yo about the talk about her children & Lymmes & yet wanted that conversation shut down as she wanted Lisa R to take the blame because her 2 faced friend Yo, threw L R under the bus & she would not own up. Erika? she’s more than meets the eye for sure. Continuing episodes will reveal.
    Mind you, I have not seen, but little parts of last night’s episode & that’s what I picked up during commercials of my other show. I KNOW once I see it all, I will see no other color but red.

  8. I started out liking Erika. She has her alter ego and is not ordinary which is different and very out there with nudity, etc., yet she seemed to add rather than detract from th show. Even so, I thought she was an honest in your face type, yet she showed another side last night. She made the excuse that she did not want to make what was her wonderful night into something else with any serious discussion, so she denied saying she told Yolanda anything…and everyone knew she was lying. She is now just Yolanda’s friend and no one else’s, taking a side and also a trouble maker for starting all of this. Maybe she did not want to have a serious talk after a fun night of performing, but I now see more of a person I don’t like, and that is also because this is reality TV. She signed up to be real, so own up and say it right then and there…and not in the coming attractions, if ever. Also, Yolanda is my least favorite on the show now, then Kyle, and any friend of theirs is….well, so far, I am not in love with any of them to put it mildly. I do not like thos entire season at this point.

    1. Sandy, when I mentioned this about Erika last week I was told it didn’t happen! So pleased I am not the only one to see it. I guess what I saw last week was a clip but enough to know she wasn’t being honest! I liked her a first I thought she was fresh and honest but not so much now. Xo

        1. Mine had more typos than yours! I just left it. Thos was supposed to be this, etc. (I just corrected typos too…had that wrong as I typed/keyboarded this!) Actually, it is called keyboarding and I am not great at it. 😮

            1. Now that has to be a first! LOL You are a perfectionist. Would you straighten a picture on the wall, even if it was not in your own home? If yes, I get it. 😉 After all, accountants have to be perfect. Mistakes just aren’t allowed. You have to find any and fix them. 🙂 I am sure you were a great accountant too!

              1. I was a fricken brilliant accountant!!! Lol I don’t straighten pictures in my own home. It drives my son mad he comes up and spends the first hour going from room to room doing just that! I never notice unless dusting!

                  1. Sandy I’m just lazy! I prefer to keep the garden good than the house! As long as the house is clean that’s fine! and yes my son is a perfectionist! I’m almost frightened to breathe when I’m staying with them!

                    1. Well…he really is a pefectionist and he found his match! She must also be a perfectionist. Yes, that could be a fun visit for you… 😉

    2. I agree, I also see both sides….wanting to discuss bc LR was trying to clear her name but I also know there is a time and place to discuss things. Not sure this was it. I personally don’t think Erika did anything wrong telling Yo, I would tell my friends too if someone was saying things about their kids. But I agree own it.

      1. Cassy I think for me telling Yo wasn’t a problem and maybe I would have done so for a friend. My problem and I said the same last week is Erica lied!

      2. If anything Kyle and Lisa are idiots for not thinking Erika would tell Yolanda. Like she owes none of these women anything, why wouldn’t she tell Yolanda the women are gossiping about her children?

  9. Simply, LVP was asked a question about Bella and Anwar… She answered on what she knew. That Mo nor Yo had never told her the kids were sick and when she asked about them generally (as a friend would) she was told they were fine. Did LVP put that together and make out that meant they dint have lyme… Yes. Is that an honest mistake to make… yes. Yo is really going for LVP here and it shows due to there past issues, as LVP has stated ” I didn’t know they were were sick, now I do” that the end of it really. Yo is making it more then it is to bring LVP down. Kyle never should have asked her, but she did. It was clear that LVP at the BBQ did not want to talk about it.

    It wasn’t until the public announcement during Yo’s speech at a Lyme event did we all know they were sick.. and that has not happened yet in this season. To be honest, with Yo being sick for 3+ years and never mentioning her kids being sick, I am not surprised the wives are shocked and confused.

    Erika has stirred the pot here and Yo is trying to break up the group by saying Rinna. Especially as she knows LVP and Rinna are good friends.

  10. Here is what I saw…Lisa V, Kyle and Lisa R have all chatted about ‘the illness’. Lisa R told Yo, Lisa V and Kyle lightly discussed it, Erika flat out said told Yo Lisa V and Kyle talking about the kids. Erika should have said ‘yes I said it’. Lisa R, V and Kyle should have owed up to their part(s) as well. Lisa R is trying to once again prove to anyone who will listen she’s innocent – and if you aren’t listening she’ll repeat it over and over and over. Erika disappointed, at the same time, I felt like she was ready to get her party on and cut loose with the ladies and not have drama. Yo went too hard after Lisa V, still think it’s due to issues we may never know. Again, at the same time, Lisa should have said ‘I’m sorry (something she never does), I misunderstood and I misspoke and yes, I will apologize to the kids. Yo could apologize for hitting hard on Lisa, but I get it those are her kids and anyone becomes a momma tiger. I’m not sure why the cameras ever focus on Kyle, all she does is sit there wide eyed – well when she’s not starting something. Rinna is a shi! stirrer and a horrible dancer…tries a little too hard to be sexy – only she looks like a ostrich picking off bugs (no intent to offend all the beautiful ostrich’s of the world).
    While the episode wasn’t as boring as previous, it sure was…was….can’t find the right word – confusing?
    And…the last scene with the room service carts was disturbing, they should be ashamed of their behavior – last I knew this isn’t a show on MTV – I feel for the staff that had to clean up their entitled butts mess.

    1. I agree. While we are able to see the big picture now, at the time Yo had a much narrow one. She wasn’t filming much with the entire group yet she knew the HWs, and others, were questioning her illness. This appears to have been ongoing from loved ones and outsiders. I can only imagine how frustrated and hurt she had become. Her meeting with LisaR and lunch with Kyle and LVP were prefect opportunities to shut down the rumors, of course she used it. Kyle and LisaR are exactly the types of people I teach my children to avoid ….. instigators with clean hands. I bet we see Erica come clean next week, at least I hope she successfully digs herself out of this liar’s hole, I have enjoyed her on the show thus far.

  11. Oh good grief – they are on a reality show! who doesn’t inquire about their friends and their children? I think it was all innocent enough (ok call me stupid but seriously) Lisa V had not heard about the kids being sick – but since she is friends with their father Kyle said well what does Mohammad say – Lisa should have said when I ask how they are he says fine – so now Yo is splitting hairs over wording – and I guess no one can mention any of their names unless they are in her presence – ok then time to go Yo – and take your guard dog Erika with you

  12. Oh for God’s sake, who cares who talked about Yo’s 3 kids? You put them on a show, talk about them to your friends and so your friends are going to talk about them. She’s laughable. And stop showing your kids PRIVATE medical records to other people. Did they know you were going to do this? As usual, Yo drags her cross with her everywhere she goes. She has ZERO credibility and ZERO storyline. I just watch her and laugh. She IS a clown, like David called this group years ago. Second, I never liked Erika, and now all I can say is that her necklace describes her perfectly. She must be into S&M cuz she loves watching people squirm. Sick, twisted freak.

    1. Gigicat, I’m right there with you. Like I’ve said before, the lady doth protest too much & that in and of itself is rather questionable. She’s doing now exactly what Brooks did–producing medical reports. What a poor and sorry excuse of a woman. 2 marriages gone bad & one wonders why. As for her friend Erika, she’s another back-stabbing liar.

      1. I bet those medical reports, if they actually are real valid test results and not hearsay, were from a self proclaimed Lyme Disease expert and probably not a real one.

  13. Yolanda is a nasty, vindictive bitch. SHE is the one who claimed two of her children had Lyme Disease on national television. So, nobody is supposed to talk about it? And then, for her to blame being told that Kyle and Lisa V. spoke about it on Lisa Rinna was clearly to get back at Rinna for talking about Munchausen. Yolanda is a nutcase. I hope BRAVO discontinues the whole Yolanda illness storyline and her along with it.

  14. Oops…my girl Erika just lost her cherry. That was a big old lie. She was indeed the one who raced back to feed Yo the gossip about what the Lisa’s and Kyle were saying …and she should have owned it.
    I am now moving Erika over to the LiarFace column.
    But…if I ever get another cat, I am going to name it “Pat”.

              1. Kiki, what I what to know is when Lisa VP said pussy everyone went mad! (It’s a very English saying!) now Erika is patting her puss no one says anything!

                  1. Whoever started it I don’t know or care but I have just watched a clip a friend sent me on her showing how to ‘pat the puss’. So she is saying it and showing it!

                  1. Kiki! I was brought up in England although half Scottish and my mother tried not to use any word but if she had to it was pussy! It’s not a word used in Scotland! The C word makes me cringe.

      1. Thanks that was niggling me not knowing! Why I didn’t pick it up goodness knows. If 3D can have a Trans kitten why can you???

  15. These women are the very essence of “poor timing” they were at a party celebrating Erika’s performance (which I thought was fabulous btw but LR’s dancing? Yikes) it was not the time to bring that up. Were I Erika I wouldn’t have wanted to talk about it either. As for her telling Yolanda, that’s her friend and I would have told her too.

  16. OMG, yolymes (get over yourself), as the viewer’s have. REALLY, no one cares about your faux calf licked my face, my ruptured boob implants, lymes, munchausen BS. Please stop already, you appear psychotic, desperate and stupid (as Ken called you in the past). Lisa Vanderump did NOTHING wrong, she answered vyles question and that conversation is none of your business.
    Your lame attempt to force LVP to take those stupid faux records is beyond childish and stupid. So glad LVP stood up to your BS and wouldn’t take your crap.
    lemonbrain is just mad because her faux storyline is being called out as BS, and she has always been uber JEALOUS of LVP’s relationship with her ex-(mohammed), mohammed really likes LVP and respects her as an accomplished businesswoman unlike the pity he has for lymes with her dime a dozen modeling career like 50 years ago…
    Uggg, don’t get me started on the resident stripper (erika) loser–she’s a liar like yolymes and has zero talent—those 2 deserve each other and that’s not a compliment….

  17. wow that was an ugly side of yolanda to see. i feel bad for lisa r now. she felt so much dtress over having talked behind yo back . does whats right and yo screws her over wow ! MAKES ME WONDER IF YO IS FAKIN IT AND WAS PISSED SHE GOT CALLED OUT ON IT

    1. And teach them to lie thru their teeth when asked. If it’s a great thing to tell your friend her kids were mentioned, why lie about it later? And not because it was a party, how obtuse. Nothing shameful was said at Kyle’s dinner, not one person said anything hurtful or deceitful. A simple statement and a simple question. Why wouldn’t her friends talk a little about her and her family. There is a HUGE difference between friends speaking about you and “talking about you.” This fell into the first category. Maybe instead of making a big story out of nothing, they could have a big story.

      1. Sorry 3D soooo disagree. Kyle tried to make a big thing out of what Lisa said, she asked and asked trying to gossip….it wasn’t “how are the kids and I’m sure it is hard on their dad watching them be sick.” It was gossip, and LVP LIED. I know you are a big fan of them both but I just don’t think any of it was ok. Had LVP not lied had Kyle not tried to make a big deal and stir the pot none of this would have happened. Should Erika have owned up, yes but let’s also remember they had been drinking all night (possibly except her bc she preformed for 2 hours) and the last thing she wanted to do was fight with a bunch of drunk women. You have said many times kids are off limits yourself, so not only did LVP lie she and Kyle were talking about someone’s children. Put the shore on the other foot, how about the ladies talking about Max and how much he drinks or Kyles kids being bratty. That’s not ok, 18 or not don’t talk about people’s kids.

        1. I just don’t see it as a big deal. I did say I don’t like it when people say things ABOUT the kids, mean things. Saying they are brats or ugly and like that. At what age does anyone stop being a kid? When their Mom isn’t on here anymore? Bella is an adult and Anwar is a minor. bella is a print and runway model, so the talk has begun for her publicly and she will be spoken about for a long time. Yolanda put selfie pics now of Bella with her IV! Geeze, when will it stop? I would have wondered too when Lisa V. said Mohammed says “no.” They did not say one mean or out of line word ABOUT the kids. I do see it exactly like I said. Lisa did lie, I never said she didn’t. I am a fan of hers, but not so much that I don’t see her faults. she said that on purpose, and how was Kyle supposed to know what she meant “Mohammed says no.”? No what? That’s how I saw it, and Kyle said 2 or 3 times what do you mean? To further say Kyle wanted to gossip, how do you know that? You are inferring that was her motive and she didn’t gossip. Kyle asked more than once maybe because after Lisa made that statement she kind of became vague. I didn’t see any of it as that big. Lisa could have stopped it, sure. Kyle could have stopped it, sure. But nothing was said that hurt anyone, certainly not those “kids” Then Erika hears some part of their names and tells Yolanda the “kids” were brought up. Yolanda also lied when she told Lisa V. that Lisa R. told her. Without Lisa V’s initial lie, nothing would have been said at all. Erika lied then when asked directly, which means she figured she shouldn’t have said anything at all to Yo, IMO, making Yolanda upset. This bull about telling Yo something she needed to know? Haha. Pure shit stirring. The only reason I see that as a tiny bit bigger is that Yo is in a vulnerable state and sensitive to all illness talk and any talk that involves her kids. And that bull about not wanting to tell the truth so the party atmosphere wouldn’t be ruined. In that moment there was a simple question on the table and the “party” was being postponed for a moment. She could have just said, yes, I mentioned it to her. Again, no big.

              1. 3D we all like different housewives! No one should discredited you! That’s ridiculous. These are just women on a TV show! That’s it. This isn’t a Vicki lying about cancer gate! It’s ridiculous! There I have just repeated one word twice. I’m not sure how my name came into it but I can’t be bothered to read it! I have just woken up after a bad night so short tempered! So maybe read later. I just saw this comment and felt sad for you! Stick to your guns kiddo! Xoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️‼️

                1. You really are a kind soul, Sally. Your posts, or should I say, the way you speak, has taught me so much. It is Kyle that is constantly being discredited, but I see where I wrote it to make it seem I was feeling it myself. So, thanks for that.
                  On another topic, did you see the GOOGLE art today. Every time I Google a different animation comes on! I must say whoever does the Google Art is not only talented but inspired. I wish, I wish, I wish I could at least do the red X AND O. Pretend it is in big red letters! XOXOO

                  1. Well it was early as I said but I thought you seemed fed up with it all, I should have known better! Lol! ( I know you aren’t keen on ‘lol’ but it just fits!). I just came back to read where my name came into it, I have been making curtains, or unpicking to remake all day!

                  2. Ok I’ve just read back! Yes you were quite clear saying Kyle was discredited! Sorry it was early! If I hadn’t been so busy today I would have seen it earlier! ❤️

                    1. I am flattered you stood up for me, my writing notwithstanding. I love the way we stand against any bully here. Not that I was bullied anywhere by these ladies. We could be having a full on disagreement with each other, with respect naturally, and let a troll come in and knock one of us and everyone here stands up! I love that.

                    2. I would stand up for any of the regulars here as lots have stood up for me against my stalker! It is such a good site and no we can’t agree all of the time it’s not possible and it would be a pretty boring blog if we all thought the same! Xo

  18. But it just goes to show Erika’s TRUE self. A coward. Big, loud, LOOK AT ME personality, but a big coward. Too damn bad YOU didn’t want to talk about it. You had a room full of women asking “who told Yo” and you sat there like a kid who was just busted. Then in your taking head you say you didn’t feel like talking about it? You had no problem running and telling Yo. Again, never liked her, never will. She is a classless, tacky piece of trash. And that tramp stamp on her? Oh Lord, not surprising!

  19. I had high hopes for Lisa R last season but she’s such a dud housewife. She is just so manic and all over the place, she said she never mentioned the kids yet we saw in a flashback she did.
    Kyle told Yolanda they have never questioned her illness, yet we saw her and LVP explicitly question her illness when they were pretending to be friend in Tuscany.

    I think Yolanda had every right to be as annoyed as she was, but LVP made a good case for herself, her and Mohamed are good friends, she asked him and he didn’t give her all the information. Yolanda should have understood that instead of hammering the point home. Like she made her point and proved she was right and then she just kept going and going that she lost the upper hand.
    Though I also don’t think for one second that Lisa didn’t ask Mohamed about the kids to say on camera he said they were fine, I’d have no problem believing Lisa was chomping at the bit to get that information out there.

    Kyle and Lisa are idiots for not putting it together sooner that Erika told her. Why wouldn’t she tell Yolanda that Kyle and Lisa were talking about her children?
    I wish Erika had said she said it, but at the same time she’s in a room with 5 women she’s just met, why admit that and have all 5 harpies turn on her. They were DESPERATELY trying to change the conversation that they were discussing a womens children and trying to make the main topic about someone telling Yolanda. How do they think a friend of Yolandas telling her they are gossiping about her children is more important than the fact they were gossiping about her children??

    Eileen and Rinna need to not be back next season, they could enter their work this season for Emmy consideration with how much acting they are doing this year. Katheryn is such a snore. Her conversation wit Eileen was so weird and awkward, and all her hoity toity nonsense over the word cunty is lame, like get over it.

    This season is a total trainwreck

    1. Kathryn was the LAST thing this season needed, another blah annoying wife talking about 5K purses. Other than FR, she actually has contributed nothing so far! Lisa R is atrocious and should not be back next season. I still have a soft spot for Eileen but I can see that she’ll probably be chopped even before Lisa R, just because she’s not bringing much drama! And yes, OF COURSE Erika will tell her best friend, why wouldn’t she?? It’s not as if the other women won’t tell their besties what’s being said about them lol. There was a moment last night that I felt that Erika was looking at these clucking women and saying to herself ‘ WTF am I doing here’ lol 🙂

      1. To be fair I actually like Eileen a lot more when she’s around Erika. They have good chemistry and Erika seems bring out more personality in Eileen, which is the only thing she is missing, and I think she’s just holding back cuz she has an actual career to worry about, which is understandable, but that also means she’s not great for bringing stuff to the show.
        I’d be very happy to see them fire everyone and reshape the season around Erika and Eileen and bring in all new women. Eileen and Erika are new enough they mightn’t feel as stale as the current cast does with new women.

    2. No. I love the Lisas,…and Eileen…and I would much rather watch LVP try to buy a snack from a vending machine…or clean swan dukey off Villa Rosa’s front walk …or watch Lisa R get her Hoo Hoo waxed …or Eileen call these divas out on their $4,000 purses than watch one more freakin’ minute of Yolanda’s LemonLyme Brain Function BS. No more IVs…or surgery…or closets full of minerals…or readings of the will.
      Yo is setting LVP up…and maybe Lisa Rinna, too…though I think she was probably just collateral damage before today’s Twitter war. Erika is the one who told her about what Lisa said …and not Lisa Rinna…and so what. Yolanda is the one who told America her kids have Lyme…and people are going to be shocked by that…because it is very very weird….and they are going to talk about it….and if she really wanted to protect her kids, Lemonhead should never have said it on camera.
      Yo must go…and Lisa and Eileen stay.

      1. Yeah I disagree, I don’t wanna see LVP using a vending machine. I think LVP’s game is very tired now after 6 seasons. The only one I want back next year is Erika, LVP would be second but I think even she needs a half a season break or something. She’s too predicable and 6 seasons of taking no accountability and constantly playing the victim is getting very old.
        I think Yolandas stuff would have been far more interesting if it was just her storyline, instead of the other women taking it the only storyline. So the whole thing is crap.

      2. I just love that post. Very concise, something I have trouble being! I am still lagging behind on the vending machine talk. Man, I miss stuff and if it is talked about enough, I have to go see what it is. I have to say I loved the red dress Kyle wore to Erika’s performance. She wore that on the boat at Yolanda’s dinner in Holland.

  20. While Yolanda preaches all the love and kind side – she came off looking pure evil in the way she behaved. If you don’t want someone to talk about something, get off reality tv, you don’t want your kids discussed, stop putting them and their “illness” out there. As far as the medical records go, it’s probably one of her many quack doctors who believes you get Lyme from horseflies. It’s a convenient storyline for someone who has no storyline. Taylor was right when she said about the sick selfies/happy selfies. Time for Yolanda to go.

  21. It was all “much ADO about nothing,” IMO. I capped ADO because Lisa R was saying towards the end of the episode, “It was much TO DO about nothing.” Lol, yeah, it really was…much ado about nothing, that is…The whole episode was like watching a bad game of “telephone” when someone tells someone about something they heard, and the person listening makes more out of it than it was…just goes to show that perception is not reality! When Erika told Yolanda at the beach, she made it sound like way more than it was, about Kyle and Lisa V were talking re: Anwar and Bella, Lisa V kept saying “I don’t want to talk about it.” It was Kyle who kept hammering about it, etc., sticking her obnoxious nose in. I really think Lisa V meant, “No Mohammed doesn’t know” or “No I don’t know if he knows” rather than “No he doesn’t think they have it,” you know? Yolanda getting on her high horse towering over Lisa V about that misunderstanding was outrageous. Still unclear what role Lisa R plays in this – losing track with the sheer stupidity over this nonsense — seriously I can’t keep track of it all. And why couldn’t Erika just say the night after the show, “I just told Yolanda that the subject came up at Kyle’s, I just got the impression that it was kind of news to them that Bella and Anwar had it too”? I hope that when Yolanda sees this episode, she will see that the way Lisa V handled herself when Kyle was grilling her, Lisa V stated she did not want to talk about Yolanda’s kids, I think Yolanda needs to apologize to Lisa V.

  22. Why hasn’t anybody mentioned LV showing off a boob!! 🙂 I was so surprised to see that and I’m thinking she’s not happy bravo didn’t edit that out

    1. I’m not surprised no one cares LVP’s boob was out on TV and had to be blurred. People only care when it’s people like Brandi and Erika, then suddenly it’s an issue.

    2. Huh? I have to look again now. I totally missed that. That cryogenics booth was cool wasn’t it? Oh, no pun intended. I also didn’t see any bashing about Erika’s boobs being out, did you? More than her boobs, gosh she was having her entire body rubbed down, and all men too! What a alter-ego! I do love to watch them having fun like they did at that place, Yolanda was laughing too. That’s what I like to see. And Kyle said her knee felt better. I wonder how much it costs, I hear cold is good for what ails me.

          1. Ditto…I don’t need a “chamber”…I just take the dog for a walk…Dec-April….only not while naked.
            That would be nuts.

            1. Your neighbours might enjoy it!!! Lol
              When I take my dog out I am in so many layers!!! I look like the abominable snowman! I don’t care!

            2. ITA I walk my dog in the incredible cold here too. The weekend is to be 0 at night and not much warmer in the day time…factor in the wind chill factor, and well, I walk, but I come back stiff with frozen limbs, though I dress like an eskimo..or worse. I look much heavier in my solid down. I would never be out in that naked…or colder, maybe for a few seconds max? That would be totally nuts, yes!

      1. 3D if there was a heat equivalent I would do it but to freeze is not my idea of fun! When I was in Holland visiting a friend with my daughter we went to an ice exhibition. They give you special goats and hate and gloves to wear. It was stunningly beautiful but I couldn’t wait to get out of there! I think it’s the arthritis I just can’t cope with cold!

          1. Goats would have warmed you up too..along with the coats..maybe? LOL. That was a funny one. I imagined you milking them and having ice cream come out…just an odd thought. My parents had goats…I remember milking them…and hating it…but my brother was a pro. See what you stirred up in my (thought they were buried away) memories!

            1. Hahaha! My only memory of goats was when we lived in Dubai in the middle of a locals village. They, the Goats would come into the garden and eat the washing on the line! I soon learned to dry it indoors! Holes in undies, other than the ones that are meant to be there are not a good look!

              1. Thanks 3 D’s. Actually goats milk is really the best, but I didn’t like the idea back then, coming from our own goat and now I love goat’s cheese…once I actually tasted it. My mother made it homemade, and I refused to try it as a kid. I made some wrong choices. Live and learn as they say. I wish we could turn back time and relive some of it. I would cherish more of those moments when the happened with my mom before she left us too soon.

        1. No hate just hats! It was only 5.30 maybe 6.00 am when I typed the original! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

        2. The tech said the temp was minus 140 D Cel. That is 220 degrees below either zero or freezing. Either way I am pretty sure walking the dog in the nude doesn’t quite reach that!!
          And, I just watched the scene at the BBQ again. Every other person that was involved in that at that table said just as much as Kyle did. It wasn’t between Lisa V. and Kyle. Rinna, Lisa and Kyle. Lisa Vanderpump said “Mohammed says no” I would have asked what she meant too. Again, if Lisa wouldn’t have made up the big story, NO ONE would have asked anything. Then in Lisa’s talking head Lisa says she wasn’t happy about Kyle “pushing her” really? What she should have said is “I was upset I got CALLED OUT FOR LYING” And, no one said anything cruel or hurtful about the kids. She said “either they have it or they don’t” Big effing deal. Gosh, lets make a whole show about a non-event.

        3. For about 5 years the 3D’s ice skated. There was a competition size rink not 5 miles from where we lived. They took lessons and gave performances! All of them were good. My oldest D was the spinner. She could do that spin they do in place at the end of the dance and her skates made a perfect 9 inch circle in the ice. She had one of those skirts that fly out in a perfect circle showing off her skater’s legs. She was also adept at jumping OVER things. Next was the middle D. She was the expert at the Charlotte spiral and any move attained while skating in long spirals. The youngest D was the jumper. She could do a double Axel after a year of lessons. Her teacher was duly impressed. Graceful and brave all. They closed the rink to our sadness even tho the parents tried to make a deal with the city to purchase it. I did learn how to dress since I spent many, many days there.

          1. My kids were both skaters but I guess more speed than dance! They would do the odd twirl but that was it. My son played Ice Hockey until he was ill then gave up as it was too aggressive for him. They both still have their own skates but it’s just occasional now! I have always admired people who can dance ever since Torvill and Dean! You must have been so proud watching your 3Ds! ❤️

  23. I am curious as to why all of the “wives” are always so eager to “take Lisa Vanderpump down”??? Kyle seems to me to be the one that starts a lot of the crap, then stands back all wide-eyed and then starts her blubbering about their friendship. Isn’t she the one that constantly makes little “digs” at LVP in her interview? Also WHY does Yolanda dislike LVP so much? And why is Yo’s illness dominating the season? We had 5 seasons of Kim Richards craziness and now Yo’s illness? ENOUGH! I watch this show for the clothes, the jewelry and the houses. If I wanted to watch bitchy women and catfights I would watch the group in Atlanta or New Jersey… I do like the new girl Kathryn but not Erika.

    1. Cause she’s on top…and a fan favorite. These women don’t get… and stay…where they are by being shy shrinking violets.

    2. I think it’s because being around LVP they see how vicious and mean she is, which for some reason a large number of viewers don’t see.

      1. Well, if she is vicious, then I never saw it…though this season, she is not a sweetie pie. She has had friends on the show, but I really don’t think any of these women are her close friends. IT is all really phony, even if she was sort of friends with Kyle before…kinda….
        Brandi was taken on like a new pet that she sickened of, but Brandi was not nice either, and Lisa likes pets generally, unless they bite her hand off and they are bitches…Yes, Lisa can be a bitch too…I know. I thought Kyle was worse to Brandi when she saw her befriend Kim.
        Lisa V is the most successful of these women, though the new Erika is definitely up there, especially because she married well, even more so than Lisa who helped Ken as partners in life and business. I guess Lisa was always good at the comebacks, but in the end, she does not love anyone in this group, and frankly, I don’t blame her. All the comments, calling Ken old man, etc., is not making her close to anyone, and they all ganged up on her. Maybe there is more behind the scenes we don’t know about, but Lisa has always been my number one reason to watch this show. This year, however, has been disappointing all around, however, I don’t like how Ken was treated at his birthday party, and I think most of the women are very immature. I don’t blame Lisa V for not wanting to be besties and sickening of this whole group…especially Kyle this season. I still like Eileen. I do watch her on Y&R, and honestly, I think she is one of the nicest of the group. If that is boring, so what. They cannot all be identical. Erika brings a new dimension, and though I would never be friends with her…she is not boring, so it is a nice mix, minus Yolanda and Lisa R who I used to like. I can tolerate Kyle..barely. Kathryn is hard to warm up to, and I cannot see her lasting.

        1. The above comment from me looks like a flight of ideas. Yes, that could be taken as a sign of schizophrenia. No, I do not have it. I also do not have Munchausen/Fictitious Disorder. I just want to say too much at one time…and ramble a bit. Sorry. 🙁

          1. Actually, I like it when people respond with what is on their minds than a long drawn out calculated response, so thank you!!!
            I am enjoying Eileen this season – I’d like to see her without Rinna more, it seems she sides with crazy and I’d rather see her stand on her own.

            1. Why thank you kt! You’re too kind. I appreciate that. 🙂
              Oh, I would like to see that with Eileen too. I enjoy watching her a lot. I like that she is able to say things like she does not care about her handbags while the others gasp. She is very honest and says what is on her mind from what I can see. She seems more normal and not pretentious in that she is not afraid to self deprecate and poke fun at herself. I would like to see more of her on her own as well. I thought it was touching when she spoke of her sister too.

    3. Because vyle is the runt in the big girl’s club. vyle has been jealouse of Lisa Vanderpump since season one when Lisa V., became the “star” of the show and vyle did not. Instead, viewer’s noted that vyle is capable of doing the splits every time she wanted screen time, she was capable of being vindicative (mean girl) towards Lisa V. behind her back, and vyle was capable of the “gang up” on Lisa V. mentality and she wears mumuu’ to cover up her runty back fat. Truly vyle never got over the fact that viewer’s find her obnoxious, childish and unaccomplished when compared to Lisa Vanderpump. In other words, RHOBH would not be the show it is without Lisa Vanderpump. Viewer’s could do without vyle, drunk kim, tampon string, manly adrienne, camille, and lemonbrain and rancid… If Lisa Vanderpump left the show, many viewer’s would too…. mean girl runty vyle is jelly….

  24. Yolanda doesn’t get to dictate that she can’t be mentioned whenever she’s not present. She certainly does her share of discussing everyone else.

    Also, when you regularly do things like jump into a minus 147 degree tank for your “cryotherapy,” don’t be surprised when people think you’re a flake. Ever heard of “frostbite?”

    Erika is a cheap gold digging ho.

  25. Also, Yolanda shoves those “kids” (only one is actually under 18) in front of the TV cameras herself way too much to cry noble protective mother when they’re mentioned on camera.

    1. She clearly doesn’t, she’s been on the show for 6 season now, plus 4 of Vanderpump Rules. She clearly has enough time to get involved with petty drama

  26. If you choose to go on a reality show and put your business out there as well as your kids then don’t get mad when you’re talked about. Get the hell off the show Yolanda.

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