Yolanda Foster Changes Her Name to Yolanda Hadid


Just before the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired the newest season it made news that Yolanda and David Foster were ending their four year marriage. Before David, Yolanda was married to real-estate developer Mohammed Hadid whom she shares three children with; Gigi, Bella and Anwar. On Watch What Happens Live, Andy announced his guest as ‘Yolanda Hadid’, and later asked about her name change in a segment ‘How’s It Yo-Ing’.

Yolanda told Andy, “I never dropped the name ‘Hadid’ because I have three children by that name, and I asked the kids, you know, ‘Should I go back to ‘van den Herik’? and they said, ‘No, you’re our mommy and we have the same last name.'”

Mohammed is engaged to long-time girlfriend Shiva Safai, but him and his Dutch-beauty ex wife remain close friends.

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  1. i am sure the children said “you’re our mommy”. What are they five year olds? I’m sure that’s Yoyo’s way of making herself seem younger and that her children aren’t adults or near adult. She is aging and fighting it tooth and nail by acting like she has toddlers.

      1. I am using mine Violet, Gerberdaisey and whatever yesterday’s was! You must have a book of names you have so many now! Take care 😀

    1. Yes I could see that for they were young but when I got divorced I was straight back to my maiden name, in fact even before divorce I changed it pdq! But whatever, it has been said she is going back to her design business so perhaps…
      Good afternoon Miss Moneypenny! I hope you had a better sleep!

      1. I can understand that also using Hadid doesn’t hurt either ?? hmmmm

        I posted a reply to you and 3D thanking you for your sweet comments I don’t know where I put it though:( but yes I finally slept thru the whole night this week! I’m making my almond milk this morning and going to step up on total clean eating to push thru this flare cycle. Watermelon and blueberries here I comeeee xoxo

        1. No of course it doesnt hurt! Personally I wouldn’t want to take an ex’s name again but that’s just me!
          I’m not on Almond milk but I’m on a silly diet to try and sort out a medical problem! Hence my complaining yesterday of people talking about Munchies, my favourite chocolate! Great for a diet though! Xo I’m glad you slept!

        2. Oh I am so glad I came here to this page (Thanks, to my Girlfriend) It makes my heart happy that you slept. I eat yogurt with fresh pineapple every morning. I freeze the yogurt first. It gives me the complete protein and the enzymes in pineapple for ingesting the best possible nutrients. And it is so yummy. When we can finally just think about what we eat and not just exist till the next awful moment, it is a good sign. ♥︎

          1. Get OUT! 3D! My daily breakfast is yogurt (plain or van.) with pineapple chunks! I eat a total anti inflammatory diet. Wow the commonalities in this group are astounding 🙂 Thank you so much for your sweetness I can feel it. Xoxo

            1. Vanilla Redwood Hills goats milk Yogurt or plain if they are out. If plain, I add a little of that organic maple syrup from Coombs Family Farms to sweeten it a touch. Maple comes from trees afterall. I just cut 2 beautiful pineapples for my week of BK!!! Unbelievable. I did not even know that was part of an anti-inflamitory way to eat! I learn so much here.

  2. Ahhhh the chocolate lol I seeee. Then you couldn’t be anywhere around my kitchen Bonnie, cause I just made caramels doubled dipped in dark couverture and I made peanut butter patties the other night. I bake when I sleepwalk. Where’s a Frankenstein emoji …. I love fresh almond milk it’s very light and crisp, I never cared for milk. I hope you’re alright, follow Drs orders. I’ve learned the hard way stubborn Taurus here. *wheres a bull emoji*

    1. My horrible daughter has just sent me a photo of some chocolates she has made for a friend. They are pomegranate covered in chocolate!

  3. Ho-landia is keeping the Hadid name for the kids and for herself. She MUST be associated with someone with $ or else she will have nothing. God knows she has zero marketable skills and this little sissy is NEVER going to go back to work (as if she ever worked a day in her life anyway). As for her “babies” I cringe every time she says it. “Babies” don’t sleep their way around the little-boy, STD, fake-music business that is Hollywood. They are just learning to be like “mommy”. I have nothing else to say about this waste of oxygen.

    1. Yolanda has plenty of money. She also has a job at the moment and that’s the housewives. She worked her butt off as a model back in the day. She worked for her ex decorating the homes he built… she’s been working her butt off and deserves the recognition.

      1. She has not worked her butt off. She was a flash in the pan model and she now pretends to be a decorator, spending OPM’s picking out furniture just to appease her ex-husband. Let her go on a real job interview like all of us have had to do and hand over her sketchy resume and see how far she goes. She has no marketable skills. She’s a gold-digging, wanna-be attention ho. Join the real world Ho, get a job and take care of yourself for the first time in your adult life. Then watch how fast her “symptoms” will disappear because HARK, she can’t lay around in bed all day feeling sorry for herself. It’s either get her sorry ass out of that bed and get to work or be homeless and not eat. She’ll either have to find another rich guy to support her or she will be at a job. I’m thinking she’s gonna latch onto a nipple of a rich guy. It’s her MO.

    2. GIGICAT, of course it suits her to keep the very well known name, it suits her pocket, more than for her kids sakes. The word “Babies” have got to go though. Why in heaven’s name does that woman irk me so much? have not felt this way since Brandi & Kenya. Nothing she says or does feels right to me at all.

      1. Hi Starr. I was thinking the same thing. Why DOES she bug me so much? I think, for me anyway, it’s because I have worked really hard in my life, didn’t retire till my husband retired, doing the right thing, staying true to who I am, (despite marrying a man who became very wealthy during our marriage and yet? I HAPPILY shop at Target and honestly, when we drive to Tahoe from Newport Beach, I am thrilled when I see a Target cuz I know all is right in the world… and I don’t feel the need to buy $2,000.00 handbags, or $1,000.00 shoes. I wear Skechers and use drug store skin care and make-up) and she claims to be so humble and down to earth but she is the biggest fake, liar, hypocrite, ho-bag and thinks we are so stupid that we can’t see through her BS. That’s what bugs me about her. She shoves her fakery in our faces and expects us to believe her. She’s got nothing. Not a pot to piss in. Not a brain in her head. She probably LOVES Bernie Sanders so she can continue to get everything for free……

        1. I worked until my body gave out. Personally, I’m glad that I invested in several designer bags, back when I had the money (jewelry, too), because now I can’t afford it. The good thing about quality bags is that they last forever, if you take care of them.

        2. Gigicat, I relate to everything you said. I have been & still am that way. The only difference is that my fav shops are TJ Max & would you believe, Walmart.

  4. last night on WWHL … she explained the reason she is going back to Hadid…. cuz all her kids carry that name… I agree with her – I would too.

  5. Of course Yo is friendly with the next Mrs Hadid (1) because of the children and (2) because he has the money and Yo may need some. I am so glad she finally washed her hair.

    1. Now that Yo is divorcing (or already divorced) Mr. “I’m-rich-and-can-run-over-Ben-Vereen-without-penality” Foster, Mohammad’s finance may start changing her attitude and may be whispering something else in his ear…

      Yolanda looks great for a woman in her 60’s!

        1. Are you sure? I really thought she was at this one age for several years…wonder if she was ever a smoker. Yes, she does look good for an older woman. However her age sure does show on her face as the wrinkles come out more…

        2. OMG, I’m gonna be 60 in June and I look years younger than her. She’s all amazon-like and has a huge head. The next time you look at her in a full body photo, look at the size of her head. It’s HUGE!! All that filler and botox and bleach and collagen enhanced lips makes women look MUCH OLDER. It’s good for a month or so but then it starts moving around. I’m telling you, she does NOT look great for 52.

        3. She’s 52, really? I would google it but I don’t really care enough. But I will say this, at 52 I looked way better than her, I can promise you. And I had no botox or fillers or whatever else they do to themselves. I actually thought she was older than my age of 62. At 52 I worked full time and gardened the other hours of the day. I got up at 4 am, at work at 6 am, home by 3:30 pm after grocery and nursery shopping. Took a sponge and rested a for a while. At 5 pm my feet hit the ground outside and I worked till dark. I was happy even when I had health setbacks and my children had problems. When I broke my back pulling a piece of rebar out of the ground where I had foolishly pounded it in for a hose guard, well, a whole new life started. But I can also promise I didn’t “journal” my “journey” for the world to see me as some effing martyr.

        1. I actually don’t remember for sure, but I think it was CassyJ, yes. She said it was a form of bashing because I said Yolanda didn’t have to leave her hair dirty and wear clothes that looked like the ones from Good Will. (Not to knock jeans from Good Will) But, come on, her jacket looked like it came from there and I washed my hair every day in the hospital after I broke my effing neck! But we know no one has ever suffered like Yawnlanda, or Borelanda!

          1. Yo! 3D. You there ? I see you posted here so I’m gonna give you my list of foods for anti inflammation:

            Salmon (wild – not farmed)
            Bok Choy
            Chia seeds
            Flax seeds
            Swiss chard
            Coconut oil
            Bone broth

            1. Thanks Jane B. It is true that foods make a huge difference not only in how healthy we are, but how we feel. I have done an experiment in it so know it to be true and not a theory. Most of those I like and have, so the 3 that I don’t, well…. I was so pleased to see you had gotten some sleep. Let me offer my condolence for your family member, whatever the news was. ❤︎

              1. I just saw this, 3D. ❣ Thankyou my friend. A horrible (terminal) diagnosis in the family, yeah, it’s very hard and sad. But we all have these to deal with, these sad hardships. Cancer strikes everyone we know doesn’t it damn disease.

                And you right food is medicine when applied. And Queenie yes! tulsi is touted as a really excellent plant for anti fungal esp., and so many other things. I drink the tea and I’m growing it in the garden. I love valerian too for the migraines and a natural sedative.

                1. I grow Holy Basil (tulsi) every year. It is so aromatic also. Lemon Balm is also good for cleaning up the blood. Growing plants of any kind is a medicine in and of itself. Plants and shrubs and flowers and trees. Those words are songs to me. ✿

          2. Yo! 3D. You there ? I see you posted here so I’m gonna give you my list of foods for anti inflammation: Salmon (wild – not farmed) Beets Bok Choy Broccoli Pineapple Chia seeds Flax seeds Swiss chard Ginger Turmeric Celery Blueberries Walnuts Coconut oil Bone broth


          3. 3D, My sweet! This is a blog, if you want to post on a HW’s dirty hair no one should tell you off! Her hair was dirty and with all of her clothes she can dress in hundreds of different things. Bashing is something we all do here, even that poster! Yolanda is a waste of space now with no story line. Time she was long gone! I feel for anyone who is genuinely sick but not her!

            1. This is a blog and we can all post whatever we want. If you don’t want to be told off don’t post. Instead every ever loving day you waste your time whining about it. Sheesh you’re unstable.

              1. Whining? I mentioned one time that someone told me off. But it is directed at my friends here who know what I am taking about. So why don’t you go be nasty elsewhere, because as you just mentioned, we can all say unlimited comments abut every single fucking thing we think, including me honey. Your right I am unstable though. It is so much more fun than being nasty and boring.

                1. 3D, not sure if she meant you or me? But yes maybe I am unstable too? I have fun, I laugh I love my friends, including cyber friends here and there are many! I don’t attack other posters. Marie is just trying to get a rise and it’s not working with me because I don’t give a shit for her opinion! She will dissapear if we totally ignore her which is what I am doing from now on! Xo

                  1. I think she meant me this time. But sometimes I reply without letting it settle and realizing these are strangers. I have wondered long and hard at first especially why it feels so personal. Maybe because of what had happened right before I found blogs and the state I was in. I used to ignore always. Then it started feeling a little too much like the playground bully that everyone leaves crumbs for leading away, afraid and always worried. When Beth came after me that was the first. Many many people later I just handle it as I see fit at the time sometimes I wish I had been quiet, and sometimes I am glad I wasn’t. But thanks for always being one of the kindest people I have ever met. Don’t get me wrong, I know you aren’t a wuss, just a kind woman. I do not believe I have ever read a cruel word from you even when you are miffed. A talent to be sure, one that I only possess at times!!! The telling off without being mean about it. ❀

                    1. My friend I have learnt buckets from you! Can I say how to stand up for myself? Hahahahaha
                      You are someone I admire hugely! I couldn’t have survived what you have! Xoxoxoxo

              2. I read this last night before bed and was going to reply with an angry snap instead I decided not to cause I don’t like to. But rereading this with fresh eyes, no it still bothers me a lot.
                What drives you to call anybody ‘unstable’ m’am ? or is it child ?. Because it takes a certain immature mentality at the very least to throw around insensitive barbs with sensitive meanings at someone publicly. The fact that you don’t know anybody here personally lightens the sting, but you really need to understand that you truly only hurt yourself in the end by your lack of tact. If you need to get your point across that’s fine you’re entitled. But understand we realize when you use slurs like this you aren’t trying to make friends. And you’re going to be treated as an unwelcomed pissant. Is that how you really want to be perceived and treated? Ask yourself that. Seriously. Life is kinder when you are.

                1. Well said Miss M, there are only one or two here now that I totally ignore! I’m sure it would make them much happier if they were to do same! Xo

                2. Thanks Jane Bond. That was eloquent beyond anything I could have, or did, say. Life is kinder, you are so right. Sometimes I speak without thinking how it must read, but in the long run many posters have taken issue with me, some to the point of following me around all over cyber space, which is actually flattering. Others have said these kinds of things, unstable, old, sick, no life, and truly they are the ones who must have no life. I am honest that I come here a couple times a day and read and comment. They think there is something wrong with that and can’t stand that they are also here! I love proud Taurus and Gemini friends. ❄︎

          4. When I had inner ear surgery I was not allowed to get water in my ear or bend down at all and I still managed to wash my hair…not easy, but I did. Then the neck pain was later with disc issues and injury and I still washed my hair…not daily but as necessary. There really is no excuse for Yolanda to have dirty hair if she is well enough to get around,

            1. Sandy, likewise I did same my husband had to help but there was no way I was going around even indoors with dirty hair!

      1. Oh god, her hair was disgusting. I guess she waiting for her hairdresser to show up to wash it for her since GOD FORBID she washes her own hair.

    2. Me too Aunt Bee, her hair looked clean & nice for a change. I wanted to cuff her face though when she told the other guest that even though she looks well, she really is not. So much for her pity party being over & it’s a wonder she did not wear one of her many halos. Sick in the mind woman.

  6. No doubt she changed her name to Hadid so she could ride the coat tails of her daughters GiGi and Bella’s skyrocketing fame.

  7. Of course she went back to (Hadid), because that’s her old money bags #1, and besides, no one would know her by her maiden name and since she doesn’t have a real career or celebrity status on her own.
    Other than her modeling career like 50 years ago, no one would know her- and da lymes loves the fame, the $$$$, and the lux life, (hence is why she is so jealous of Lisa Vanderpump)-who btw has it all by her own hard work and not marrying well like lymes….
    Just wish she would wash her hair, stop with those sick selfies, and just stop talking about the lymes that she doesn’t have and the calf licked my face disease, the foot long worm in her, etc.. ewww, it’s just too TMI and she is by no means a spokeswoman for da lymes; she has proven to be too unstable and stupid, not to mention a liar stuck on munchausen….

  8. poor widdle yolymes, aging badly, not getting enough attention, dumped by king david, kids leaving home, no career in sight, and going thru menopause— so the next logical thing to do, grab the (hadid) name back to make nice with rich hubby #1, make up some disease for sympathy and for a storyline since lymes is soooo boring….
    Girlfriend is in need of a make-over, and some self respect, like get a JOB on your own and stop bashing Lisa Vanderpump for having the success you want and don’t have… That’s what rich hubby #1 respects and likes about Lisa Vanderpump….

  9. Yolanda is right to change her name back. You people need to cut her some slack tons of women wouldn’t handle what she’s going through well. The disease is simply menopause, and aging she’s been fighting but she doesn’t want to seem shallow even though she is. So she had to have some mystery illness Lymes was perfect because it’s hard to diagnose.

    1. We should cut her highness some slack? Since we can all post and tell anyone off, OK. She had slack for the first 4 years here. By now a lot of us have gotten better after much more serious things, without “whining” to use your words, while she sees her 106 doctors & journals her “journey.” The article refers to commenting on her name change. I believe it usually says “what do you think.” Not just you, everyone.

      1. No slack! I have just found out my neighbours husband has cancer, we were laughing and joking last week, he wants no sympathy, doesn’t want to talk about it and just wants to get on with treatment. I don’t need sympathy here as he doesn’t so no one else should. I am merely using it as a contrast to Yo who wants everyone running around after her for her ‘ailments’ and peeling her grapes for her!

        1. You know what would have been something, if after that sad reunion where she told everyone how she had been feeling, if we didn’t hear from her, only saw her (not posing for the camera) at, say, events for the kids, even shots someone else had taken when seeing her in Japan or wherever, it would have held some interest. And then a book with all of the treatments she sought would have been warranted. My internet keeps going, so we will see if this posts. Anyway, then all of the treatments, doctors, dentists and plastic surgeons would have held some interest for me at least. I felt so bad for her at the reunion, I felt genuine sorrow for her. And it looked as though everyone was touched by her that day. But like anything there is too much of, it gets boring and overdone. It was a mistake, IMO, to tout her illness as chronic Lyme, because now no one, including herself, knows what was really causing the fatigue and pain. She didn’t do the Lyme Foundation any favors that’s for sure.

    2. Sorry, Marie, no slack cutting from me. Even if I tried, I could not muster up the hypocrisy to do so. The one & only “Sainted ” housewife canonized herself & I wont join her in that. The only ailment she has is MANCHAUSEN’S, period, full stop.

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