Yolanda Foster Calls Out Taylor Armstrong On Her Aggression When She Drinks!

Yolanda Foster & Lisa Vanderpump

Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the drama on RHOBH. She talks about Taylor’s drinking and her aggression when she’s drunk. Yolanda also discusses the feud between Adrienne and Brandi. She says Mauricio was trying to point out that Brandi’s comment hit below the belt, but agrees with Ken that Brandi doesn’t have a man by her side to defend her. Read what Yolanda said below!

Yolanda writes, “Taylor. . .really?  Please stop drinking — it makes you aggressive and it’s so unattractive.  I am concerned that she has not taken enough time to properly mourn the death of her husband.  The alcohol only adds poison to her open wounds. Maybe being home with her beautiful little angel is a better and safer place to get through this tough and unthinkable time of her life.

We keep going back and forth on this whole lawyer situation, here is the deal; Adrienne is using her money to intimidate Brandi with a lawsuit because she does not have the chops or communication skills to work this out like normal people do.  As we have previously discussed, and Mauricio tries to point out, Brandi hit below the belt. She was wrong and an apology is in order to Adrienne — but if she doesn’t acknowledge Brandi’s phone calls, and surrounds herself with a barrier of lawyers, then this will never get resolved because Brandi does not have the money to defend herself.

Ken makes an valid point; Brandi does not have the support of a man at her side, and she is fairly defenseless, other than cussing like a sailor when backed into a corner and provoked. But I can tell you one thing: she is honest, she speaks without a filter and she does not stab people in the back so for that I love and support her!!!”

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  1. Honestly this Yolanda is so bland. She just repeats the obvious and has no story line. What did the producers see in her? She has an accent is rich and has a typical pulled Beverly Hills face? Boooooring

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