Yolanda Foster Calls Out Kyle Richards! Says She Wishes Kyle Would Have Acted More Supportive Towards Kim’s Sobriety!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode, and she ISN’T holding back! She says that Adrienne’s comments are annoying, why she chose to leave when the girls started drinking, and that she wishes the women could have scratched the alcohol, because the trip was to celebrate Kim’s sobriety, especially Kim’s sister, Kyle! Read what else Yolanda said below!

Yolanda writes, “The first night at dinner I really loved the way Brandi took the initiative to speak to Kim. They were having such a beautiful, long, and overdue heart-to-heart. Kim is really emotional right now, but that’s understandable. She is letting go of a lot of old stuff. Brandi seems to be really good about admitting to her own mistakes and trying to move on after recognizing them. That’s what I love about her. She does not get stuck in the past.

Even though Adrienne’s remarks are so annoying, I wish B could have chosen a different way to address her.

Kyle and Lisa’s debate is clearly showing the separation in this group. Lisa does not agree with Brandi’s language, however she is still protective of her. And Lisa has every right to do so, especially considering Kyle is always defending Adrienne.

I am not surprised to hear Kyle say that no one is listening to me. . .I try my best to measure my words carefully. . .God gives you two ears and one mouth so I think we’re supposed to listen twice as much as we speak. I don’t think she got that memo because she only likes the sound of her own voice.

Once the girls start drinking, it’s time for Kim and me to excuse ourselves. I had such a fun day and really wanted to end it that way. Usually I too love to enjoy a glass of wine and have fun but I don’t like to see the kind of influence alcohol has had on some of the woman in this group. Anyway, I came here to support Kim and celebrate her sobriety so out of respect to her, maybe we should have scratched the alcohol for the weekend?

I know I sound like a broken record already. I’m obviously very opinionated about this alcohol thing to Kyle but I just don’t like drunken women and I am a kind of annoyed with her for not backing up and supporting her sister who just came out of rehab and would most likely appreciate Kyle taking this precious time to reconnect with her.”

Tell Us- Do you agree with Yolanda?

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8 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Calls Out Kyle Richards! Says She Wishes Kyle Would Have Acted More Supportive Towards Kim’s Sobriety!”

  1. Yes, Yolanda is on point! It is evident now for sure that Kyle is nothing but a Pot Stirrer, Troublemaker. She just doesn’t quit! You know the old saying …when people talk about everyone else all the time, they don’t have to focus on themselves. Kyle only contributes trouble. She opens her mouth, puts in her dig and them sits there smiling while everyone goes at it. Kyle needs to zip it. Brandi is being Brandi. She doesn’t have a filter. She tells it like it is. These women are not accustomed to the truth. I think they all have an empty seat waiting for them at Alcoholics Anonymous.

  2. My sentiments exactly…. The alcohol should have been left out of the weekend. Supporting one in sobriety means unselfishly putting ones desires for drinking alcohol on the back burner…

  3. Yolanda is just so freaking gorgeous I hope I look like her in a few years she should have a show on food network with natural remedies I’d pay to see that xoxo

  4. Yolando comes across very bitchy and condescending. She is looking for her spotlight on the show so she stucks her nose in everyone’s business.. she is a hater for people who give her a run for her money!

  5. Yolanda needs to check herself. What a jerkoff she is. . Thinks she is soo much better than anyone. Hypocrite and liar. She thinks Martha Stewart is her mom. Helloooo sister is more like it. Ugh I can’t stand her. Go back to holland and preach your European crap there. U r in America. Helloooo. U r in Beverly Hills. Kyles town. You should not get involved with history your immigrant ass knows nothing about ie Kyle and Kim. U r not a therapist. U r not a professor. U r not anyone to look up to. This is your first season and maybe u ought go shut it and look listen and observe before u speak

  6. Yes !!! I believe everything Yolanda had said word for word , I know it’s been a while ago But,” Yolanda said it like a Real Lady Should of Said it Very Clearly and Straight like Yolanda has Aways been ……….

    1. I agree with Yolanda 100%
      KYLE and Kim are freaking annoying and should shut the F up. So annoying. She doesn’t stop talking and making the situation worse, she’s 2 faced. Brandi is just being herself. KYLE AND HER FREAKY SISTER act like they have the authority to get on people’s face but when someone goes against them, omg!!!!!
      So hypocrite! !!!

  7. Yipyo came in and made a judgement in one dinner about a 50 year relationship. Kim planned the Ohai trip for God’s sake, not Kyle. KIm is going to be around alcohol everywhere, and Kyle has lived with Kim being drunk and mean throughout her whole life. Why is it that anyone should have to “support” even a loved one to the ruination of their own life? Maybe for once Kyle wanted to actually laugh since Kimmy comes in and ruins it all most of the time. I can’t tell you how much I don’t like Kim or Yipyo. Can’t wait to see if Kimmy and BG are fired so we can see how great Kyle is without the albatross called a sister hanging around her neck.

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