Yolanda Foster Calls Marisa Zanuck Bitter & Slams Her For Trashing Her & Lisa Vanderpump!

Yolanda Foster

The new ladies added to the Season 3 cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seem to have had some choice words on Twitter this Tuesday! Marisa Zanuck wrote in her Bravo Blog that Yolanda Foster gives her opinions on situations that are none of her business (AKA Kim Richards’ nose job), that she was rude in dismissing Kyle and Camille’s feelings atdinner, and that Yolanda is worried about her pristine and perfect image. Yolanda didn’t seem to like Marisa’s blog, and she took to Twitter to call her out!

Yolanda tweeted, “Bitter blog @marisazanuck, first u trashed @lisavanderpump and now me… Jealousy is a ugly thing, spread love sweetheart not hate…”


Yolanda must be referring to interviews Marisa has given where she states Lisa Vanderpump acts differently towards her when the Bravo cameras are down, because I don’t recall any trashing about Lisa in Marisa’s blog.

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7 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Calls Marisa Zanuck Bitter & Slams Her For Trashing Her & Lisa Vanderpump!”

  1. In everyone of Yolanda’s blogs and confessionals she is constantly putting Kyle down with her snarky remarks, and when Marisa does it to her she has the nerve to tweet Marisa, “bitter blog” and “spread love not the hate”….Ummm! pot calling kettle black??? Practice what you preach doll…smh

  2. I agree with … yolanda all the way! Marisa is bitterbetty. Jealous. Her face says it all. Did kyle bring her to the show to take the negative off her and put it on marisa knowing marisas personality and how she is uptight

  3. I like Marisa so far. Nothing has turned me away from her.

    I want to like Yolanda. This past Monday’s episode might have been the first time I actually liked her. I liked her pointing out the obvious: the drama over Brandi and Adrienne is stupid, and she’s sick of talking about it. If they continue to portray her as the peacemaker, maybe I’ll like her more. She has to have some kind of role in this, because up until Monday’s episode, she bored me to tears.

  4. Yolanda, you’re annoying. “SHHHHH….” as you told the girls at dinner in your condecending tone with your mullett hair… Have David get you a new hair stylist.

  5. They all behave like children instead of grown women. Every friendship has ups and downs and little arguments, but these people fight about things that are so STUPID…instead of going back and forth about the same dumb things, go out and do some good in your communities……they can afford it. You NEVER see them go out of thier way to do anything accept have a party for charity….get your dam hands dirty!!

  6. I like Yolanda myself. Kyle is fake Camille is mean girl they all need some reality check Taylor has had way too many surgeries and name changes. I understand Brandi and at least she keeps it real.

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