Yolanda Foster And Brandi Glanville No Longer Friends?


Yolanda Foster appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night, and much to everyone’s surprise, she had a lot to say about her friend, Brandi Glanville. A viewer tweeted a question asking Yolanda what she thinks about Brandi’s drinking, because in season 3, Yolanda infamously said “there’s nothing uglier than a drunk woman.”

“I can’t stand it,” Yolanda said of Brandi’s drunkenness. “I hate it and I tell her all the time. But like I always say, I’m not her mother. I don’t like it, I don’t support it.”

Next, Andy reveals that Brandi and Yolanda have become very close friends, and asks her if they are still good friends. “We’re close when we’re shooting and we see each other every day,” Yolanda explains. “But yeah, we see each other.”

Brandi didn’t like Yolanda’s answer, because she tweeted in to WWHL, writing, “I thought we were closer I guess… We had dinner plans Sat. until she had 2cancel last sec. Hmm I guess 1never knows.”

Andy mentioned Brandi’s tweet on air and Yolanda explained she had to cancel because of a family emergency. Yolanda was quick to respond to Brandi, tweeting, “Please think before you speak, Brandi, there is a child’s privacy involved in this conversation so back off!!!!!”


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8 Replies to “Yolanda Foster And Brandi Glanville No Longer Friends?”

  1. How funny it is that some people say, Lisa is the hypocrite, oh but the biggest hypocrites and hold the title on it are Yolanda and Kyle. But Brandi is too dumb to realize that everyone is trying to remove themselves from even knowing her after the reckless, vial remarks that you think keep you relevant and not sickin people in their stomachs. I would really like to see if your second book gets on the New York Times bestseller list this time. I hope you have a fridge full of wine because those bottles seem to be the only thing that wants to be associated with you these days

  2. Yolanda sits on the fence and goes which ever way the wind blows for air-time, and she is extremely jealous of Lisa Vanderpump. Yolanda blames lyme disease every time she gets caught being catty. And Yolanda relies on her “modeling” days that happened like 25 years ago to stay relevant. And the way Yolanda talks incessently about “gigi”, you would think she only has one child. This pompous wannabe needs to go, she is very snobby and full of herself yet has no substance others than the $$$ that her husband gave her in the divorce…..

    1. Have u ever delete with chronic illness. She is a peaceful soul. I guess u prefer the edited version, from personal experience. With the other women much of what u see if a façade. Authontic people must bother u I wonder why, do you?

  3. Yolanda lives off her “husbands” names to be someone important. Other than that– she modeled like a gazillion years ago like many others, nothing special here—she wishes she could be Lisa Vanderpump……

  4. As far as Yolanda no comments too much for my liking. Brandi on th other side hs no control of anything. Does she hv nyone on RHOBH she has not stepped over if yes they r next. Except for th body wat else does she hs?

  5. Fake women! When this so called ‘friendship’ breaks down Brandi will go running back to Lisa Ken..but they won’t be interested. Lisa and Ken took Brandi under their wing now I don’t think Yolanda and her husband will do that for her.

    Brandi you are a fool lol!

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