Yolanda Foster: Brandi Expects People To Kick Her To The Curb


RHOBH star Yolanda Foster appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night with Andy Cohen to celebrate the last show of 2014.

First, Yolanda opened up about being hurt that Lisa Vanderpump didn’t invite her to the ceremony where she received a Star on The Palm Springs Walk Of Fame.

“I think when you’re friends you share the good and the bad things. I thought that was something really important to her and I wish she would have included me to celebrate,” Yolanda explained.

Next, Andy asked Yolanda how her daughter Bella is doing, because she was recently arrested for a DUI on the show.

“It was probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever been though,” Yolanda admits. “But Bella  is doing great… I mean she’s still paying for the consequences of her actions very seriously and on the other side, it’s life. Life does go on.”

The next caller asked Yolanda about the state of her Lyme Disease and how she discovered she had it.

“I am struggling at the moment,” Yolanda reveals. “It’s been a long journey and it’s become my life. Everyday I wake up and try to figure out how to get over this. Today is especially not a great a day, but unfortunately it’s the cards that life dealt me and I will figure this out.”

“I never saw a tick on me,” Yolanda continues. “I really strongly believe that I got bit by a horsefly [which carries the same parasite]. I don’t know, but I’ve apparently had this for years.”

Andy also revealed that they received a lot of questions for Yolanda wanting her to explain her friendship with her RHOBH co-star Brandi Glanville.

“Wow!” Yolanda says. “My friendship with Brandi is like having a child that doesn’t behave right. I know with Brandi deep down she is a really good person and you just don’t kick people the the side because they don’t behave the way you want them to behave. Brandi probably expects for people to kick her to the curb. There’s something psychologically going on and I’m not going to give that to her until we get her behaving properly and being the good person that she is.”

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18 Replies to “Yolanda Foster: Brandi Expects People To Kick Her To The Curb”

  1. I am so sick of St. Yolemon. If she were such a great person why isn’t she taking care of her dying mother instead of traveling the world and hopping from part to party?. By the way, she dresses like she is 15 instead of 50+. Yo do something with that hair of yours. UGH

  2. Yolanda seems to have double standards for people- blithely ignoring Brandi’s rude, crass and outride mean behavior while holding Lisa’s feet to the fire for every perceived slight. For instance, if Yolanda feels that Lisa didn’t do as Yolanda woulda have done than *of course* Lisa is a bad friend and is immediately criticized. Where as Brandi can openly snark about others, talk rudely and crudely and inappropriately and Yolanda, who openly proclaims to be all about sweetness and light, doesn’t bat an eyelash. So for all her proclamations of forgiving and forgetting all I have to say is Actions Speak Louder Than Words!
    PS On a unrelated note I am sorry that Yolanda is suffering so badly with Lyme disease and I think it is a wonderful thing that she is putting a face on the disease and educating more people about it. Hopefully they find a cure, and I sincerely hope she goes into remission.

  3. Yolanda needs to give the poor Brandi speech a break. She can keep being her friend. Yolanda was such a good friend last season and jumped on the attack Lisa bandwagon too. If I were Lisa I would never have invited Brandi either.

  4. Karen I agree with you. Yolanda was right there with Brandi when she got on the hate Lisa bandwagon and then Lemonhead is offended that Lisa didn’t invite her to come to her star ceremony. Then she acosts Lisa about it in front of everybody at Kyle’s party. This woman is so irritating to me.

  5. Agree with everything said thus far….yoYo was such a lemon head towards Lisa–her jelly belly shone through. She is someone who can’t seem to let go. So many inconsistencies with this woman….and yes, I do feel bad she is sick.

  6. I think Yolanda is right on in her evaluation of Brandi. It is something psychological, Brandi has said that she suffers from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I also suffer from these diseases and it’s not as simple as taking meds. Panic attacks are not fun and during one someone could either isolate, run away or become overly defensive and even aggresive. If Brandi has issues of expecting to be kicked to the curb then it would stand to reason that she becomes overly defensive which will push others away but not a good friend like Yolanda who wants to understand and be a true friend. All of us with these conditions would be so fortunate to have a good friend like Yo.

    1. If Yo is such a good friend why hasn’t she encouraged or taken her dear friend Brandi to get professional help. Yo talks allot but that’s all she does. She sounds good on paper.

  7. I really cannot stand this woman She is such a hypocrite! I am sorry She is suffering from lime disease.
    Why should Lisa have invited her after her behaviour last season. I am sure She is backing away from Brandi. She said she didn’t see her between filming, what sort of friend is that? I hope she doesn’t come back next season.

  8. Lots of hate for Brandi………..but I like Yolanda’s take on it. It is OBVIOUS to the planet and universe that Brandi is her own worst enemy……….that she sabotages herself on the reg…………and to have a friend like Yolanda is nice. Many of us wouldn’t be friends with a “Brandi” but I bet we all know one. I guess I am in the minority……….I like Yolanda…..and I think she doesn’t give Lisa as much slack because Lisa isn’t as damaged as Brandi. Either way…….we all like who we like and therefore there is a reason we all watch the show.

  9. I’m so tired of Yolanda’s whining. If she’s so sick why would she want to go to some 120 degree ceremony 3 hours away? She complains about how hard it is to order a staff around. Yet she has no problem jetting off to anywhere for fun. There are millions of people with really tough diseases that can actually be life threatening or life altering, so I have a problem drumming up much sympathy for a woman with a “disease” that seems to only rear it’s head when sympathy is wanted or an excuse is needed.

      1. Yes let’s see what happens next. Now that Brandi’s daddy figure (Ken) wants nothing to do with her who will she want for her next daddy – David Foster? What willYo think then??

    1. As someone who lost my mother to cancer all I wanted to do was spend as much time with her as possible. Why this woman puts other things and people above her own mother makes me wonder what kind of person she really is.

  10. Careful all of you yo critics. Keep looking for something to criticize. She’s beautiful and camera savvy
    btw,.i am so sick of jealous kids making snarky comments about age.

    1. She is beautiful with a stunning figure. The problem is She isnt beautiful on the inside and that’s where the problem is. Nothing to do with age.

  11. I think Yolanda’s thoughts and feelings are very mature. Everyone makes mistakes and says things they wish they had not. Brandi should have a psychologist help her learn why she reacts the way she does. I had a psychologist who was the best in the world! I had an illness that was mostly likely psychologically caused so I had very intense therapy for four months twice a week. I cried the entire time as I analyzed my true feelings about how my father treated me while growing up. I had such an inferiority complex because my father did not show any love for me. I realized why I did things; therefore, I stopped doing them and no longer have my illness. If I had the money I would always have a therapist to bounce feelings and actions that I may and may not do and why. This way I could make a mature decision that is based on logic not immature past feelings. Everyone should help each other because we all want to be liked and accepted for who we are. “Judge not lest ye be judged!”. I am a Buddhist and love all things except unkindness, violence and selfishness. I enjoy giving to people and helping whenever I can. Listening to your friends with problems is the best way you can be a true friend.

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