Yolanda Foster Believes Kyle And Kim Richards Are Jealous And Insecure


Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on the drama this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yolanda says she believes that Kim and Kyle Richards are driven by jealousy and insecurity. She also explains exactly what happened after Carlton’s lunch and why she cannot pretend like nothing happened with Kim and Kyle.

Yolanda writes, “I’m not very diplomatic and wear my heart on my sleeve. I cannot fake, make nice, or even pretend nothing ever happened between the Richards sisters and I. They insulted my integrity and they continue to do so. I always wonder, what drives women like that? I assume the sad answer is insecurity and jealousy.

As a woman, I am very proud of Kim’s personal accomplishments and will always root for her sobriety. I don’t particularly care for the way she spoke to me and repeatedly told us how to behave at an afternoon of adult women’s gymnastics. I just don’t agree with her lack of wanting to resolve issues, but rather choosing to swipe them under the carpet and fake OK for the day! I certainly wasn’t trying to be rude; I just have a strong need to communicate on a deeper level to get clarity. I had hoped to resolve some issues by the end of the afternoon so that we could finally move on but I guess we continue this superficial bulls— for a little while longer.

I strongly believe that a lot of problems in this group would disappear if we started to talk to each other rather than about each other.

After our lunch at Carlton’s house, Kyle, or someone in her camp, told the press that Brandi, Lisa and I bullied her. Really?!? The definition of bullying is: to use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

It’s such a strong and serious allegation. None of us has any malicious intent when it comes to Kyle. I agree with Lisa, she could have easily retracted that statement and cleared up the situation by tweeting about it but she chose not to.

Brandi brought up Mauricio’s situation at lunch because it was all over the press and everyone was talking about it — except in front of Kyle. Mauricio seems like an honorable man to me, so the truth lies between him and God. Yes, I insinuated that where there is smoke there is fire, because I believe that to be true. As a woman who experienced infidelity firsthand, I will always advise my girlfriends to only trust their husbands 95 percent and leave 5 percent for human error.

Anyway, the conversation was never meant to hurt Kyle in anyway, but rather to show her support, share experiences, and give her an opening to talk about it. Isn’t that what these girlfriend lunches are for?

The statistics that I have read show that 70 perecent of married men admit to cheating. So let’s not sit here and pretend everything is so perfect because life just isn’t!

No matter what my issues are with Kyle, I feel for her and I truly wished the Umansky family was spared this public embarrassment, as their children did not ask to be in the public eye and I can only imagine how much pain this caused their beautiful girls. My heart goes out to them and I only wish them love while they continue to recover from this low blow.”

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  • sheidmaiden

    I agree with you Yolanda. Also Mauricio is looking kinda bad lately. The gold necklace, the shirt unbuttoned, sleeves pushed up and bleary eyes and slurred speech. He looks like Bob from the 70’s show. He does not look like the well put together dude from the previous seasons. Also he protests too much-least said – soonest mended. If there is nothing out there stop talking about your’re fueling the flames. About Kim,Kim you invited the girls to have some fun ,not work out a union la bor dispute- shut up- you ramble and don’t
    ake sense. This shows the difference between you,Kyle and the other ladies. They have responsibilities-you two watch old shows and make fun of everyone

  • Jody

    I find Kyle Richards to be extremely crude with her finger pointing. She is bombastic and a bully. Her sarcasm isn’t funny. Nasty person.

  • notatrehugger

    Yolanda hit the nail on the head… Kyle is always making comments to get a conversation started that is hurtful to someone and then she sits back and denies she said anything. I have suspected for years that she is the one that is giving the tabloids information about the other women. My hope is that Kyle will eventually be caught for the dirty handed back stabbing crap she pulls.
    Kim doesn’t appear to work, she isn’t married and Kyle’s husband must not give her enough money to shop that much so she has to stir the pot and cause drama to make herself relevant for the show.

  • judy

    Kyle and kim are the meanest girls on the show. Yolanda and Brandi are the ones that say it to your face not behind your back. I wish Brandi would watch her language. She needs to be a good role model for her boys.

  • YesItsMe

    Now they are all even. Since they ALL seem to be playing teenager games, they are all even now, with dirty gossip about each other and non-stop judgmental BS. None of these women are better than the other. They all drink way too much, gossip way too much and compete with each other in the most disgusting way. Now the new ladies are competing whom to group with because they too need to get involved in the latest argument between Lisa, Brandi, Yolanda and Kyle.

    What should happen is, they ALL need to get in the ring with gloves and knock the daylights outta each other, maybe then, MAYBE then, they would have a better understanding that gossiping about each other is unattractive, un lady-like and does tremendous damage to their spouses and kids. Hey, I don’t know about you but I am tired of the stupid pettiness, seriously. I will continue to watch because I support some of the ladies BUT enough!, it’s almost NJ all over again.

  • That’s absolute bull . BG brought it up to hurt Kyle and make a spectacle of her pain. After she saw the way Carl was doing her best to make her uncomfortable she of course jumped on the band wagon to make it worse. Just like a bitch. Kyle said she didn’t say anything to the press. So, Kyle is supposed to believe everyone isn’t talking shit about HER, but they won’t give her the benefit of the doubt. That story was outed as someone else months later. and Yolanda, STFU.