Yolanda Foster Admits Martial Issues On RHOBH Episode


On this week’s episode of RHOBH, Yolanda Foster opened up about how her illness effected her marriage to David Foster. When the couple took a vacation to Canada to rekindle their romance, Yolanda shared what was currently going on her marriage.

“David and I have this one little spot where we go in Canada. There’s nothing and nobody. Just nature. Mountains and water and we can just sit and be us and hangout.”

“Do you think we should walk today?” David asked Yolanda.

“I can’t, I can’t,” she said. “You ask me this everyday and everyday I have to say to you, ‘I can’t.'”

“The minute I got married I got sick,” Yolanda confessed. “Obviously, it has been very taxing on my relationship. David gets impatient and he’s allowed to get impatient. It’s a tough deal for him as well.”

“We used to do everything together. That is over. It’s life, and we’re either gonna all get through it together, or we’re not,” she added.

Watch the clip below.

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9 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Admits Martial Issues On RHOBH Episode”

  1. Those scenes look very disingenuous. It appears she was more into him, than he was into her. BC is a most beautiful place. I lived there for 8 years and loved it.

  2. As this season of BH was starting, it occurred to me that this was the first time in this franchise (maybe any RH franchise?) that all of the FT Housewives were actually “wives.” So much for that. Yo’s marriage being the one going down the tube makes sense: she’s a pretentious, holier-than-thou drama queen and I never saw the chemistry with her and David Foster. He seems like a jerk. He wanted a blonde model wife on h arm for all his award shows, and she wanted a fancy house with a glass front fridge. Hard to make a relationship work based on that.

  3. apparently david had different vows than I did. mine actually vowed love and caring “in sickness AND in health”. hard times…you bet. challenging…absolutely. kind of a narcissistic dick…ummm…yep.

  4. I so enjoyed them as a couple. Terribly sad to see that as a couple they weren’t strong enough to weather their hard times together. I bet there are many things and people stirring the pot. We will never know the whole truth but I wish them well. sigh..:(

  5. It seemed like Her King (vomit) was only into her at the very beginning. He soon seemed to be very dismissive of her while she kissed his azz. Then again, people have to be smart or they will end up miserable. Of course that can happen anyway but when he was divorced three times already and had a history of cheating, what did she expect? Oh, right. Alimony. LOL.

    David does not have a clue what marriage vows mean so he should really not be allowed to take anymore of them.

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