Yolanda Doesn’t Think Brandi’s Depression Was An Excuse For Her Behavior, Says Lisa Was Not Genuine In Her Meeting With Joyce


Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her friendship with Brandi Glanville and to explain that Brandi was very depressed during the time this footage was filmed. Yolanda says depression is not an excuse for Brandi’s behavior, but it is a valid reason. Yolanda does say that she does not condone Brandi’s behavior because she is raising daughters and would be mortified if one of her children acted the way Brandi did. Yolanda also talks about Lisa’s meeting with Joyce and calls Lisa out for trying to build a friendship with Joyce that is not genuine.

Yolanda writes, “Sitting at Lisa’s dinner was extremely uncomfortable. I felt like a fish out of water. I think today’s show gives an extremely clear picture of my friendship with Brandi. Like I said before, her behavior is unacceptable, but I love her for the loyalty and kindness she has shown me during my battle with Lyme disease. Sadly, empathy seems to be a rare quality in this group, so I really appreciate that quality in Brandi.

Regardless though, it is extremely hard to see a friend behave the way that she did and I am not going to defend it — but I am also not going to walk away from our relationship while knowing she is in a severe depression.

So even though I could barely get out of bed myself, I felt the need to check on Brandi at her house. When I got there, I could see the pain in her eyes and sense the extreme demons she was fighting. Unfortunately, you are only seeing two minutes of a deep one-hour conversation where we discussed her issues and battle with severe depression. I felt really sad for her, but I also had to speak up because I started to feel like a hypocrite for sitting through two of these very dysfunctional dinners without getting much of my true opinion in. I am raising daughters and would be absolutely mortified if any of them would see women communicate that way.

Again, depression is not an apology for Brandi’s behavior, but it’s a very valid reason. Only those of you who actually experienced this chemical imbalance in the brain will be able to agree with this. Brandi is very street smart, and I cannot change her intuition about Joyce, but I can only hope that she will pull out of her dark hole and choose to make a change and communicate in a more respectful manner.

Hearing Joyce speak about They” on the golf course, I can only imagine that it must be Brandi, Lisa and I she is referring to. As far as I know, I have never had any conflict with Joyce, but I assume the story is different in her head. The truth is that I gave her my phone number at Kyle’s party, even though I was sick, I made the effort to invite her to lunch in Malibu, and I also had lunch with her after the dinner at SUR to try to mend fences between her and Brandi.

I agree with Joyce when it comes to her issues with Brandi’s choice of communication, but I would hope that one day she will learn that life is not black and white and that as she matures as a woman, she will learn to have a little more empathy for those who battle something she knows nothing about.

Lisa and Joyce did not get off on the right start and the tea at Lisa’s house felt uncomfortable and not genuine to me. I might be wrong, but I believe Lisa looks out of sorts because she is defending a cause she does not believe in anymore. Brandi is in a downward spiral and being friends with her just does not look pretty at the moment. Lisa is also starting to see that Joyce is a gorgeous woman that can’t be ignored and is a force to be reckoned with.

Now, to Lisa’s defense, I understand her response to Joyce’s gift. This was honestly about the fifth gift in maybe eight meetings, and I say this because I never understood why either. It made me doubt Joyce’s intentions because at the end of the day, friendships cannot be bought. All that money could have gone to a great charity and really made a difference in someone’s life that truly needs to be gifted.”

Photo Credit: Bravo