Yolanda And David Foster Selling Malibu Home For $27.5 Million, Why Are They Moving?


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster and her husband David have listed their Malibu mansion for sale for $27.5 million. So why is the couple moving? Yolanda explains that her ongoing battle with Lyme Disease has had an impact on the couple’s decision to move. “This is our dream home, but due to my battle with Lyme disease for the past two years I just don’t have the strength to run this almost 5-acre property anymore and should really focus on my recovery with as little stress as possible,” she tells The Dish. Yolanda continues, “My daughter Gigi moved to New York last July and my Bella will move this July, so it will be just the two of us with my 14-year-old son, Anwar.”


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11 Replies to “Yolanda And David Foster Selling Malibu Home For $27.5 Million, Why Are They Moving?”

  1. That’s a question I have too. Are we supposed to believe now that you singlehandedly tended to and took care of 5 acres all by yourself BEFORE the Lymes or at any other time? Not sure I can swallow that. Isn’t being on RHOBH causing you a great deal of stress also since 1. You have a whole lot if people who just don’t like you
    2. Your original fan base is abandoning you
    3. There’s an awful lot of strife involved being on this show with all these horrible arguments and showdowns with the other women, and 4. The fact that in light if all the former, it’s hardly likely that you will EVER get your own show. The viewers don’t like you and they don’t trust you. Seems to me that RHOBH is a total BUST for you. Do us all a big favor and leave the show. Your haughty, egotistical manner may have been ok in your own homeland, but we take huge offense here. And we keep hearing you have a 14 year old son, but we have never seen him. Does he live with Mohammed? Is he not good looking enough or what? You seem to be hiding him & it’s odd. Kyle does not hide her very sweet and respectable young daughters. And you keep throwing GG in our face every chance you get. Wonder how your other kids feel about that. Your other daughter that you barely speak about is flat out gorgeous. She already looks like a model.
    And finally, man Yolanda are you truly this thick headed or what? Mohammed adores Lisa!! I agree totally with the other commenter in the past who said he looked very very uncomfortable & embarrassed when you dis her. The way you act when Lisa is around or discussed, demonstrates over & over again just how jealous if her you are!
    Basically, you just need to get off the show.

  2. Witch be gone, its obvious that lymebrain is putting on airs, she does it all while having minimal remembering what she’s said in the past… Yeah.ok.

    Lymebrain is wayyyy too busy pushing Gigi upfront for tv screen time, meanwhile her other two kids remain in the dungeon. Yolanda is manipulative moreso than Lisa. Foreigners usually are.

  3. I liked Yolanda in the beginning then the mean girl and elementary school
    girl came out when she constantly attacked Kyle! Once you invite someone into your home, even your enemy you treat them like KINGS & QUEENS or do not invite them! HEARTS REALLY! If I was Kyle, Kim, Joyce & husbands I would have walked out! And David Foster backing
    his wife & not getting her together! SHAME ON HIM! Money don’t buy you class! Yolanda grow up! Your horns are visible, you & your husband!

  4. Watch out, Yolanda!!!
    Okay, I am calling BS. The house isn’t that huge.
    You are not shoveling horse manure, pulling weeds or cleaning the damn pool.
    If you allegedly got through your darkest days in the Malibu home, I doubt you need to move into a hospital..
    If, your life is so stressed do us all a favor and take you buddy Brandi and quit the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Please.. Just go away..
    You are one hypocritical, shady, under handed and repugnantly vindictive creature.
    How does have Lyme Disease influence David selling his Condo in Canada?
    The last reality series one of David was involved in, with his former wife & step sons, delayed a divorce and when the series was cancelled? David’s 2O acre Malibu fortress was put on the market and presto, a divorce..
    So, good luck with your Clown cast mates, your Faithful Husband and your BFF, , Brandi!!

  5. Hmm, thought so. See what I mean? Nobody cares. Nobody cares because you just aren’t a very nice “lady.” And so so true. When David smiled at the table over your little “Dream team”hearts, he showed us all once again what kind of fellow he is. Maybe you ARE the last Mrs. Foster after all. Birds of a feather & both so superior to everyone else. Funny how quickly your little a Dream team fell apart. None of those women are even speaking to you now, are they? Well, maybe Carlton….. But that says a whole lot right there.

    What’s sad is she thinks she is right and a good person! She is ALL DARKSIDE!
    She is trying to be a BULLY and is certainly NO LADY! I would like to put her in
    a room with NeNe,Tami,Tamara and ALL the other tough RHOBRAVO! She is
    NOT tough kyle but she will EAT your young! She clearly dances with Darkness!
    She cannot have it both ways! In one voice, not the dark side! In another voice,
    Watch what happens when you get home? She looks and acts like a REAL witch!
    She is showing that she is extremely vindictive! WATCH OUT! KYLE SHE DOES NOT

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