Yolanda Calls Adrienne Ridiculous For Threatening Brandi With A Lawsuit!

Yolanda Foster

Yolanda Foster may not have been present for the showdown on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she certainly has an opinion about the feud between her co-stars! In her Bravo Blog Yolanda calls Adrienne ridiculous for bringing her lawyers into the mix and says money is just an object for her. She talks about how Mauricio is the one that deserves an apology for having his event ruined, and how Faye should have minded her own business!

Yolanda writes, “Adrienne threatening Brandi with a lawsuit is so ridiculous and such an act of intimidation. Could she be so insecure that she can’t solve a disagreement with a girlfriend? Who calls a lawyer to fix personal problems like that? I guess money is not an object for her. I would take my friend to Starbucks and work it out before spending $500 an hour on a lawyer.

Kyle seems to be very close to Adrienne so I am surprised she did not call her girlfriend immediately after lunch when the remark was made at the restaurant. Reporting this conversation at Mauricio’s event could and should have been avoided.

I have gotten to know Mauricio and he seems to be such a nice man that works extremely hard. He did not deserve this and everyone is wondering why Brandi did not send flowers and an apology to Adrienne? What about some flowers for Mauricio? Everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions. We all screw up, but how we recover is what is most important.

I appreciate Kim finding her voice and speaking her mind, but I do believe this was not the appropriate venue to report what Brandi had said about Adrienne. Especially because Brandi was 20 feet away when she decided to spill the beans. Kim lit the match and the fireworks were explosive.

Lisa is such a class act. She is a straight shooter, wonderful at grounding Brandi and always giving her good advice. Both women have unfortunately had unpleasant experiences with Adrienne so they have a mutual understanding about the whole situation.

Now, who is this Faye, and more importantly, why is she not minding her own business? I am not certain why she wanted to put herself into the line of fire with Brandi and Adrienne. This matter is so not her business. I can’t imagine inviting my best friend to a Housewives’ dinner and having her insult my other guests. It is so obvious that she has only heard Kyle’s side of the story without taking into account that there are always three sides to every story. . .in this case Brandi’s, Adrienne’s, and the truth. Marisa on the other hand, seemed very nice. She made a polite attempt to speak after hearing the dinner conversation, and Faye rudely interrupted her.”

Tell Us- Do YOU agree with Yolanda?

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6 Replies to “Yolanda Calls Adrienne Ridiculous For Threatening Brandi With A Lawsuit!”

  1. I agree, almost, verbatim. The only thing I disagree with is, sending Mauricio flowers. The flowers, certainly shouldn’t come from Brandi. She remained calm & better than we all know her to be. Adrienne & that Ratchet Husband is the one who ruined his event.

    I am #TeamBrandi this week. I believe she held her own & remained dignified at Kyle’s party while Faye (Wish she would never appear on the show) was deliberately rude. Not to mention, Faye was calculated & rehearsed. Brandi did not have a fair advantage.

    So what if Adrienne didn’t carry her Children! Be honest as Camille has & #CarryOn

  2. See, this is the reason Yolanda, Lisa and Brandi are my favorites. Yolanda is a class act and is not afraid to tell the truth-Brandi is the same, but Yolanda does so in such a dignified manner. And I loved what she said: “We all screw up, but how we recover is what is most important.” SO TRUE!!
    Adrienne and Paul are ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Seriously, who cares if she used a surrogate? NOBODY. That’s fine. What’s not is lying about your birthing experience when you all know you weren’t carrying them.
    Kim was wrong, she should’ve told Adrienne at a different time-OBVIOUSLY NOT AT YOUR BROTHER-IN-LAW’S EVENT. Kyle was wrong, and I loved the flashback to Camille’s dinner party; I’d love for Bravo to replay Season 1 now-I’m sure Camille wouldn’t be portrayed as the victim anymore. That was MAJOR foreshadowing then. Kyle was WRONG. She is a serial ****-stirrer. No wonder she and Adrienne are friends. I lost all respect for her last night, and I still don’t like Kim.
    I felt bad for Taylor when Paul was verbally assaulting Brandi; as a victim of domestic violence I understand how one tiny moment can send you back to that place. It was clear that Taylor was paralyzed in fear, and for Kyle to say that it ‘wasn’t about her’ was completely sickening…I do still like Mauricio and Portia, though!

  3. if you notice, Faye shows up only when Kyle needs some back up…she is kyle’s puppet… and come on now really kyle, you can’t handle your own battles that you start?? i really like mauricio, he is a class act…look at his mom she raised a good son…

  4. I agree with Yolanda, who is Faye and why is she not minding her own business? During Mauricio’s party, Kyle was standing right next to Paul and Adrienne while they insulted Brandi, she did not seem to care that they were creating a conflict at her husband’s event. Had she cared, she would have stepped in and ask that they take it outside. Again, Kyle at her dinner party had the responsibility to put a stop to Faye, but she didn’t. I used to like her but she is proving to be the biggest bitch of them all. When someone asked about Kim, she was more interested in Kim not inviting her than being worried for her sister going to Vegas, knowing that she is a recovering alcoholic and prescription drug addict. Vegas is a very dangerous place for an alcoholic. Kyle should have had a talk with Kim’s children and make them understand that this was not the best idea for their mom and should convince her, that at that time, so soon from coming out of rehab, it was the best decision to go to Vegas. But, no Kyle didn’t even think about that!

  5. I agree with Yolanda, we don’t know her that well yet but now I have a feeling I’m going to like her. I love Lisa because she is straight forward, no bull….. I think yes, she does take Brandi’s side but she doesn’t do it out of spite, she listens to Brandi and tells her when she’s wrong, she’s being a true friend, something the others should try. I feel sorry for Brandi, I feel Kyle set her up and Kim ran with it. I don’t care much for Adrienne, I think she is all about herself and if everyone isn’t totally on her side then she has a tantrum, I.E, Portia’s birthday party, she was upset with Kyle because she “felt” Kyle wasn’t being her friend because she was trying to get Lisa and Adrienne together and not seeing how “totally” Lisa had hurt her. I like Paul, he has been hen pecked and criticized constantly by Adrienne so perhaps he has finally grown a back bone. I don’t like Taylor, she is now supposedly Brandi’s friend but not long before she was twisting Brandi’s words to whoever would listen, even Yolanda who didn’t even know Brandi, portraying her out to be a whore, not cool. Faye is ridiculous, seems to me she was looking for her 5 minutes but didn’t get it. How ridiculous to reprimand someone when you have only heard Kyle (s..t stirer) version, similar to how she attacked Camille after hearing Kyle’s version of that fight.
    I love, love, love Camille, I love her humour and little comments. My advice to Brandi, learn a little tact and control, other than that, you are just what this show needed, love you!!

  6. Yolanda is my new guilty pleasure, I have nothing but amazing things to say about her thus far, hopefully she will stay true to herself the rest of the time on RHOBH. Faye didn’t you already get your 15 minutes back at Camille’s dinner party? Shame on Kyle for setting up a guest in her home, in my opinion though Kyle is a social climbing bitch and a huge hypocrite, I can’t stand her, there is something about her and I feel like slowly but surely her true colors are coming out.

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