Woman Sues To Stop This Week’s RHONY Episode From Airing

A longtime friend of Luann de Lesseps sued to try to stop this week’s Real Housewives of New York episode from airing, RadarOnline is reporting, in a last-minute attempt to avoid airing an embarrassing conversation in which she trashes hubby Tom D’agostina!

Barbara Kavovit, a former contractor who started a line of women-specific tools called DIYVA, was speaking with Housewife Carole Radziwill at a recent charity event in Manhattan. It was no secret that Bravo cameras were rolling at the event, but when Kavovit asked to speak with Radziwill in private, she apparently wasn’t aware that the bestselling author was still wearing a mic!

That’s when sources say Kavovit began to dish dirt on D’Agostino, even claiming that de Lesseps almost pulled out of their wedding a few days before it happened.

“At approximately 10 p.m. in the corner of the restaurant and away from any filming activities, (Kavovit) had what she believed to be a private conversation with an individual known as Carole Radziwill,” the emergency Manhattan Supreme Court suit says. “Unbeknownst to her, Ms. Radziwill was wearing a microphone and this conversation was recorded.”

“Luann texted Barbara yesterday saying she would never speak with her again,” the insider reveals.

Kavovit claims in her lawsuit that Radziwill needed her permission to be taped … but New York state law requires consent by only one party member.

Kavovit is now asking a judge to bar the show from using her “likeness and/or voice in any manner.”

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25 Replies to “Woman Sues To Stop This Week’s RHONY Episode From Airing”

  1. Too late…either she filed too late or lost the suit. We ALL heard what she said. I predict LuAnn will be divorced within 3 years.

  2. Sorry, I doubt that she had no idea she was being taped and recorded. There were cameras all over the place and Carole is a real housewives at a real housewives event… the woman got caught and now she’s pissed. Tough titty girl.

    1. she knew she was being filmed when the cameras were there of course, but look at the scene that conversation happens when the cameras aren’t around, there’s only sound. And the woman probably didn’t remember carole wore a mic, that woman isn’t a castmember, how can she remember about mics and all.

      1. Sorry but she knows that the cast members are wearing microphones. You can literally see it under their clothing in the back and if she is friends with LuAnn she definitely would have known that. Gossipers remorse I suspect.

      2. I tend to agree with you Jake. I’m sure she knew about the cameras / microphones but completely forgot about it when talking Carol aside to speak privately. She is not part of that world so I do believe she forgot about it, I know I would have after a couple drinks. With that said Carole most definitely remembers she had a mic on and could have warned her before the conversation started. Although I do believe Carole was well aware that this was Bravo ratings gold gossip and got every ounce of info. out of this women possible. I mean after all she was a reporter and I think that type of work is in your blood, they thrive on getting the scoop. No matter what this women really didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know “Luann you married a player” and Luann is very aware of Tom’s antic’s. Barbara was 100% spot on when she said Luann would rather end up divorced than cancel the wedding and in my opinion that’s so true.

  3. This episode didn’t air for me here in CA….it showed to be announced on my channel and never aired the footage…booo

    1. Thanks Cassandra, my guide showed up as “to be announced” as well, and I didn’t realize why until you just mentioned seeing the same. I’m on the East Coast but I will check my DVR to see what was aired during that hour.

          1. hmm I will check mine tonight as of last night before it airing it showed it was not going to record anything…if not hopefully I can find it on demand or will have to remember to record it next week before the new normal time one. I am on the West coast so it is on at about 6 or so …

  4. That’s what she gets for being two-faced. What she said was either true and she should stand behind it, or it was true and she didn’t want LuAnne to know she’s gossiping. I realize I said in either case it was true, but is there any doubt?

  5. People talk about people – that’s life. If you don’t want people talking about you – get off of the television.

  6. I think Radzi should have reminded the woman that she was wearing a microphone, but I would think, however, that they were all told that people had on microphones and cameras were rolling. Perhaps the woman forgot, but Carole certainly did not remind her. Both are at fault IMO.

    1. I am sure Carole knew she had her microphone on.
      However, if a scene is being filmed at an,event wth do you expect?
      Another attempted Frivolous lawsuit which went down like a lead balloon!

    2. My posts aren’t posting agin, so I will try an old one again. I bet Carole is so used to wearing the mic that she honestly didn’t realize the woman meant truly “private.” In Bravoland, that doesn’t really mean private, it means whoever is wanting to speak with a HW alone usually wants some camera time, IMO. Carole seems to be very honest, and I bet she does feel remorse at her inattention to what the woman really meant. I can’t imagine those events are calm, and many, many people kissing, hugging, talking, one would just fall into their normal behavior. I remember in the first season reunion Ramona said she forgot the camera’s were there pretty quickly, and other cast members said the same. I don’t know any of these women, but women gossip, and talk. This seemed true, as in talking not gossiping. and now she regrets saying what she really thought or knew.

      1. Truly well said 3 D’s. I agree. Dont know why the so called friend chose Carole of all to speak her piece. Luann loves this man, wants to be a “Mrs.” again & has blinded herself to every red flag by choice. She made her bed etc; With all of that, I wish her the joy & giddy headed love she seeks.

        1. I LOVE Luann’s dress. I can’t stand her personally, though she has seemed to be more of a person instead of a snob this year. Everyone should get to be who they are and have the marriage they want, and everyone else on the show should STFU, IMO. Especially Ramona.

  7. What are women specific tools? I did not go to the site, but I was wondering what tools are just for women? Is it some sort of special vibrating tool perhaps? 😮

    1. All kidding aside, I think they are ergonomic tools for women’s hands and strength. Men have 5 times the upper body strength, so therefore when a tool has extra torque and/or ratchet power gears, it helps women do jobs they otherwise might not be able to. Like riding a 10 speed bicycle as opposed to a regular pedal bike. One of my Daughter’s loves to do projects, like hanging closet bars that require a drill and the use of sockets and sometimes she hurts her hands. She works with them a lot too, as she is a florist at Whole Foods which requires constant hand and upper body strength. I am going to look into it for her. 🙂

  8. Gossip, takes on a life of it’s own.
    I was raised with the belief that you never say anything in public that you would be embarrassed to read in the NY Times.

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