Will Veteran RHOC Cast Members Return For Season 10?


As we previously reported, Housewives veteran Jeana Keogh may return to season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. But will other former cast mates?

Slade Smiley’s ex-girlfriend Jo De La Rosa says, “I have been living in L.A. for the last seven years working in digital advertising. They haven’t asked me to do the show since I’m not in Orange County anymore.”

Season 3 cast member Quinn Fry also told RadarOnline, “I’ve sold my O.C. home and moved up to a nice home in Humboldt County, California.”

A production source also revealed that Peggy Tanous has NOT been asked to appear in the new season and neither has Gretchen Rossi. The source says it’s the same for Tammy Knickerbocker and Alexis Bellino.

Our sources tell us that the ladies have been filming for “a couple of weeks now,” and that the “everyone from last season” has been asked to return.

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15 Replies to “Will Veteran RHOC Cast Members Return For Season 10?”

  1. I’d like Jeana full time and the rest to make guest appearances. May at the finale of the 10th season have every ex-housewife of the OC return.

  2. I would be happy to see Jeana return. Just dump Tamra please.. it’s hard to even look at her anymore – her personality is toxic and ugly. Bravo – dump her please!

    1. Tamra is a ratings draw though… There wouldn’t have been much drama last year if she hadn’t been there. As toxic as she is, it would be hard to let her go without having an established drama-queen to take her place.

      1. Its just wrong to keep someone who calls herself a fictional character. Not a single one of her fans can claim that she is “real” or “honest” anymore.

  3. I read somewhere (forgot where now – maybe Twitter?) that Jeana may be returning in some capacity in S10. Has anybody heard about this?

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