Will Teresa Giudice Have to Serve House Arrest?


Teresa Giudice is just a week away from coming home to her family after serving a 15 month prison sentence. With her release has come a lot of discussion about her filming the Real Housewives of New Jersey and a possibility of avoiding house arrest. A source dished to Radar Online about the deals that are in works, and how Teresa is doing with leading up to reuniting with her family.

“She is of course beyond excited about the upcoming release. The final details of the release are still in the works, along with the conditions of her house arrest. Teresa is hopeful that the Bureau of Prisons won’t require her to stay at the house for the next two months,” the insider claimed.

They continued, “She is very eager to get back to work including filming Real Housewives of New Jersey. It’s still up in the air as to whether or not Teresa will be allowed to film during the house arrest, but she will be required to check in with an official from the Bureau of Prisons, which will continue to monitor her activity. Whatever Teresa is required to do, she will follow to the letter.”

The reality star is ready to spend the holiday with her children and Joe as it will be the last one with them in four years. “Christmas has always been very special for the Giudices, but it’s even more so this year. This is going to be the last Christmas Teresa and Joe have together for four years once he goes away to prison. But they aren’t going to discuss it, and will instead focus on their time together.”

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6 Replies to “Will Teresa Giudice Have to Serve House Arrest?”

  1. Radar yet again!!!!! She may well be out already at an undisclosed address. So maybe until the 23rd she will be under house arrest! If not there is no way they will risk her coming out in daylight with all of the media surrounding Danbury already. She is possibly home now under same terms.

  2. She should be happy to be under house arrest for 2 months, she should be loved him her house til feb, that would be fair. And after being locked away from her kids she shouldn’t be leaving the house for two months anyway.

    Hope they get to film her though.

    1. You are from the same area as I am, well a little different but same sentencing, you know that when someone is given their sentence of, let’s say three years, they will serve two at most unless they were violent in prison. Peodophiles have had shorter sentences than Teresa! Yes she was wrong and will be paying for it for the rest of her life! (That’s just in case anyone thinks I think she is innocent. I don’t and never have! )

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