Will Taylor Armstrong & Brandi Glanville Ever Be Friends?

There’s been A LOT of friction between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong & Brandi Glanville this Season, and we wonder if they will ever work through their differences? In an interview, Taylor reveals she would like to see them work through things, but she sounds doubtful of that actually happening.

“Brandi and I still have some things to sort out,” Taylor told Hollywood Life. “It’s been rough for us from the beginning. I’d like to see our relationship changing, but I don’t know if it will.”

Taylor admits she wasn’t always proud of her behavior this Season, and says, “You’re going to see some struggles from me, and see what it’s like to recover from tragedy,” she admits. “I really wanted people to see that it is possible,” she says of her decision to return after Russell’s death.

Taylor says she’s “happy now” and Kennedy, is “doing beautifully.” A big part of Taylor’s new outlook is because of her relationship with boyfriend, John Bluher, whom Taylor says is a “a wonderful role model for Kennedy.”

Tell Us- Do YOU think Taylor and Brandi can ever be friends?

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