Will NeNe Leakes Be Fired From RHOA?

Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has been making a lot of headlines lately, and not in a good way. As we reported, Leakes was the opening act for The Great Xscape Tour and she fired back at a heckler in the audience with shocking words.

“I hope your Uber driver rapes your ass tonight bitch,” NeNe said in front of a live audience. NeNe was immediately fired from the tour after the backlash from her comment.

NeNe spoke out about the incidents on her Instagram account. Leakes has apologized for her words, and is still talking about what happened.

“A lot of people know me as NeNe who’s laughing and talking, a lot of don’t know me as NeNe who would break down. I actually had a real breakdown,” she said. “Trust and believe, I’m so okay, I’m in a great place today. I can’t say I haven’t been in a great place these last few days. I’m so okay with everything, I just haven’t talked a lot or spoken out a lot.”

“Yesterday I got a little bit emotional. I have never said anything that the heckler said to me. All the girls on the tour with me know what happened,” she wrote.

“I plan on not letting anyone take my joy. I created my own show because I wanted to get out and express some of the things that I have inside of me,” NeNe continued. “I don’t consider myself a comedian, I always say that. I’ve said that since the day I first started. I just consider myself a sh*t talker, a funny lady. I never imagined ever, ever, ever stepping on stage and somebody screaming out ‘Go kill yourself’ to me. It literally took me somewhere else, I apologize. I’ve let that go.”

But can things get worse for NeNe? New reports claim that the cast of RHOA is refusing to film with Leakes after her comments.

“Kim [Zolciak] refuses to film with NeNe any further, so producers scrapped the all cast scene planned for last week,” an insider told RadarOnline.

We also reported that Kim has hired legal counsel for her feud with Leakes regarding her daughter. NeNe accused Kim and her daughter Brielle Biermann of being racists after Biermann took a video of cockroaches in her home.

“Porsha [Williams] is refusing to film with NeNe and is siding with Kim,” the insider added. “Sheree [Whitfield] is also siding with Kim.”

The source says RHOA producers reacted to the controversy by “hunting down the owner of the video to get a release just in case someone brings it up on camera and it becomes part of the show” and that they are currently talking about firing her.

Do you think NeNe should be fired for her comments? Let’s talk about it!

Photo Credit: Bravo