Will Lauren Manzo Invite Dina To Her Wedding?


Lauren Manzo has picked her wedding date (2015), color scheme (all white) and location (The Brownstone), but next is the guest list. So inquiring minds wants to know, will she invite her estranged aunt, Dina Manzo, to her wedding? “At the end of the day, we’re still family. It’s a sensitive subject these days, but I’ll always do the right thing. My mom told me to always take the high road and I will.” Lauren tells Wetpaint. “So of course I’ll invite my Aunt Dina. I’m not sure if she will come, but she will definitely be invited.”

Lauren dishes that one of the first people that texted her to congratulate her on her engagement was her cousin, Lexi. “I love Lexi more than anything and always want to be close to her,” she says.

Photo Credit: Getty Images