Will Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump Ever Reconcile?

This season of RHOBH has definitely been different. One of the most beloved Housewives of all time, Lisa Vanderpump, announced she has quit the show and hasn’t been on an episode for weeks.

Vanderpump’s former BFF, Kyle Richards, recently revealed that she believes Vanderpump will return to the show eventually, even sending her former co-star a message through the media.

Kyle attended the premiere party for MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings and spoke about the news Lisa will not be returning.

“I think she’s done for now,” Richards told Entertainment Tonight. When the host of the show asked if that means Vanderpump will be back, Richards said, “I don’t know, I think you never know.”

When asked what Kyle would have to say to Lisa after #puppygate, she explained, “I always wish Lisa the best. I know that she may not feel that, because of everything that’s gone on this season, but I have a lot of respect for Lisa. I care about her very much. You know, we had a lot of fun together, and I really wish her the best! I think she’s amazing at what she does with her restaurants and bars, so I wish her continued success and health and happiness.” Then Kyle added, “That’s how I really feel, so hopefully that’s the high road.”

After not speaking to each other for months, Vanderpump revealed that she ran into Kyle recently.

“It was OK,” Vanderpump said, which is a major improvement to the previous things Vanderpump has said about Richards. According to US Weekly, that blog post said of Richards, “She threw our relationship down the toilet and I flushed it!”

Do you think there is hope for Kyle and Lisa’s friendship? Will they make amends once again or is this the end? Comment below and lets discuss.


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