Will Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Get Married On-Camera?


Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney has already found her wedding dress and is planning her big day, but Tom Schwartz is having a hard time… with the guest list he is revealing in a new interview.

“The guest list is the biggest stress factor for me,” Tom told Page Six. “I know so many great people around the country and the world. But the usual suspects will be there, my ‘Vander’ buddies. I’m more stressed about that than anything else.”

But Tom is really proud of himself for pulling off the big proposal this season. “I felt an air of cool, calm and collectiveness,” he said. “Everything felt good. I had the perfect ring, I had close friends there and I had a good game plan, I just needed to let everything fall into place.”

Tom even dished about Kristen and Stassi crashing his engagement party at Lisa’s house. “Maybe her reflex instinct was ‘Oh, f***,’ but Lisa is very smart and she’s very wise,” he shared. “Even though it was at her house, the day wasn’t about her and she knew our history, and she took that into consideration.”

He shared that he and Katie are hoping to be married within the next year! “We’re keeping it in California,” Schwartz revealed. “We want to be surrounded by nature and be a bit secluded.”

So will they share their big day on camera? “We talked about it, and we’ve lived so much of our life on camera that we would love to film the wedding,” he said.

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3 Replies to “Will Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Get Married On-Camera?”

  1. These kids seem ready for divorce court and they’re not even married yet. No sex, really?! She seems constantly annoyed by him and is quite disrespectful to him. Which he deserves since he’s such a needy people pleaser and he seemed quite reluctant to propose anyway.These are not good signs and these two should probably seriously reconsider this marriage.

  2. Don’t think this will last. She gave him an ultimatum – marry me or get lost, but she’s stuffed that up big time – he doesn’t have a job and lives off her so she’s stuck with a loser who’s useless at anything he does and he’s stuck with a girlfriend who doesn’t want him sexually and probably isn’t in love with him, but knows she doesn’t want to waste another 4 years on someone else so takes what she can get. Perfect match. She’ll be giving him ultimatums and he’ll spend the rest of his time with her trying to get sex.

  3. I feel sorry for them. Neither one will be truly happy with this marriage even if maybe they are best friends. Katie is ready for marriage, and she wants the ring. However, she is with the wrong guy. You should not have to resort to an ultimatum to get married to someone you have dated forever. Maybe you were convenient, Katie. Tom just is maybe not as into Katie as he is apparently trying so hard to be, and Katie, herself, does not realize that if she is not that sexually attracted to Tom, maybe that is a red flag. Maybe Tom is even repressing some feelings that he is not truly hetero, but whatever. Either way, they are both sweet, but should not get married to each other IMO.
    It seems to be more about the wedding planning and parties than actually about each other. Once they get married, will Katie not have intimacy with Tom. Will she do it to have a baby and then quit? Something is wrong with this picture.

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