Will Jax Taylor Ever Be Ready For Marriage?


Vanderpump Rules
star Jax Taylor seems very serious in his relationship with girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, but will Jax ever get married?

“Before Brittany I was not about marriage. It was not going to happen for me. I didn’t believe in marriage. Not because I didn’t love Brittany, I just didn’t believe in marriage. It just wasn’t for me,” he told The Daily Dish. “As time progresses, I’m starting to open my mind about it a little bit more because I do love her and that’s something she wants. And I’m willing to bring the idea back. We’ll see. I just hate divorce. I hate it. I’ve done a lot of things in my life, it’s just kind of the one box I don’t want to check off that I’ve done.”

Taylor explains that there is something about Brittany that has reformed his bad boy ways. “She’s just an amazing girl. I love her to death. She’s just so sweet, so kind. She has a lot of patience,” he said. “It takes someone to have a lot of patience with me cause I’m kind of all over the place. I think patience is the key. Everybody loves her. There’s not one person that can say a bad thing about her. I feel like they would trade me in for her any day. I think anybody would.”

So has it been tough working at SUR with Brittany and living with her? “The idea of her working with me, at the beginning was good, but when you live together and you work together [and] you hang out together it gets to be a bit much. I love my girlfriend very much, but you know when you spend that much time you start to get some wear and tear. I’ve been at SUR for five or six years now. I feel like the bar is mine. If we do work the same days, she goes in the restaurant. We try to make that work,” he said. “It’s tough because we hang out together. We have the same friends. It’s just really tough.”

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46 Replies to “Will Jax Taylor Ever Be Ready For Marriage?”

  1. I feel sorry for any woman who gets mixed up with him. His behavior is repulsive. He treats women/girlfriends like a piece of meat… yuk.

  2. This girl had to know what she was getting herself into when she hooked up with Jax. She was a waitress at Hooters when he met her. Nothing wrong with that. She relocated to move in with him too. Was it because she wanted to be on reality TV? We don’t know. What we do know is that it seems to work for them. For the first time, Jax is saying he has met someone who is unlike anyone else before her. Will she be able to really reform him? I don’t know.
    Jax is not young, and yet he has said he does not want marriage, though Brittany does. He might consider it for her…but not for himself, really.
    Jax may have a gay past as we have seen hinted at when the man from Miami came to visit him. Jax was a male model back then and lived with this older man. Honestly, I think most of the men on this show seem to be maybe bisexual…just the behavior with the nudity, butts out all the time, etc.
    Jax has been with many sexual partners from what we have seen on the show alone. (I hope he got tested for STDs.) He also got arrested for theft, etc. He has not mature, but is Brittany helping him mature? Is that even possible. I don’t know. But they say there is someone out there for everyone…whoever they are, anyway!
    Okay, so, I am not sure if this can work. Brittany is now on the show and must meet other guys. She fell for Jax. If they do marry, I hope Jax straightens up, but he is already saying he sees too much of her. Some people cannot work with their spouse in the same place. Some companies don’t even permit it…in the same department, anyway. I wish them well, or Brittany get out now before it is too late! She does seem sweet, and Jax may not really appreciate her enough.

  3. How bad are the guys in Kentucky lol??? Is Jax really the best guy this poor girl has ever met?? I wish her well because she does seem sweet ❤️❤️✌️️

    Meanwhile, Katie continues her spiral into mean girl territory . Amazing how she went from the trodden doormat to queen BITCH in 2 seasons. I like Schwartz so much and I wish he would’ve dumped her mean girl ass instead of marrying her. Plus he’s getting cuter and cuter ❤️❤️❤️ Meow meow lol!!! I know LaLa is a horrible human being , but putting scheana through the wringer for simply talking to her is beyond childish . And why the F**K would Arianna agree to be s groomsmen??? She’s a messy shit stirrer. She KNOWS Katie can’t stand her, so the civilized thing to do was to say no thank you , I don’t dont to piss off the bride on her special day. But Ariana is another royal pain whose behavior is getting worse every season

    Is James really fired??? Come on LVP , seriously throw this douche out !!!

  4. Ok I’m officially crushing on Schwarzy ❤️❤️❤️ This needed its own post !! Seeing him going to therapy and trying to deal with his cow bride made me love him even more. What a sweet cute handsome young man !! Have I embarrassed myself enough lol?

    1. When I saw Schwartzy at the therapist alone, I was looking at his face (cute yes) and he looked so upset and fearful about facing his betrothed…afraid of her. The therapist did not say enough. When he said, Will you come with me?, she should have said, Bring Katie back for couples therapy, and we will discuss this. This is more than cold feet… And yet, they still married…because Katie wanted a wedding? That is what I think.
      When Tom asked Arianna to be a groomsman, I was taken aback. Why? Katie is not friends with her now…and yet, he did it to spite Katie maybe? Where is the love in this farce of a couple?
      Katie is a mean girl. She was stuffing lettuce into her face like an animal. She is repulsive. She is not respectful of Tom’s wishes before the wedding. Red Flags…how can this work?
      Well, they did the deed. Let’s see if Tom ends up like Shay did after he married. Poor Tom. Why? Katie belongs with Stassi.
      They all were mean to Lala too. I don’t like Lala so much, but what immature gang behavior these girls exhibit…terrible.

      1. You reminded me of Katie stuffing her face with lettuce LOLOLOLOL. I was thinking wow, that’s not s good look 🙂

        Aside from all these troubles, they complain that their sex life lacking . So again why are you married??? Smh !!

        1. Why are they married? I think because Katie invested the best years of her life with this man, she felt entitled to him and to wear a wedding ring. They are clearly not good for each other, unless they are fine with a sexless marriage and her spending money for fun and badmouthing others with her horrible friends. I don’t blame her friends for her behavior either. Katie is not nice. End of story. Maybe fame changed her for the worst too…being on this show. She and Tom are horrible together.

        2. I think Katie needs to quit drinking. She is just as cruel and stupid as James when she drinks, the difference is she aims her hate toward Tom only instead of everyone. If I was Shwartz, who IMO, is a coward, I would require that they go to weekly therapy before any more deposits were put down. She is really an aggressive person. He tries to have a normal conversation with her and she immediately goes for throwing everything he has ever done in his face. They def. should NOT get married anytime soon, of ever. Just because many years have been wasted is no reason to waste more. Nana used to say, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.” Perfect analogy, IMO.

      2. I see that Arianna and Lala are friends, so she is disliked. I don’t like Arianna much either. She makes her Tom worse since she became his steady gf.
        James should grow up. I doubt he is off the show. He will still film.
        Sheana said she had no work done, but her nose is so different. I don’t get these girls.
        Oh, Rain, what sex life. No post engagement sex…red flag!

        1. We are almost 100% in agreement on VP Rules ❤️❤️❤️
          Yes many many red flags! Shwarz is one of those sweet men who is LOYAL to the extent that he can’t leave anybody! That’s why he’ll stay around Katie and Jax and everyone else who abuses him! Poor kid

          Does it occur to these girls to maheb EAT their calories instead of all this drinking lol??

          Why is LaLa flagrantly flaunting her Range Rover then is upset when they call her a whore? Either be a proud whore or don’t show off

          1. Didn’t Lala say, “I suck dick for more than Range Rovers..” or something like that when she was talking to the camera? Doesn’t that say it all?
            Wasn’t it funny…not really…when Tom came home to Katie and asked if she was drinking, and then she answered, I had a few glasses of wine with the girls, but that doesn’t count, with some blah expression on her face. Then she was having a glass of white wine as she spoke with him! This is in the daytime at home…drink in her hand…alone.
            Tom told the shrink that Katie gets mean when she drinks too much. Does she have an alcohol problem maybe?
            You are right, calories are coming from the drinks…and they should eat and stop drinking so much. Katie has issues…too many.

            1. The drinking on this show is just shocking. How many times did Kristen and stassi wake up and make drinks right after breakfast. Is that how most younger people drink now? I don’t know but I hope not . If we learnt anything from Naomi Campbell , it’s that hungry people are mean people 🙂 EAT SOMETHING!!!! Wine and lettuce is NOT a diet!

              Yes LaLa did make that I suck dick comment . Then why are you complaining LaLa ??? Last season she pretended she’s a model who travels to be on yachts ( no doubt with rich old men) …. Well since both she and James are atrocious , I’m not surprised that they apparently get into an argument next week . One thing I read for sure is that LaLa quits the show mid season. Hallelujah

              1. Wow! Lala quits. Maybe she received a better offer…a real sugar daddy, maybe? Well, James and Lala are both their own worst enemies. James is so annoying. He always does feel entitled too.
                Making drinks after breakfast is too much. Is it just for our benefit…some weird way to show they are wealthy enough to have their own booze…or then again, steal it from the restaurant like we know at least Jax has done.
                I won’t miss Lala or James, but I have a feeling James is not leaving the show too soon…especially since he is friends with Max. I think Lisa coddles him, but I love how Ken defended her and really told James off. Bravo Ken! He is always there for his wife, and he wasn’t taking any crap from James.

  5. I don’t even need to watch the show now. hahaha Have you two ever thought of having your own housewives podcast together? You should! Love you Rain & Sandy ♥️♥️♥️♥️ & thank you for the recap 😉 <3

    1. Thanks, Miss M. That would not be too easy…if both of us are on opposite sides of the country, would it? I think Rain has me beat in the comment department anyway. Rain could have her own show! She is very funny. (I do have my moments…but not so many.)
      You should watch it. The best part is when Ken is talking to James…outside the building. I love Ken…(Suze is in love with Ken.) :-p

        1. Miss M you’re so sweet 🙂 and very very kind ❤️❤️❤️❤️ How’s your husband ?? I’m sure you’re both happy he’s home xoxox

          Sandy you are sweet and you sell yourself way short. You always make wonderful insightful comments , that are thoughtful , smart and funny xoxoxo

      1. Yeah you have a good point there, but wait maybe you could record yourself why you both like Skype ? 🙂 ?! I’ve seen that done. Yes you are funny too and smart. How did you get that emoji to stick its tongue out! :)~ : = 😐 :-/ : *) :)* anyhow I wish I knew symbols. Rain! Yes I’m glad he’s back but I still rarely see him as he gets home from work and goes right out to workshop and works till 9 I still never see him much. But deer season will be over soon enough thankfully. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. What was it Ken told James he would do to him if he disrespected Lisa again? I wish I could remember cause it was so hilarious to see James who insults everyone and gies toe to toe with Jax shaking in fear of Ken! I watched it four times in joy…but my old brain can’t remember what he said now. Sweet teddy bear Ken turns tiger protecting his wife. Luv him!!!

    1. Ken said that he wouldn’t let him get in the way of his business or disrespect his wife, and then he said to James, I’ll knock your spark out. There may have been more..have to rewatch it again.

      1. “I told you not to come here when you’re drunk. You’re drunk now. The way you’re speaking to Lisa? I’m giving you one warning, if you ruin my business…” Ken says, before finally going off. “You little f—ker! I’ll knock you spark out.”

      2. That was it…I’ll knock your spark out! That gave me the giggles and James was Ken is scaring me! I mean the mouthy kid was really scared. Ken in his accent, I’ll knock your spark out! Not sure why but it still makes me giggle.

      3. Did my Ken really say that? Good for him I might start watching it again now! Which episode was that I don’t want to watch them all?

                1. You don’t see too much of Ken in the episode. The fight was outside the restaurant and cameras were inside for most of that. Still, I love Ken for standing up for Lisa and telling that little slimeball off. 😉

  7. Katie used to be sweet, but took queen bee spot when stassi crawled back. How immature if you’re friends with me you can’t be with her. Although LaLa walks up and insults them all so what does she expect. No one annoys me more than James with his disgusting attitude then poor me tears. Swartz…cutie patootie…but I believe she’s supporting him so…hanging onto the meal ticket maybe???

      1. Thank you. Interesting thread about Jax and we all end up talking bout everyone else. Hmmm, Jax just not as relevant? Or has he become the least childish? Frightening thought?

  8. Brittany is way above Jax , she is such a sweet human, she can do tons better than him.
    Katie is just not what Schwartz needs to shine, he’s way too nice for her.
    That entire group of women leaves much to be desired & some of the men as well.

  9. I watched LOL last night…not all…too tired. I never watched all the shows.
    I can’t believe howmthey made that high risk mother walk the lengths of the hospital before her Caesarean section, after 6 mos. of bedrest?

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