Will Brandon DeShazer Press Charges Against Apollo Nida?


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore has been very vocal about her feelings towards Apollo Nida, and after the intense fight that occurred between her assistant Brandon DeShazer and Nida on Sunday’s episode, Kenya took to Twitter to call Apollo “an idiot and a thug” for getting involved in the fight. Kenya also reveals that Apollo could be facing assault charges on top of the bank fraud and identity theft charges he was just charged with last week.

While the fight happened in September, Kenya hinted that Brandon could be pressing charges against Apollo for breaking his rib. “That’s [Brandon’s] decision alone,” she tweeted. DeShazer did not respond to RadarOnline when asked for a comment, but he previously told the site, “I’ll do what my grandma said, ‘Pray for ‘em and let my attorneys handle the rest.”

One follower tweeted Kenya, saying, “Apollo is an idiot and a thug for what he did tonight,” Moore responded, “Agreed. The world knows.” Adding, “Thank god ppl see the truth of who all these people are.”

Photo Credit: Bravo