Will Brandi Glanville’s Co-Stars Testify Against Her In Real Housewives Lawsuit?


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville may be forced to take the stand against Joanna Krupa, a new report reveals. Glanville was sued by Krupa, who felt Brandi’s comments about her alleged affair with Mohamed Hadid, which she denies, and the scent of her private parts, were completely inappropriate.

The lawsuit was recently seen in a Miami courtroom, and soon Krupa and Glanville will face-off against each other. LALATE reports that Brandi’s RHOBH co-stars might be working against her.

“If the case heads to trial, Joanna will put on the trial witness list several other Real Housewives to testify against Brandi. And some of those Real Housewives already have been informed of the same, and purportedly are ready to testify against Brandi Glanville if needed,” a source reveals.

The site claims that Krupa will likely attempt to portray Glanville as someone who allegedly lies about her fellow Real Housewives, and continues to repeat the lie on Bravo TV programing, including Watch What Happens Live.

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49 Replies to “Will Brandi Glanville’s Co-Stars Testify Against Her In Real Housewives Lawsuit?”

  1. Haha! That’s right, krupa, hit trash mouth where it’ll hurt her, her pockets! I hope krupa has plenty of BHHW’s as witnesses, too!!
    This is hilarious… I bet Brandi is shakin’ in her boots!

  2. Krupa’s p*ssy stinks! Brandi is just telling the truth. Joanna clears out the room whenever she enters. Dayum. Krupa needs to douche or get onto an anti -biotic. Stank Joanna K r u parked = peeeuuuu!

      1. Sure. Been in a room that fishy entered. It’s a n open secret she stinks. Thi s case is going nowhere, you dips crack me up. This is the most attention Krupa has received in years…she’s thrilled….& still NOT douching.

        1. Pardon me if I don’t take the word of someone who types like he or she has been mainlining cheap Brandi Glanville wine.

          1. I LOVE typing/spelling police. Makes you feel all superior doesn’t it. Concluding with the main lining of wine = kinda funny…tho I’d never waste good wine.

            1. I have a job. You can distinguish those of us with actual careers by seeing who can construct a complete sentence.

              1. Oh, so quick witted. Christopher is our spelling/typing police AND linguist extraordinaire.
                Congrats on the job, now grow a sense of humor.

                1. I am terribly sorry if I don’t find grown women slandering other women with accusations of adultery and bad hygiene funny, particularly when that woman stumbles around in public drunkenly with a tampon hanging from her vagina. Apparently you think it is hilarious. Your mother must be so proud.

                    1. I agree with you Christopher. Some of us on this panel thinks every wrong is a right & that’s just wrong. I hope Brandi gets nailed to the cross.

      2. @shasta: you must be new to this site or have a poor sense of humor cause ChristopherM is awesomely funny at times…
        @ChristopherM–I’ll support you if you do tackle on the role of typing/spelling police. I need this!

  3. I would love to see Brandi write a big fat check to Joanna. Man, I wish more people sued her for the garbage she spews.

  4. Good on Joanna anyone that spews file comments like Brandi does deserves to get sued!! Hoping lots will testify against her. Disgusting comments from anyone.

  5. Sadly this is the only thing that will shut tampon string’s vile, vulgar mouth. Hope Joanna is able to go to trial and wins…
    Wish bravo would fire the disgrace that is brandi (tampon) blandville……

    1. I hope Janna keeps is calm in court, I hope also that She wins a huge settlement and gives it to an animal charity.

  6. I don’t think Yolanda will be pleased to be dragged to court (nor will Mohammad) to discuss personal ans private matters concerning her past matti age. This too could pit BG’s word against Yolanda’s. Unless BG is willing to pay Joanna a nice big settlement before it gets to court. Furthermore, as in the lawsuit against Kim, this could force BG to divulge contract details with Bravo, book deals, her podcast…etc. personally, I hope it goes to trial and fists BG dearly.

    1. I hope it gets to court, I wouldn’t be surprised if yolanda, David or Mohammed try to pay her off but I hope she refuses.

      1. Mohammed’s backing Brandi. After all he spent a lot of time in/around that stench & knows first hand how foul it is.

  7. Yolanda must be shaking in her boots! Undoubtedly she is the source of the affair info that Brandi embellished. She will risk losing financial support from ex-husband Mohammed, if it is revealed that she stoked the fire. Lisa V surely will be called as a witness, as Brandi previously tried to get her to agree that she witnessed the improper odor remark by Mohammed. Lisa denied it then, and certainly will deny it again… as will Mohammed. It all should be very entertaining to watch. Sure sounds like Brandi has burned way too many bridges and will be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

  8. Ridiculous this is taking up court time…. but on the other hand… If someone made remarks about me for millions to hear and they were not true and they were malicious… you better believe I would kick butt.

      1. Well she does not act like a sane person. She’s never accountable for her actions. You can tell that she is a very insecure person who needs to take some personal inventory.

  9. Mohammed has denied saying it. And there’s is no way Yolanda will associate herself with that crude comment. Which makes me wonder what accusation Brandi will screech out against Yolanda because she doesn’t back her. That was the most piggish, ignorant comment I think I’ve ever heard. At least until Shasta commented.

  10. lol Krupa is delusional.That is not worth a trial. If there’s a trial then it means someone will actually go and sniff Krupa’s dirty pussy? I mean come one. Just own it, the more you talk about it & the more you entertain it makes you look bad. Plus, Brandi apologized publicly about it. This “trial” will be dismissed like a joke.

    1. Jo – thanks for cracking me up & “getting” it. Krupa needs the attention even if it’s for a smelly snatch. You’d think it was maybe time for her to quit the biz? Nope. Thank heaven Brandi insulted my beaver.

      1. First why would this ever even be a lawsuit? That’s the job of a reality TV star to dish dirt on others. I also find it funny how fickle fans are, next season someone new will be the new villain, and we will HATE their “white trash ass” more than anyone else. Maybe Kyle will either be gone or we will get to see the real Kyle not some fake perfect life Kyle.

        1. What Brandi did was slander Joanna in the press. Liable is saying it slander is putting it in writing. If B wrote something and it somehow ruined Jo’s ability to make money or has ruined her reputation then B could be in trouble. I’m definitely NOT a Joanna fan I think she is so disgusting but Brandi writing those comments all Joanna has to do is show what’s been written in the media about her and that helps her case. I have to laugh can you see Mohammed sitting in the box in the courtroom having to discuss Jo Jo’s smelly parts. Mohammed is going to rip Brandi apart

  11. The is a frivolous lawsuit and will go no where (duh!). But I’m sure Brandi is appreciating the free publicity. Joke’s on Krupa.

  12. I hope Brandi is nailed to the cross–it’s about time she pays for her foul mouth. Lying about & slandering another person’s name, there’s no excuse for that & she should pay. Yolanda’s ex is her children’s father. How can she play the holier than thou act with the other housewives & overlook all the nasty stuff Brandi has said & done. What kind of sick mentality is that?!

  13. Shasta you seem to have more knowledge about Joanna’s private parts than anyone How is that? You personally been with her? the fact that you have so much information makes me think that your kinda Gross.

    1. @Melodie – seriously! I laughed out loud reading the entire string. What the actual f**k?! Who defames the aroma of someone’s cash and prizes on a freaking message board on behalf of another? I’m laughing so hard at the ridiculous notion of it. So obvi it’s someone in Brandi’s camp. The irony that makes me shake my head are Brandi’s infamous tampon string pics. If I were her, I’d stay away from the subject of embarrassing genitals in general, as the whole world has PROOF of hers!

  14. Brandi is real and speaks the truth!

    Joanna just looks stupid and guilty of the
    “Alleged” rumors by her ridiculous lawsuit against Brandi

    Team Brandi all the way! ! !

    1. Yep. Her truth. She downs probably 15 or 20 zanax a day and has several wine chasers at every gathering she goes to. Then, in her fogged brain as she drifts in and out of consciousness she hears snippets of conversation thinking it is in real time. Although now it is completely out of context and minutes or hours later she repeats what she thinks she heard although now it is a complete jumbled mess from what originally was said. The reason she sounds so believable is because she believes it, but that doesn’t make it true.

  15. Talk about waste of the court time. Really were going to court over smelly pussy. Unbelievable. Get a purpose people get a real cause to help.

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