Will Bethenny and Luann Make Up This Season On RHONY?

There’s no doubt that Bethenny Frankel and Luann D’Agostino left their friendship on rocky terms after last season of The Real Housewives of New York City. But the two were actually cordial at Sonja Morgan’s Mad Hatter Party on this week’s episode, so what does this mean for their future?

Luann appeared on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen after the show and shared an answer that might surprise you! “Bethenny and I are a lot closer than we have been this season. This season, in particular, we’ve gone through a moment, and we’re a lot friendlier,” Luann shared. “So yes, we are big friends.”

Things will come to a head when Frankel comes face-to-face with Lu’s new husband Tom, who she accused of cheating last season. As we see in the season’s trailer, Bethenny apologizes to the couple if she caused them any drama, but then there’s another moment when it looks like Bethenny will break down in tears telling Luann that she’s still worried that Tom is cheating on her.

“There is absolutely not any infidelity going on. Previously, I’ve said that I think that the girls worry about me, and I’m confident in what I’m doing,” Luann commented on the upcoming scene during a recent interview with The Daily Dish. “And I think that in Bethenny’s world, she had a rough marriage and a difficult break-up and divorce. So I think she just doesn’t want the same thing to happen to me. And so I think she’s concerned but unrightly so, because things are good, and there is no infidelity.”

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  • watching in ohio

    Cut your losses Luanne! Bethany Frankel is a friend to no one but herself! She’s not concerned about you or your relationship.. it just puts the attention back on herself! She’d emotionally unstable, laible and delusional! Keep moving.. keep it surface..be polite but firm..don’t engage! Bethany can’t get along with anyone.. not family, not acquaintances, boyfriends or so called friends! These women are all jealous of anyone’s happiness! Film but make new friends! Bravo for knowing what it is you want and for going for happiness Luanne!

    • Apple

      Well said.
      The best revenge is living well. Luann appeared very relaxed and happy with her choices on WWHL last week… and why anyone would listen to relationship advice from Bethenny Frankel is beyond understanding.

      • I do wish Tom and Luann happiness for the test of their lives. Everyone deserves that, it doesn’t have to mean I like them or believe a word they say. The dress with the thick lace straps was exquisite. I wonder if that will be the actual wedding dress, or the reception one, I hope it will be one of them. It really looked lovely on her.

        • Apple

          That was nice of you, 3D. Time will tell if she made the right choice, but no matter how it all turns out, she will be fine. I admire how she remains friends with her ex husband and Jacque…and they with her. Both were even invited to her wedding to Tom. I do hope she learns to quickly and quietly shut down all the chatter and noise about her choices this season. It is no one’s else’s business and most of them continue to show they don’t really care about her.

  • Bethenny has already cut her losses. Luann is only friends with anyone who wants to play pretend the fairytale that she is in a monogamous relationship. Talk about jealousy. Luann can’t STAND that Bethenny has worked her entire life, and made it. Has Luann worked??? Oh, that’s right, she was a Countess, that must have been so difficult, and she posed for playgirl once. I’d take a straight forward working lady over a lying pretentious bitch who cares more about living in a penthouse than whether or not her husband is cheating any day. Most people with Bethenny’s background live under a bridge with a needle in their arm, are in prison or dead. She employs many people who make a very good living, which stimulates the economy, whether one likes her products or not. Bethenny is a much more productive member of society than Luann could ever be since Lu’s only skill is getting men, any day of the year. I have never seen her products as I don’t shop the liquor isle, or an article or book written by her minus her blogs here. I agree that she is emotionally damaged, so she sees a therapist regularly. She works on herself, and does the best she possibly can. From all accounts she is a wonderful Mama, and all of these things are way, WAY more than I can say for most of the other “ladies.” I doubt very seriously she takes any kind of drugs, her super metabolism keeps the weight off, and she eats right. She has Bryn’s art on her walls, not Monet’s. Although I do like Monet, his garden at Givenchy especially. I wonder if anyone has ever noticed that when anyone is blasting her, she doesn’t say things like “as we all do” like every other HW almost. Sonja is good at that, and Rinna. She doesn’t deflect, she takes it and defends her own self, she doesn’t play the “you’re worse” game. Watch any reunion and find a place where she deflects her own shortcomings on others and I will admit I was wrong about that. Team Bethenny. No jealousy here, I just love it when I see a woman break the glass ceiling.

    • Jeanne Jordan Glover

      I am so tired of Luann saying she and Tom are in love, they are soulmates UGH!!!!! She’s trying to convince herself of this fairy tale romance, she irks me with that, acting like she’s 12.!!!!!!

      • Luann’s happiness has always come from bedding as many men as possible. She gets her self esteem from that….and the reason she doesn’t care that Tom cheats is it gives her license to do the same.

      • sadie87

        I agree, makes me feel humiliated for her. Last year on the yacht/engagement party was the worst. I’ve never seen a grown woman act that way.

    • barbara

      That was wonderful! Honestly, it was. I think you just jumped inside my head and jumped out! Love Ya…..

      • This is to mufffle and you Barbara. The effing page did that again, I don’t know if it’s my laptop or the site but my reply box vanishes, it will return if I hit reply again, but it won’t post in the original place. Gads it’s frustrating.
        It would be great fun if we could have lunch with her, then I could meet you and her, although a lunch in NYC would be the price of a weeks’ groceries here in the West. She is the most interesting one of the group, IMO. She worked her a** off since she was 19, and instead of trying to look like a bimbo, she concentrated on her business. I love Bryn’s art on her walls too.
        I was stunned when Luann was apt. shopping, and this tiny place was $7,000.00 and change with no balcony even. That would be death for me having no garden. I would like to visit NYC and see the towers and the pool especially. I saw a docu. on how that was built, the water spilling down instead of spraying up to relate loss, wow it looked so beautiful.
        Anyway, sorry I had to put both replies in one box girls.

    • mufffie

      Great post 3D’s !!! I have always admired Bethenny and what a hard worker she is and how far she’s come. As far as her bitterness, why shouldn’t she be??? She’s come up hard in life and that would make anyone question others intentions / beliefs.
      I say Good for Her !!! Would love to lunch with her some day.. doubt I could keep up with her quick wit, but i’d give it a go ! hahaha
      Good job 3D’s

      OH…and I have no doubt that Lu and dumdum will crash and burn..just a matter of time

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    They are not friends. They don’t like each other. They get along to go along on the show and not mess up Bethenny’s brand optics. The end. ☕️