Why Wasn’t Jill Zarin Allowed in the RHOBH Hamptons Party?


During her appearance on WWHL Tuesday night, Lisa Vanderpump revealed that Bethenny Frankel wasn’t the only RHONY star that wanted to attend her White Party in the Hamptons.

“I could only wave to Jill Zarin across the fence,” Vanderpump said, adding that Jill wasn’t allowed in because “everything was guarded.” In fact, Lisa wanted Jill to be at the bash. “She should’ve been there.”

Zarin’s rep released a statement, responding to what Lisa said on the show:

“Jill Zarin has resided in the Hamptons for many years and is friends with Lisa Vanderpump. Jill and Lisa are invited to enough parties and certainly don’t need to crash any. Jill made a brief stop at the event and noticed that Lisa was busy filming so she chose to wave goodbye, instead of jumping in front of the cameras.”

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  1. I thought Jill added to RHONY and was sorry to see her go. However, I believe she surreptitiously taped something Andy said or something like that that was just a giant no-no and got herself blacklisted, in which case I certainly don’t blame the producers for not trusting her enough to work with her again. I don’t quite recall the details. Does anyone know?

    1. @JJ–there was a one on one wth Andy and she put him on thespot and accused him of taking sides with Bethay (which he did-duh)…then she had secretly tape recorded entire sitting in case they were to “edit” what she said. She told the media she taped secretly….whole thing pissed Andy/bravo off

  2. I don’t understand why somebody would show up at a party they weren’t invited to, unless you were desperate to be seen, yup that sounds like Jill

      1. I started looking earlier today, then had a scheduled call from Apple re my iPad then after that one thing after another happened! I have read it but couldn’t see the clip what was said or was it the same as the article? Pretty please??

        1. Sally, was that a reply to me re: the Farrah Abraham story? I can’t tell sometimes which are replies to which posts. lol. If it was I’ll fill you in but if not I’ll not bore you with the details:)

            1. No worries. It’s late here now actually:) I had heard this story on the news in the summer but on the last episode they showed it on teen mom. A partner had invited Farrah to this white party and when she arrived in the Hamptons she was told by the business partner that she didn’t make the cut & not invited to this party. Her Mother & producer suggested it was because of her porn tape and she complained it was because of other teen mom’s and THEIR reputations and as usual was hateful about it. The bottom line is that she wanted to prove a point that she’d be the life of the party and they’d not kick her out to her face. Per the teen mom show, she made it as far as the step and repeat line and was kicked out. I don’t really know if this decision had to do with Lisa Vanderpump,Bella magazine or a PR agency for the party. That’s the reader’s digest version so to speak:)

              1. FreedomGirl, thanks so much for this, sometimes the clips work here sometimes not! She was on celebbigbrother last year and was pretty revolting! To be fair I don’t watch it so that was from the clips. Then after being kicked out was involved in a fight on the after show! I think the repercussions of that are still on-going unless they settled out of court! Her whole career has been built on being pretty nasty. The latest with Nicki Minaj and her six year old tweeting her to stop swearing is bizarre! I can barely tweet myself and I’m a wee bit older than six!! I’m sure it would be the magazine or the PR agency, I can’t imagine Lisa having a clue who she was! Xo

      2. Embarrassing to admit but i watched last nights episode of teen mom where Farrah got rejected. She blamed teen mom, not her porn or horrid reputation/attitude….. We’re lucky Bravo wants nothing to do with her!!!

        1. I am glad you both have seen this one in action. She is a horrible, defensive, disrespectful brat and on top of that, delusional. Sally I wish you could see the clip of how she talked to her mother about minding her daughter while she was going off to film that show that mentioned in the UK. It was bizzare and I almost expected her head to spin all the way around while she projectile vomitted green throw up.lol.

          1. I have replied to this twice and keep losing it! So frustrating! Something wrong with my iPad if it happens again I will swap to the laptop!
            She really is a horrible horrible brat! I I just checked on You Tube and I found the clip! Jeeze! What a really nasty bi..h! Why would her mother let her get away with that? I know it’s her grand daughter but I was shocked!!

            1. That scene was crazy. Can you imagine a mother being asked to babysit for a month in that matter? Lol. This girl is so full of spite it’s hard to watch her and from what you said about her filmed show in the UK she is the same everywhere so it sure as heck is delusional for her to blame “Teen Mom”:)

                  1. Someone needed to do more than say no…if you know what I mean.lol She did call the cops on her Mom one time because her Mom busted her lip but you can’t go through life with that mouth and not expect that at some point someone is going to slap it. Clearly it didn’t do any good:)

                    1. I had forgotten about that maybe that’s why her mother won’t say anything to her now? I just thank god my daughter isn’t like that!!

  3. The event was probably by invite only and Jill wasn’t invited. Jill was probably looking for the spotlight especially when she heard Bethanny was going to be in the show.

  4. Oh please, she secretly recorded herself with Andy on WWHL to trap him. She’s a wanna-be. Another one that thinks she’s an actress. She needs to go back to her fabric store and live her life and stop thinking she’s some big deal. Her voice is beyond annoying.

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