Why Rosie Pierri Met With Teresa Giudice!


In Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Rosie Pierri had a sit-down with Teresa Giudice. A source tells RadarOnline that Rosie was the perfect person to put Teresa “in her place” and that’s why Rosie met with Teresa on behalf of the rest of the family, but mostly to protect her sister, Kathy Wakile. “She got very angry because she just wants to protect her sister and protect her family,” the insider says.

“Someone needs to put Teresa in her place because Teresa needs that,” the source tells Radar. “She needs to be put in her place and Rosie is the only person because she is an outsider that’s still inside.”

“Teresa doesn’t know how to fight,” the show insider continues. “Teresa doesn’t know how to talk. She’s a moron. She can’t even put sentences together. She thinks she’s always right, and she doesn’t own up to anything.”

“It needs to be done. There’s no one that stops Teresa. Teresa just goes on a tangent and just rips everyone along the way. And it’s not good,” the insider adds. “There’s only so much somebody can take and Teresa has really not treated her [Kathy] very nicely,” the source says. “She has been very disrespectful. And she forgets everything Kathy has done for her in her life.”

“Kathy has everything in her life. Even though she did this show, she doesn’t need the drama to be prominent where others do need it. Kathy is the type of person where she is a lady. She doesn’t stoop to anybody’s level,” the source concludes.

Tom Murro tells RealityTea that Rosie and Teresa walked away from their sit-down as friends. “They patched things up in the meeting and left as friends,” he tells the site.

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10 Replies to “Why Rosie Pierri Met With Teresa Giudice!”

  1. That production insider is spot on. Teresa is the most ignorant person I’ve ever seen, and she’s unteachable.

    1. I think it could be anybody that’s ever spent any time with Teresa or watching Teresa. She is amazingly stupid. Does anybody out there want to admit they are too dumb to notice?

  2. I have not witnessed Teresa ripping cast members apart on the show. But I have witnessed each and everyone of them rip Teresa to shreds without mercy.

    1. C’mon. Pointing out Caroline’s fat rolls, for one. “Prostitution whore” for another. But she usually couches her comments by saying she “heard” something. The stupid part is when she says things like she “heard” something that isn’t a fact but an opinion. Normal human beings know that when you “hear” someone say that someone is jealous, for example, and the only reason for repeating that stuff is to try to poison the minds of whoever you tell, while saying “it’s not me!” at the same time. She’s sneaky but so stupid about it, and if you can’t see that, well…..

      1. From the beginning both Kathy and Melissa have attacked Teresa on the show and brought the private family matters to national television, Teresa came on the show as a friend of the Manzo/Laurita clan, The Gorgas and Waklies threw their entire families under the bus to gain fame and business opportunity,

        When do you think Kathy’s book is coming out?

        1. I don’t know when Kathy’s book is coming out. But I do know it will at least be a couple of years after Teresa’s book poking at Caroline and the scores of times she’s gone to the media with her crap. Teresa should be grateful to them. She was a non-entity on that show until she first made an ass of herself flipping a table, screaming ridiculous crap, and trying to duke it out. Since the “prostitution hoa” (Teresa’s ridiculous comment and pronunciation) was gone the only things that put Teresa in the spotlight are her sleazy attacks on her sister in law and cousin, and her desperate attempt to get her brother to dump his wife.

          1. Teresa did not want her family to be on the show because of all the fighting. She came on as a friend, Kathy and Melissa wanted Reality TV fame and all the perks that went along with it. Their should thank Teresa because being related to her was the ticket to being a housewife.

            Skinny Italian was a bestseller before the Gorgas and the Waklie came on the show,

            1. I think it’s more likely that Teresa didn’t want her family on the show because she didn’t want to share the spotlight, and especially didn’t want Melissa to have anything good. If she didn’t want to hurt her family she’d quit making comments and accusations that are hurtful.

  3. Rosie is funny and I do admire her talking to Teresa because it took a lot for Rosie to get thru to Teresa. Teresa does not cut up people but something about Melissa bothers her.

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