Why NeNe Leakes & Phaedra Parks Have Never Gotten Along!


In this preview for Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion NeNe Leakes explains why she and Phaedra Parks have never gotten along. NeNe explains that Phaedra does some “low-down dirty things” to people. NeNe reveals that the first Season Phaedra appeared on the show, NeNe said she didn’t know Phaedra from growing up in Athens. Phaedra went behind NeNe’s back and talked to NeNe’s half sisters, who she hasn’t had a relationship with in over 8 years. NeNe claims Phaedra went and sat with them and tried to dig up dirt on NeNe’s past, and invited her sisters to be on camera at Ayden’s first birthday party!

Phaedra says before she appeared on the show NeNe’s sisters had come to her office “quite a few times.” NeNe tells Phaedra she doesn’t have to like her, but that Phaedra has a past too, and what the way Phaedra played was “dirty.” NeNe also reveals she recently spoke with her sisters and they revealed everything Phaedra had done.

NeNe tells Phaedra she is “stupid” because she went and tried to “talk sh*t” to her family members. She says that’s her blood and at the end of the day they are going to come back and tell her what Phaedra said.

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6 Replies to “Why NeNe Leakes & Phaedra Parks Have Never Gotten Along!”

  1. I was wondering why NeNe went in on phae phae southern komfae!! Lmao…..but my question is why lyke why would u go out your way to find dirt I mean it’s exactly wat it is dirt…it’s lef behing NeNe doing her thing & always gave respect to everyone for what I’ve seen I’m sure phae phae has a lot of things to worry about than dirt on NeNe u would think I mean ayden should b her priority & she does a great job with him by saying that but phae phae u have a family…lets stay fokus!! Lol

  2. Nene you have never like Phaedra or Kandi you call them the sorts, and talk down to them I wonder if it bc they are strong women that does not treat you like the queen bee, and they have money, and you cannot boss them around.
    I do not know what all was or was not said about you but I am sure Phaedra Knew that they would go back and tell you all of us would, just like Cynitha would run back and stir up s–t she loves doing that… Abd Kenya is so dumb she does not even know you and Cynitha are making fun of her behind her back and useing her as the butt of your jokes…

  3. i love nene and i love phedra!!! lets be honest i dont care if your family or not at the end of the day there was a reason why they stopped talking for 8 years i believe a bit of what phaedra is saying and a bit of what nene is saying i do believe her sisters came to phaedras office before hand BECAUSE LETS BE HONEST PHAEDRA KNOWS NENES BROTHERS therefore she must know her other family members as much as nene “cant remember that”. i believe they came and spoke with phaedra just as acquaintances and they had some malice against nene still so they came and talked about her to phaedra and phaedra invited them to aydens bday thats where possibly they were going to talk some stuff about nene and phaedra was aware cameras would be rolling to catch that. thats where phaedra was wrong. not everything can be so one sided on these shows you have to get a piece from each side and find the truth in the middle

    1. deonn is so right,, NeNe said she put all that behind her after the 1st season and was over it all, BUT here it is season 5 and she is still throwing it up and holding it agent Phaedra. NeNe’s sisters have said they do know Phaedra and even her brother dated NeNe’s sister for a long time…I know when my brothers or sisters dated someone I knew their family…

  4. Phadra is really a poor example of an attorney. She is an instigator about things that dont concern her. How do you call on jesus one minute and expose your body to the world wearing onlya net over you. Her very character is questionable. I think she has boxed herself in a corner this time and I think NeNe is right.

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