Why Melissa Gorga Didn’t Trust Teresa To Host Playdate, Says She Wants To Take Back The Certificate That Makes Joe Giudice Her Son’s Godfather!


Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain why she didn’t trust Teresa and Joe to host Milania and Antonia’s play date. Melissa laughs at Teresa’s comments, and says she wishes she could take back the certificate that makes Joe Giudice the Godfather of her first born child!

Melissa writes, “The storm definitely put the show drama in perspective. I didn’t need or want that negativity around us. I built up an emotional fortress and had to put distance between my family and those who meant to do us harm. At the time, cutting ties with the Giudices seemed like the only logical decision to protect my family. That was a year ago. Things have changed. We are in a better place now. But on the episode, I was very much in Protective Mama mode.

Teresa and I hadn’t spoken in a year. I simply couldn’t stomach listening to one more lie. The distrust was just too deep. My emotions were hard set, and they weren’t going to change overnight. As far as I knew, she felt the same way. Then Antonia sent the letter to Milania. Suddenly, Teresa was overwhelmed with missing her brother and niece. She invited Antonia to their house for a play date.

Let me ask the Moms reading this: Would you send your child to a home where you knew for a fact that the parents were openly involved in spreading terrible lies about you? If you knew, for example, that your child might hear you called a stripper or a gold digger, would you rush her there and feel comfortable with her alone there for the day?

Hear it right from the horse’s mouth: I wouldn’t. I don’t want Antonia exposed to lies and insults about her Mom by her other relatives. And I knew she would be. In this one episode alone, Joe called me “Horsey Face” and a “skank ass beeatch.” I don’t know which is worse. But I know it’s just wrong and Teresa didn’t correct him. He even spoke to his six-year-old daughter directly when calling me a name, it’s not like she just overhead them.  It was also sad when I saw Teresa and Gia discussing my daughter’s supposed birthday party with Milania. For the record Antonia’s birthday was in August and she did not have a party. Her first communion was coming up and we asked her if she wanted a big party for her birthday or for her communion. She chose her communion, so for her birthday she had two friends sleepover at our shore house. Why they are discussing it three months later is beyond me, but that’s not fair to tell Milania she wasn’t invited to her cousin’s party, when it’s a complete lie.

To each her own, as far as parenting goes, but I try my hardest not to involve my kids in very mature matters. That’s not my style. My kids don’t have the slightest idea what’s going on with the Giudices. They’re too young to understand the complicated, ugly situation. I’d certainly never confide in my seven-year-old and ask her for personal advice, as if she were my best friend! She’s a child, not a friend.

I wanted the play date with Milania to be at mutual place. I think that’s pretty understandable for all the reasons I just explained. I had no idea it was going to be like pulling teeth to organize a simple play date. What you see on my face at the jewelry-making store is confusion.

Why was she pretending to be nice, when she said she didn’t “give a shit about me?” Why was she acting like she suddenly wanted to fix things when she hadn’t lifted a finger in a year? Oh yeah. The cameras were on now.

Her sudden change was so weird and confusing, I was thrown by it. I focused on helping the kids make jewelry. My OCD really came out when the kids were beading. I’m the same way about keepings things organized at home. I can’t help it! Bring on the neat.

Anyway, I want the cousins to be close. That’s how I grew up. We moved to Montville in the first place so they could go to school together.  The only reason they’re not as close as they could be is because Teresa had herself involved in a lot of wrong doings that brought hurt to our family. Case in point — the lies at the end of last season. It’s not fair for her to say, “Oh, poor kids,” when she was the one involved in destroying the trust we had just started to build again.

I almost had to laugh when I saw Teresa say I should apologize to her. For what, exactly? Did I miss something?

What I saw this episode is that Joe Giudice can’t control his mouth. We all know that. He is the Godfather of my firstborn child, and he called me a skank on national television. How to do I take the certificate back?

At their dinner date, all Joe and Teresa did was trash me. She says, “I love my brother. I want to fix it.” Of course she loves Joe! Everybody loves Joe. If she really wanted to fix it, she would have picked up the phone months ago, way before her sincere heartfelt sadness could be caught on camera. She wouldn’t trash me and undermine my relationship with her kids. She never has to worry that when her kids come over here I’ll say horrible things about her. And yet she wants to be “the bigger person.” Well, I wasn’t ready to forgive or forget. If that makes me the smaller person, so be it.

There’s a lot more to come, a lot of emotional twists and turns. Being part of this family is a long, crazy journey. We’re not even close to hitting rock bottom. Wait until you see what’s coming. Buckle up. It’s going to be a wild season, but reconciliation is on the way. It’s so hard to go back to this place, but without explaining where we were then you’ll never understand where we are now.”

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6 Replies to “Why Melissa Gorga Didn’t Trust Teresa To Host Playdate, Says She Wants To Take Back The Certificate That Makes Joe Giudice Her Son’s Godfather!”

  1. I don’t believe Teresa or Juicy ever tell their children the truth about the REAL Melissa. Now kids overhear many things, but Melissa is surely not so stupid that she can’t see how her old community has been very vocal about her past. Between television, internet, and parents of children who go to her children’s school, etc., I am sure things are said. This is what this lush signed up for and she better figure out how to handle it without blaming the Guidices – she has herself to blame. Honey your past always comes back to haunt you.

  2. Melissa has tried a lot harder to get along with the Giudices’ than I would. I feel bad for Joe Gorga but there’s no way the Giudices have any empathy or understanding or compassion for anyone but themselves.

  3. If I was Teresa, I would worry more about letting my girls go to my sil and brothers house. if showing their son “jacking off” is sooo funny they need to put it all over the internet. That’s just plain sick what they teach their kids. no telling what else goes on in their home.

  4. TOTALLY team Melissa!! Theresa and joe need to teach their children some manners…oh wait, they don’t have any themselves!!

    1. I’m team Melissa too! All this time Joe and Teresa Guidice had bigger fish to fry! Namely not paying their taxes, and the other 41 counts of fraud that was going to be discovered. They were ill as hornets just sweating it out if they were to get caught. Teresa Giudice was taking everything out on others . When you have been sneaky and conniving you would tend to be a liar and a mean woman. Look at all they have lied about that Melissa and Joe didn’t know about!! Theft, fraud, you name it. Yes Joe and Teresa Giudice lie all the time about everything and have for years and years!! Now they are back peddling ! Too late!!

      You needed goodness from Teresa and Joe Giudice all those years. But, no, you didn’t get it. Now they want to act like they want their friends and family around for moral support . Where was Joe and Teresa when others needed them? Joe and Melissa forgave them and are supporting Joe and Teresa even though Joe and Teresa have committed terrible crimes . So, you can tell who are the better people here. Joe and Melissa are. I would run like hell from Joe and Teresa. I would be afraid the croiojs would rub off on me. Just look who are Teresa’s friends! Bird of a feather stick together. I don’t believe in criminal acts and don’t want it done to me and I certainly wouldn’t do it to others. But, you can tell these folks don’t care how they hurt people. Pick your friends wisely Mellissa and Joe. Teresa and Joe will go back to crime again. They are out for easy money. You can tell Teresa has convinced everybody she won’t go to jail/prison. She hasn’t learned her lesson very well has she! Same old Teresa it looks like . All that arrogance she has !! One of her friends will take Teresa down a notch I’m sure!!!

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