Why is Shannon Beador So Cold to New Housewives?

There’s no question that Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador has a problem with getting along with the new Housewives. This was a topic of this week’s episode. Gina Kirschenheiter lamented Shannon’s aloofness to Kelly Dodd. Gina even went so far to tell The Daily Dish podcast in September that she has “zero relationship with Shannon,” which Shannon recently told AOL is “quite accurate.”

However, Shannon admitted she’s not to eager to meet newcomers either. “I will admit — because I will own my part — that I don’t like change,” she told AOL. “When two new girls come in and they’re almost half my age, it’s like, okay … We don’t have that much in common, so you get to a point where you have to prioritize. I have a business, I have three kids on my own and I’m going through things that are taking up my time, so should I put those aside so I can spend time with a 32-year-old?”

Beador went on to discuss how some new girls just want to start conflict. She cited Kelly in Season 11 and Lydia McLaughlin in Season 12 as examples. “I think that if you look back, the new girls come after me,” she said. “With Kelly Dodd it was like, ‘Hi, how are you?’ and then bam: ‘No wonder your husband cheated on you,’ ‘Eat up!’ I could go on, but we actually are friends now, so we’ll sometimes be out together and be like, ‘We should reenact this stuff!’”

Emily Simpson recently shared in her blog that she feels that she has “never received much effort from Shannon.”

“I realize she has a full and busy life, as do I, but even when we are actually together, I’ve never felt Shannon try to engage with me, reciprocating questions about my life, family, career, or children,” Simpson wrote. “In fact, the only time I’ve seen her eyes light up and engage in a conversation with me was when she was talking about salmon with herbed cream sauce.”

Gina echoed Emily’s sentiment regarding Shannon in her blog.

“Shannon has never really gone out of her way to be friendly to me. As a friend of Tamra [Judge]’s being introduced to her, you would think that would be enough for her to at least try and get to know me. I get that she’s busy, but we all are. And I am not asking for a lot. It would be nice if when I am literally in her home trying to engage in a conversation with her that she simply tries to engage back,” Gina wrote. “I am pretty sure even the busiest of business moguls have the time to perform common courtesy, so her excuse is just totally bogus and offensive. On what planet is it OK to continually ignore and intentionally not engage when a new friend is brought into a group and then the excuse is, ‘I am too busy to try.'”


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