Why Is Gretchen Rossi Back In Court With Her Ex Jay Photoglou?


Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi is asking a bankruptcy judge to make her ex-boyfriend pay! Rossi wants the court to enforce a $500,000 judgment awarded to her after she sued her ex-boyfriend, Jay Photoglou.

The former couple, Rossi and Photoglou, had both filed lawsuits against each other, claiming defamation, libel, and invasion of privacy. A jury awarded Gretchen $500,000 in legal fees, and $24,000 in punitive damages.

Photoglou has filed for bankruptcy, and is attempting to have the judgment included as part of the proceedings. Rossi has formally asked the judge to not allow the debt to be discharged, ensuring she’ll still get paid.

Court documents obtained by RadarOnline state, ”Rossi respectfully requests that this Court grant her motion for summary judgment and determine that the 2012 Judgment against Photoglou and in favor of Rossi is non-dischargeable. In the alternative, Plaintiff seeks summary adjudication of any or all of the first through eighth affirmative defenses in favor of Plaintiff and against Photoglou.”

The judge has yet to decide.

Photo Credit: Bravo