Why Has Taylor Armstrong Changed Her Name So Many Times?

Taylor Armstrong

While it is old news to some, many of you may not know that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong has changed her name several times throughout her life! This had me confused and I wanted to learn more about how many times Taylor had changed her name, and what her reasons were for doing it. Keep reading!

According to StoopidHouswives, Taylor was born, Shana Lynette Hughes, on June 10th, 1971 in Independence, Kansas. In August of 1993, Shana Hughes legally changed her name to Shana Taylor in Delaware County, Oklahoma. In April of 2005, Shana Taylor filed to legally have her name changed to Taylor Ford. In October of 2005, Taylor Ford married Russell Armstrong, changing her name to Taylor Armstrong.

Again, some of you may already know this information, but a lot of this was new to me so I decided to write an article about it. I am wondering why one would want to change their name so many times?

Taylor appeared on The Wendy Williams Show in January of 2011 and Wendy asked Taylor about her name changes. Taylor told Wendy that growing up her name was Shana Taylor, and did not mention the names Shana Hughes or Shana Ford. Taylor told Wendy that growing up everyone called her by her last name, ‘Taylor,’ and that’s why she decided to have her name changed.

A day after Taylor’s interview on WW, Andy Cohen asked her the same question on WWHL, however her answer was different. Taylor does say that her name growing up was Shana Taylor, and her business clients would tell her they felt weird calling her by her last name, because her business card read ‘S. Taylor.’ So Taylor says she had her attorneys change it.

In an interview with Dr. Phil in September of 2011, Taylor dives deeper into the questions about her name changes. Taylor says the first time she changed her name was because her mother got married to someone whose last name was Taylor, and she wanted to have the same name as her mother and the person she considered to be her father. After rumors that Taylor changed her name to Ford because she was associating herself with Ford Motor Company Family, she tells Dr. Phil that she changed her name to Ford, because she is a big fan of designer, Tom Ford, and Taylor Ford is similar to his name.

Wow! Why do YOU think Taylor has changed her names so many times?

A special thanks to SH for letting us share their investigative work with you!

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8 Replies to “Why Has Taylor Armstrong Changed Her Name So Many Times?”

    1. She went by the name Taylor working as a stripper when she met Russell, he introduced her to his friends as Taylor when legally she was Shana. So she had to change her name legally to Taylor.

  1. From what I remember, SH also discovered that Taylor’s mom got married when Taylor was 18. Taylor took her stepfathers name at 22 and I can’t understand why she would want to take her stepfathers name when she was all ready an adult? But that is just one of the many things that confuse me about Taylor. I am really relieved her role has diminished this season, hopefully by next season she can be phased out all together. She has a new relationship with her lawyer who was married for 18 years when he started working for Taylor pro bono, so maybe she will move to be closer to her lawyer, I mean her boyfriend.

  2. Because she is always trying to be someone she’s not. She wants people to think she comes from wealth or status. Her first name wasn’t cool enough so she changed it. She only wants to be associated with the “right” crowd of people. It’s beneath her to get a real job, cause it would not afford her her fake lifestyle. Wish Bravo would dump her and the paycheck she gets from them. But by the time that happens she will have stolen another womans husband to support the lifestyle she feels entitled too.

  3. Season 1 Episode 1 she introduces herself as being from THE Bloomfield Hills (Michigan) Ford Family. Really doesn’t matter what she calls herself or how she presents herself, trash is trash.

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