Why Does Bethenny Want To Keep Her Relationship With Eric Stonestreet A Secret?


Bethenny Frankel has been rumored to be dating Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet, but the Bravo star has denied that the two were a couple. Now, a new report reveals that there is a reason Frankel has been denying her new relationship and an insider confirms that they are in fact a real couple.

“They have been hooking up,” an insider confirmed. “But it’s not at the serious stage, and the major reason is because of Bethenny’s divorce. Under the terms of Bethenny and Jason’s custody agreement, they are both required to live in the New York City area for their daughter, Bryn.”

“Eric lives in Los Angeles, so the distance is a problem,” the source told RadarOnline. “There is a ton of chemistry between them, and they have a lot of fun together. Bethenny wants to take it to the next level but neither one wants to have a bi-coastal relationship.”

For now, “Bethenny goes out to Los Angeles when Jason has custody of Bryn.”

“Bethenny is very careful not to introduce boyfriends to Bryn until she is sure that it’s going to be a serious relationship. She never wants it to become a revolving door of men coming through Bryn’s life,” the insider added.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Milivanili

    Watch Eric lose weight in next year… skinnyboy. Mark my words.

    • Tam

      My thoughts exactly you are definitely onto something!

  • Zed

    Not my favourite person but she seems to have softened since having Bryn. Go for it he seems really nice!!!

  • One Rotten Egg

    Poor Eric….

    • Tam

      True dat egg!

  • ChristopherM

    I’ve said it before, he’s a talented, hilarious, cute, seemingly sweet guy with a job, unlike her ex. She could do a lot worse.

  • VillageMutt


  • Cordelia

    I feel sorry for him

  • Melodie

    Im calling B S on this one. No way are they together in any way shape or form. THey are just very close friends.
    Bethanny is NOT going to get involved in another relationship with this crap that Jason Hoppy is putting her through. No matter what your thoughts are about Bethanny she is a very smart cookie.

  • Jake

    She denied being in a relationship on twitter yet again a few days ago. I think this one is BS too

  • DebBrenn

    I’m not buying it.

  • moriah

    She doesn’t want to keep it a secret at all.
    That’s why you’re reading about it.
    Was anyone thinking that Bethanny doesn’t have a publicity agent?

    • Of course she has a PR person. she has a multi – million dollar business. She needs to keep her rep as good as possible. I bet she is a funny friend to have, bet then I have liked her from the beginning.

    • Sandra

      I agree.

  • Judge Judy

    I think she’s on the edge of a nervous breakdown and has a very smart mouth and is just a drag this season. There’s trouble that’s interesting to watch and then there’s… this. Also, why do the women go through constant torture to look good and the men get to look like Mr. Potato Head?