Why Did Joe Giudice’s Alleged Mistress Call Teresa?


Teresa Giudice is still fighting off cheating rumors involving her husband Joe and his alleged mistress Nicole Cemelli. After reports that Joe had an intimate dinner date with Nicole in April, Life & Style Magazine reports The Real Housewives of New Jersey Star received a phone call from Nicole, who was frantic about the story of her alleged affair with Joe making headlines.

“Nicole was flipping out. She’s really upset and worried,” an insider tells the magazine. “She was hysterical. Nicole comes from a very good family and does not want this out there.”

“Teresa believes Nicole would never sleep with Joe. Teresa felt sorry for her,” another source reveals to In Touch Magazine.

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5 Replies to “Why Did Joe Giudice’s Alleged Mistress Call Teresa?”

  1. You know, these “housewives” are in the public eye. So anyone that is seen with them, especially the opposite sex shouldn’t do it. Joe Giudice knows this and apparently doesn’t care. If Nicole is so concerned about the attention she is getting, she shouldn’t be meeting Joe for dinner without his wife!

  2. In my last comment I was giving Joe Giudice the benefit of the doubt, but I think he shouldn’t be trusted and Teresa should be more aware!

  3. Joe is a joke and Teresa would die before letting the world know what he is really about. The phone call at the winery was so obvious and them trying to explain it at the reunion was pathetic. Joe is such an obvious slime, and he keeps the drama with Teresa and her brother going. She would be better off without him.

  4. Either she’s in total denial or the dumbest person alive. Do you need to actually see him having “sexy time” with her to realize your husbands cheating on you. Even then I’m not sure she would admit it. Can you say duhhhhh!

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