Why Are Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Getting Divorced?


We broke the news that former Real Housewives of New York Star, Bethenny Frankel announced her split to her husband of less than three years Jason Hoppy. But a lot of people are wondering why are Bethenny and Jason getting divorced? New details behind the couple’s problems have emerged. According to a new report, Bethenny’s successful career made Jason uncomfortable and jealous.

“Jason felt emasculated,” a source US Weekly about Bethenny’s husband’s feelings when she footed the bill for everything. “He’s not particularly ambitious, and Bethenny is very driven.”

Update: Frankel and Hoppy are still battling through their divorce years later. They have come to an agreement for the custody of their daughter Bryn, but they still are fighting over their Tribeca apartment, which you saw them building during Bethenny Ever After.

Stay with us for all the latest on Bethenny and Jason.

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7 Replies to “Why Are Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Getting Divorced?”

  1. First of all, the “source” of this article suggesting that Bethenny will turn her divorce into a financial gain, is no true friend of Bethenny or Jason. My guess, this “source” sounds like a person who is trying to be “relevant”(Jill Z.), is my guess. This source needs to GET A LIFE!

  2. I think everyone shoud leave Jason out of it. This divorce is all Bethanny. Don’t start bashing Jason. He doesn’t deserve it. No man can live up to Bethanny’s standards at this time in her life. Maybe in 10 years she’ll be ready to allow a man to love her and share her life. She is just too selfish right now and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering where she is in her career. When Bethanny is finally ready to drop the walls around her and let her fear go, then maybe there will be room enough for a significant other. Jason rocked her boat as did Bryn. She’s just learning to paddle/navigate the waters of motherhood. She can only do one thing good, one at a time. Mastering motherhood is a lifelong journey. Bethanny just has to keep her oars in the water for now. Slowly she goes…….time, Bethanny needs lots of time and wisdom. She’ll get there eventually. Good luck and leave Jason out of it. He is a great man, just not the man for Bethanny.

    1. Bethanny should had never married his self center ass. She is way better off without him. hmm. I noticed him putting her down on the show. I thought to myself this will never last. She was so much over hill in love not to notice. Love stay strong Bethanny.

  3. Sorry Lisa but Jason is not out of limits, everybody focuses on how Bethenny was loud and obnoxious, well Jason was just as much, he told her horrible things and he did admit that he was jealous of her success, he also said that he was resentful that her kind of success didn’t happen for him. As far as the source saying that Bethenny will turn this into gold, I agree with you Cindy, Radar Online has done nothing but bash Bethenny since the news broke so whoever the source is, it is clear is not from Bethenny’s camp but somebody trying to be relevant.

  4. Wow how do any of us really know anything since we are not in there home, leave Jason out of it are you kidding me he is soooooooo passive-agressive its not funny poor poor Jason come on give me a break and yes Bethenny had to many hats to wear they are given up to quickley cause its so easy they need to just stop and think of there child first there marraige and then the rest that is really not important and I don’t think the girl needs anymore money but I fear they will both regret this down the road go to in depth counceling seperate and then together they came together with lots of baggage wake up guys

  5. OMG, the fact that you care is ridiculous to begin with. And they way you respond to the story, I would think you’ve been best friends with both of them for years. Really, now, none of you know a damn thing about them. Be honest, we like gossip, that’s it.

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