RHOBH Poll: Whose Side Are You On, Yolanda Hadid or Lisa Rinna?


There’s no question that Yolanda Hadid and Lisa Rinna have been the two ladies with the most conflict on this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It started when Lisa Rinna had questions about Yolanda’s Lyme disease and read the definition of Munchausen syndrome to Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards and there has been no turning back since.

The ladies have just filmed the reunion and insiders tell us things got quite heated between Rinna and Hadid, so we would like to ask you in a brand new poll: whose side are you on?

Whose side are you on: Lisa Rinna or Yolanda Hadid?

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102 Replies to “RHOBH Poll: Whose Side Are You On, Yolanda Hadid or Lisa Rinna?”

  1. Lisa R didn’t question if Yolanda has Lyme’s Disease but had people taking to her about it (outside of the group) and someone brought up the “m word”.
    I feel Lisa just wanted to know about it because Yolanda is on a roll coaster- better some days and not other. And she felt guilt she engaged in converstation.
    I think Yolanda shot the messenger when Lisa brought it up! She didn’t need to get Lisa V or Kyle involved, but it’s a reality show; everyone has to be involved.

      1. I just need Rinna to get a story line of her own. I really do. I can take or leave Yolanda but I can’t stand a meddler like Rinna.

  2. I never knew how positively dumb Lisa Rinna was before this show.
    I don’t think it’s a good look for her or her reputation.
    attacking an ill person is about as low as one can go.

    1. Right Jenna, she has a habit of going after people who are obviously weaker/vulnerable in some way, be it mental or physical. I just have a hard time siding with anyone that operates like Rinna. I think Kyle was spot on about her, she’s a follower and afraid to have real conflict with someone strong. So she manufactures BS to be mad about with people she thinks are weaker.

  3. While I agree Lisa R was wrong for repeating it to the others and not going straight to Yo. I think Yo is enjoying playing the victim and acting very self-righteous. I get yo is ill but her opinion of herself is so high it drives me mad. She acts as if she can do no wrong.

    1. Stucoo, I think Yo is self-righteous but she came onto the show that way. I don’t relate that to her illness. I know there is debate over that as well but I actually do see a big physical difference and I can’t fathom why someone with her lifestyle would choose to be pretend to be something that forces her to be low energy, stuck at home and now divorced. Maybe if she was trying to get out of punching a 9 to 5 but otherwise there are a lot better things to fake in life.

  4. Yolanda is a lot more intelligent than any one of the others…perhaps that is difficult to see.
    They try her patience, as any child would, who thinks they know everything.

    1. Unlike the B.S. over on RHOC w/ Vicky’s man. Yo can produce endless doctor’s reports. The whole thing just give certain people a story line. Lyme is horrific. I know. Good luck to mean people. Karma is a *#^*

      1. Nobody is accusing Yolanda of feigning sickness, like Brooks. She’s mentally disturbed. She can produce tons of bills for (mostly Charlatan) medical and quasi-medical treatments, but she’s being duped or placated by most of them. REAL doctors say she’s misdiagnosed. And that’s what the other girls are wondering about.

      2. YoYo has went to over 100 doctors to get her DX
        her doctor over seas was in USA and had charges against him for being a Quack

    2. Yolanda is the least intellegent of all of the women apart from Catherine. She is So dumb she thinks.we all.believe her!

  5. I’ll take Yolanda’s side here because Yolanda was minding her own business. In marked contrast to Lisa R., who once again put her big head into something that was none of her business, instigated a big mess, then tried to play the wide-eyed innocent.

    “Some other anonymous person said you have Munchausen’s Syndrome and I just didn’t know how to respond” is obviously BS. Gee whatever should you do, if that even occurred (which is very doubtful). But even if it did, I dunno, maybe say “I don’t know anything about that,” then shut your big lips. As opposed to run around repeating it behind the ill person’s back when it is obviously disparaging to their character, then playing the wide-eyed innocent. YOU said it, YOU are accountable for it!

    I’d imagine someone who is chronically ill and lost everything over it: (1) Has proven they had very little reason to fake being ill, and (2) Doesn’t have much else to talk about, since chronic illness has a way of making someone’s world much smaller.

  6. Lisa R does have a big mouth but she makes me laugh. St. Yolanda and her self righteous journey just makes me sick. See a psychiatrist Yo – that’s the only doctor who can help you.

  7. Of course we have not seen the reunion. But, without a doubt & with everything we’ve learned this season about Yolanda, my vote is 100% with Lisa Rinna. She is big mouthed, puts her foot in her mouth over & over, but she makes me laugh & is my Sherlock Holmes as I’ve said many times over. Queen Yo of deceit land whe she rules over Brandi, Kim & Ericka, gets not a single vote from me.

  8. Many people doubt the extent of Yolo’s illness…just look at the poll results… Lisa R is just one of them….and with good reason. Although Yolo’s symptoms don’t match up with Lyme Disease…they align very nicely with Factitious Disorder:

    Clever and convincing medical problems
    Frequent hospitalizations
    Vague or inconsistent symptoms
    Conditions that get worse for no apparent reason
    Conditions that don’t respond as expected to standard therapies
    Eagerness to have frequent testing or risky operations
    Extensive knowledge of medical terms and diseases
    Seeking treatment from many different doctors or hospitals, which may include using a fake name
    Having few visitors when hospitalized
    Reluctance to allow health professionals to talk to family or friends or to other health care providers
    Arguing with hospital staff
    Frequent requests for pain relievers or other medications

    I’m with Bee…she needs a good psychologist.

    1. Thanks mohammad, you must be psychic like Yolanda. All of us here who are on Lisa Rinna’s side must be Lisa R herself. Wow, great job to forsee so very many of her all in one shot. If it weren’t against my religion, I would definitely seek you out for a psychic reading.

      1. I think posters should have to prove they are adults before they are allowed to post on here. I wonder if his mommy knows he is on her computer??

          1. Actually Suze I meant that for Jake it just showed up in the wrong place but it could apply here too. Thinking of you Suse

  9. I’m just so tired of the endlessness of Lisa’s desperate acts to stay in the center of the show. She seems to be willing to say or do ANYTHING. I understand needing to “pay the bills” and all, but have some character, for christ’s sake! She is so FAKE. I have trouble taking anything she says seriously, because she seems so completely disingenuous. It’s like she’s PLAYING Lisa Rinna, not BEING Lisa Rinna.

    1. Thanks Jake so the majority here are sociopaths? Wow! I’m not even sure you know the true meaning of the word! We are just sick of st Yo! That’s the only reason Rinna gets the votes! Now you try and live with differences of opinions if not get off blogs!

      1. No, the majority here who vote for Rinna, are dumb, uneducated , and really pathetic.
        No longer reading these comments, as they are so full of hate mongering.
        Go read a book.

        1. Jenna or is it Jake? You read a book I’m just reading one but I won’t recommend it you may not understand the words!

        2. Hey Jenna recite the alphabet, then put it alphabetical order, write it down then take the pen and stick it in your eyeballs, then you can be just like faux-yo and have swollen eyes. My toe hair is swollen somebody get me a gurney!!

        3. I am reading a book. I just paused my reading to check this site and noticed your “dumb, uneducated and really pathetic” comment. Oh, but you said you are “no longer reading….”
          So, I guess you won’t be reading a book or anything else for that matter. You are great at projection. Look that up. In case you can’t:
          Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It can take the form of blame shifting. (Wikip.)
          Basically, that means you are exactly what you are accusing Pro Rinna voters of being in your comment.

    2. Jake…Jake…Jake…you just did what LR does and label people. I’m a little stunned by the results as well, but we both know viewers are just flat out tired of the overboard illness and don’t see LR faults.
      As for me, I’d rather be on Yolanda’s side in this poll, why, cause LR is sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, labeling people (again), angry with Yolanda cause she went to lunch with Kim and BG – which to me is very high school (‘she picked them over “MEEEEeeee?????’). Their lunch or Yolanda not showing up for dinner at Erika’s has NOTHING to do with LR. LR was very self indulgent when reading the description of her newest label and she should be ashamed – that’s why I’d rather be on Yolanda’s side, cause I break their actions down.
      LR actions are overshadowed by how tired we are of Yolanda’s illness and how Bravo has chosen to put it in our faces.
      Anyway, Jake, I disagree with your wording, not sure if you say things like this to get a reaction or used to other blogs?!

      1. kt Hi! I agree with some, Jake obviously, sick of Yolanda yes and also Rinna.. I really don’t like her at all! I did choose Rinna here but it was very close so in the end I voted for both!

          1. No!!! Stuck in the flipping hospital because I’m not breathing properly! Ridiculous just how I normally breathe! Xoxoxoxoxo

            1. Oh, Suze…I’m so sorry!!! I hope you get some good rest and tell those nurses to take good care of you! Maybe you’ll have Ken Jr. as a nurse or roommate? OKKKKkkkk…no heavy breathing now..wink wink!!! XOXO to you my friend and I’ll go play your songs now!!!

  10. I am with Lips on this one, I am totally OK with being a sociopath, let’s hang out Jake so I can practice my sociopathic skills on you!

  11. 1. Jake is a either a friend of family member of Ho’s because no sane person with an IQ over 80 would post this.
    2. I would choose the tick over Ho. At least the tick is honest and upfront in it’s intentions.
    3. Ho is a pompous, useless, over-rated waste of precious oxygen.

  12. Furthermore, Lisa Rinna just speaks the truth. All she did last season was say Kim wasn’t sober and call her out on her shit. This year, she’s doing the same to Ho. What’s wrong with speaking the truth? What’s wrong with saying what everyone else is thinking? We all and the cast members knew Kim wasn’t sober last season but NOBODY dare say it out loud. And we all know there is more going on with Ho, besides a little tick bite but God forbid, you talk about it. Both Kim and Ho are uneducated morons who THINK they are smart and those are most dangerous, passive aggressive types of people because actually? They are self-loathing and take that out on everyone else.

  13. Hi GIGI! I agree with most of your post except for the part that Rinna just speaks the truth. I’m referencing her tendency to shift blame on words that “came from her lips” onto others – Lisa V. manipulating her into bringing up Munchausens – really? Total BS. Lisa was just getting backed into a corner and looking for a way out. She did it last season as well, embellishing a comment Brandi made about Kim to the point that it was mostly untrue.

    Other that that type of stuff she pulls, I agree with you – but I still can’t take either one of them! 🙂 (see my comment about requesting a 3rd option)

  14. I must say Suze is very well educated and is a loving caring individual who like all of us is entitled to her opinion.

  15. Lips says what everybody thinks but is afraid to say, I bet most of the ladies agree with her and their clapping and jumping up and down with glee behind closed doors, they won’t jump up for joy in front of those doors where the cameras are

  16. Lisa didn’t accuse Yoyo of faking, just what she heard. Why not address it? Yoyo has milked it for years now. Perhaps with all the questions about timeframes, etc., it helped Yoyo’s brain become functional again. What a miracle! But it seems when it gets to tough Yoyo again has “issues” or plays victim. What isn’t right is a person using an illness for a storyline or cause and doing nothing about it unless it serves ones purpose. Again I don’t dispute Yoyo has/had something wrong with her but Lyme from a horsefly is a joke. I go with menopause and lack of attention.

  17. I think Yo is sick, but it made be from the implants. I think it’s great David told her, “no more medical procedures (quack) until you get a full body scan.” I think he probably saved her life. When David’s friend said, “things can go back to normal,” David said, “I don’t see how.” David knows something we don’t. He looked like a deer in the headlights with Yo.

  18. I don’t blame LisaR for the M word. She talked about someone asking her. So what! She is a grown woman & no one made her bring that up. I can’t stand Eileen, she is the Manipulator. I think LisaR is getting played by Eileen.

    1. I think Rinna has nothing interesting to say and nothing to do without saying she “has issues” with Kim, still? and Yolanda, why? she has known Y for a couple years. She really gets herself upset about things that have very little to do with her. What has she done this season? it showed some cute segments with her kids ( which I zip ) and a podcast talking dildos and a QVC appearance. No event of her own still. And it looks as though she won’t either since the trip is next and nothing in the previews about anything at her house or that she puts on. I mean, without munchies, how mush would she even talk this whole year?

    1. Hey Suze! You just take as much time as you need. Okay? I wish our time zones were the same. Xxxxxoooo ❤️

        1. ❤️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❤️

            1. Hi Suze. It is so great to see you again! I know hospitals are not like home, but you have to do what you have to do now to heal, and I send lots of love and great big hugs to you. You are not alone, Suze. Xoxoxoxoxoxo

    2. I hear ya Suze. Hang tight, you’ll be home soon. Prayers are flooding the gates of Heaven for you. Bunches of love.

  19. Even though I fully believe Yolanda suffers from Lyme disease, I am on Lisa’s side. Lisa hit it on the head when she inferred that Yolanda was seeking pity with all her shenanigans…Yolanda went overboard in her quest to ‘bring awareness’ to Lyme disease. So overboard, she lost her marriage and the respect of many of her fans as well as losing the friendship of at least one of the RHOBH ladies. I hope Yolanda is not invited back next season. So don’t care about her any longer and I would never watch any lifestyle tv show she may ever host. Please.

    1. Truly I don’t think Rinna started all the talk. I believe it was the first or second show of the season where Taylor was on and she started the questioning of Yo-lie-a-lot’s so called illness. She made the mention of sick selfie, healthy selfie, sick selfie, etc. I really think that started the ball rolling and the questioning of Yo’s so called illness.

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