Who Was The Only RHOBH To Attend Brandi Glanville’s Book Party?

Brandi & Lisa

On January 28th Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star, Brandi Glanville, celebrated the release of her new book, Drinking And Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders. Brandi paired up with Gilt City LA for an exclusive sneak-peek party hosted at Palihouse in West Hollywood, and we have details on who attended the party! We assumed several RHOBH would be in attendance to support Brandi’s new book, but it turns out only one Housewife was there! And you guessed it! Brandi’s BFF, Lisa Vanderpump, and her husband Ken Todd, attended the event to show their support for Brandi.

Brandi’s other BFF, Jennifer Gimenez was also in attendance to support her friend! Everyone got to preview Brandi’s book, which will be released on February 12th!

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  • DrewHamilton

    No one else showing up speaks volumes. Guess they all just had better things to do.

  • Team Dina

    I agree, Drew! Since Brandi was Cedric’s friend, she saw the opportunity to tug at Lisa’s heart strings, and vualua, she is now Lisa’s little “project.” Brandi will, like Cedric, bite the hand that feeds her and she’ll be kicked to the curb, too.

    What Brandi’s book will do is ruin a family for generations to come and I find it sad, very sad.

  • DrewHamilton

    I just love how she claimed the book wasn’t going to be a tell-all. Well, from what I’ve been hearing and reading about the book, that’s exactly what it is. Eddie Cibrian’s business is all out there on the streets. Guess Brandi can’t sell anything without taking digs at other people.

  • MKTB

    The above comments are delusional and hypocritical. Who is the one that ruined the family? Not Brandi. I think she has every right to write about a horrible time in her life. Eddie and LeAnn did it to themselves. I don’t understand how someone can feel bad for people like that.

  • Team Dina

    I don’t feel sorry for anyone except the children. What Eddie and Leanne did was horrible. What Brandi is doing is disgusting. She made Eddie the father of her children and needs to respect her children enough to not put this bullshit out there. If they didn’t have kids she could do whatever she wants, but that isn’t the case now is it. Next time you want to talk shit, retain what you read before you come off looking like the ass.

  • Brenda D. SMith

    OH PLEASE Brandi was not an angle in that marrage it has already cane out that Brandi cheated in the marrige to. No two wrongss do not make it right but if Brandi is going to tell ALL she should tell ALL about herself. And as for as the party poor Lisa she is always getting dooped by people wish he and Ken would learn to stop trying to mother who they see as the underdog…