Who Owns SUR Lounge? Does Lisa Vanderpump?

Camille Grammer

In this preview for what looks like an intense upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Adrienne Maloof, Brandi Glanville Feud rages on. Now, the other women are starting to take sides and butt heads. The preview below shows the women at dinner, and from what Camille says in her interview, it seems Brandi brought up the Maloof Family’s financials regarding some of their businesses. Camille and Kyle say it’s not OK for Brandi to talk about Adrienne’s finances. Brandi says she brought it up because Adrienne is suing her.

It looks like some of Bravo’s editing plays a part into this clip, if you watch closely. It seems we aren’t getting the full story of everything that was said. Camille appears very upset and questions Lisa as to who really owns SUR, out of the blue, but Brandi is the one talking about Adrienne, according to the footage. It seems to me Lisa would had to have said something to make Camille so upset for her to question Lisa about SUR? Something that was edited out.

Lisa explains she owns 51% of SUR and says she has invested a lot of money in it. Lisa has a partner in SUR, Guillermo Zapata, who we’ve seen on the show several times… Lisa co-owns SUR with her husband Ken Todd, Guillermo and his wife Nathalie. This is the argument in Vegas we told you Camille and Lisa were going to have, and after, Camille would be appearing less on the show.

Watch the preview of this fight below.

Since the preview has been released, Camille has tweeted that she stands corrected. Camille replied to a tweet saying, “thank you. But I did feel really bad for saying anything. I was a bit misinformed. I stand corrected ;)”


Photo/Video Credit: Bravo