Who Owns SUR Lounge? Does Lisa Vanderpump?

Camille Grammer

In this preview for what looks like an intense upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Adrienne Maloof, Brandi Glanville Feud rages on. Now, the other women are starting to take sides and butt heads. The preview below shows the women at dinner, and from what Camille says in her interview, it seems Brandi brought up the Maloof Family’s financials regarding some of their businesses. Camille and Kyle say it’s not OK for Brandi to talk about Adrienne’s finances. Brandi says she brought it up because Adrienne is suing her.

It looks like some of Bravo’s editing plays a part into this clip, if you watch closely. It seems we aren’t getting the full story of everything that was said. Camille appears very upset and questions Lisa as to who really owns SUR, out of the blue, but Brandi is the one talking about Adrienne, according to the footage. It seems to me Lisa would had to have said something to make Camille so upset for her to question Lisa about SUR? Something that was edited out.

Lisa explains she owns 51% of SUR and says she has invested a lot of money in it. Lisa has a partner in SUR, Guillermo Zapata, who we’ve seen on the show several times… Lisa co-owns SUR with her husband Ken Todd, Guillermo and his wife Nathalie. This is the argument in Vegas we told you Camille and Lisa were going to have, and after, Camille would be appearing less on the show.

Watch the preview of this fight below.

Since the preview has been released, Camille has tweeted that she stands corrected. Camille replied to a tweet saying, “thank you. But I did feel really bad for saying anything. I was a bit misinformed. I stand corrected ;)”


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21 Replies to “Who Owns SUR Lounge? Does Lisa Vanderpump?”

  1. This is why I love Camille. She is never afraid to stand up for what she believes in. I find that respectable that she’s willing to question Lisa who I like. But everyone else kisses Lisa’s ass.

  2. But Camille tweeted she apologized because she was incorrect in what she says next week. She only spoke on what she thought was correct. So you have to give it to her for clearing it up.

  3. It’s completely obvious the snakes at bravo have edited out what Lisa and Brandi said about Adrienne because they are playing favorites as usual. This scenario with Andy’s favorites is getting really old to me. They must think we are really stupid. The people that think Lisa’s shit doesn’t stink are blinded by the editing process. She has Andy wrapped around her finger. Camille is not the person to get so angry or to start drama over nothing. SHOW US THE TRUTH BRAVO.

  4. Although I like Lisa, I believe she likes to have edgy people (remember the guy in the pool house who trashed her when he left) around her to do what she wants to do but does not because she wants to appear more classy than that. I have just about had with Brandy’s gutter trash outbursts with “STFU” . She’s the one who needs to STFU cause nothing meaning ful comes out of her mouth. I think she’s been into with everybody, but Lisa on that show.

  5. Brandi Glanville and Camille are two women that need to look in their own mirrors before going after other women business. It makes them look very spiteful. Although I am not a fan of many of the women on this show. These two women act the least classy. One would think Brandi would learn when to shut her gossip potty mouth and Camille lost all respectability when she put on airs of being holier than thou, then sunk to her low class psychic friend level. Carma bites. One would think these two woman would harder on their own images instead of attacking others. These are actions of bullies or people with low self esteem. Cut others down in order to make one self feel superior…. All of the women on this show need to grow up and start acting like respectful classy women instead of gossiping troublemakers. I personally would never aspire to be like most of these women and find most of them to be far from role models. SMH….

  6. Camille’s face has that same s*** eating smirk on it when she alleges that Lisa doesn’t own Sur as she did when she sat at the table and called Fayke “the morally corrupt Faye Resnick”.

  7. Well, Lisa is the most honest housewife by far. Kyle pretends to be above all gossip when she is actually the one starting most of it. She is totally two-faced and fake…. Lisa and Yolanda are the only classy sophisticated REAL ones with dignity, self-respect and truthful, while Brandi is 100% real, which makes Brandy also very likeable. Top 3 favorites are DEFINITELY Lisa, Yolanda and Brand

    1. Thank you someone finally said it! Kyle is the worst, am I the only one who feels she one of the most self absorbed housewives? Whenever a housewife is going through something tough or Kyle has to do anything with any remote sense of responsibility she starts falling apart and balling and makes everything about her and how hard it is for her to deal with it. Her sister drama with Kim is so tired and played out, its so obvious that she’s not willing to give any real detail and keeps everything so vague I don’t even understand why its still a storyline on the show. I feel like she’s very hypocritical, she can stand up for her friends and berate people for things they stay cough cough having Adrienne’s back yet if anyone tries to stick up for someone she’s calling out all of the sudden they get yelled at for being biased (i.e. Lisa) where does she get off?

  8. Thank you Angela M. I was beginning to think I was flying solo. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks that Lisa’s stuff can (and does) stink. When I see the surveys that are done on Watch What Happens, Lisa always comes out the winner. I just can’t believe it sometimes. And, of course, because Brandi is a friend of Lisa’s, she comes out on top in the surveys as well. If we pay close attention, however, we can see that Lisa is not as much of a friend to Brandi as Brandi is to Lisa. Just wait until the winds shift a little harder. Brandi will be all alone because Lisa will go whichever way the wind blows the hardest if it makes her look good.

  9. Lisa, brandi and Yolanda are classy ladies. The others are wannabes as all there actions are self serving and calculating. Kyle patch things up with your so troubled sister.

  10. The reason that portion was edited out was because Adrienne sued Bravo. Anything involving allegations that could be potentially defamatory were edited out. No favorites by Bravo but just a bitch throwing her money around.

  11. Yea right, Camille might handle herself now but do you remember season one Camille? My guess is her publicist told her to stop acting so slutty and arrogant and try looking classier to fix her image. no praise for Camille for apologizing, your not rewarded for acting decent.

  12. While I have a smidgeon (you need a magnifying glass to see it) of respect for Camille for correcting her err she still needs to STHU! Thats great that she “speaks her mind; doesnt kiss up to Lisa” (whatever) but she needs to check her info before cosigning on bullshiz; especially when it comes to Lisa because out of all the chics on this show Lisa will always have her ducks in row! And for someone (Camille) who doesnt kiss up to Lisa (rolling my eyes) ended up kissing her azz anyway via Twitter; oh the irony lol!

  13. Camille is stupid. The only reason she humbled us bcuz she made a fool of herself in S1. She was a royal bitch before Kelsey dumped her ass. Had that not happened we would still be seeing her true colors.

  14. Lisa and Yolanda are def most classiest as far as Brandi I love her Adrienne is fake and weird! Camille should mind her business!

  15. Gawd, I was wondering wtf was going on until I saw the date of this blog page. I do like Camille & wish she would come back. Never liked Adrienne. Love Kyle and Lisa. Brandy is a mess that messes up everything she touches, and BG being truthful, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That gave me a good night time laugh. Looking forward to the new season. Team Lisa and Kyle.

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