Who Is Penny Drossos Karagiorgis & How Is She Connected To RHONJ?

Penny Drossos Karagiorgis

Many Real Housewives of New Jersey fans may now Penny Drossos Karagiorgis, and her husband Johnny “The Greek,” but some may not know what Penny’s connection is to RHONJ! Penny is most famous for her hair salon, Le Chateau Allure Salon, the salon that Kim D took Teresa to before the infamous “set-up” at the Posche Fashion Show in Season 4! AllThingsRH friend BillyCharlesNY recently interviewed Penny and is letting us share some of her answers with you!

Penny is a friend of Kim D, and has worked with some famous faces as a hairstylist! Penny is also set to appear as a “Friend of The Housewives” on Season 5! Check out some clips of her interview with Billy below, and visit BillyCharlesNY for the FULL interview!

BC: You have a very long and successful career in the beauty industry …tell me was this always your passion?

PDK: Yes! By the age of ten every one of my friends had a hair cut by me and all of my dolls were bald – so that pretty much speaks for itself. ( we both laugh)  I was obviously obsessed with hair from an early-age so I think the creative aspect really drew me in, and being able to make people feel better about themselves by recreating thereimage, made me feel especially good.

BC: I know you have worked with an array of clients, including some ” showbiz folk” , drop me some names (both laugh)

PDK: Lets see…Regis Philbin, Steven Seagal, Zach McGowen, Joyce DeWitt, Martin Kove,   Michael Pare, Cindy Vero, Teresa Giudice, and Love Majewski.


BC: Now on to lighter affairs ( both laugh)…we have to introduce another “character” here! Your hilarious and infamous husband John Karagiorgis!

PDK: (laughing) I knew it was coming sooner or later!…John and I have been married for thirteen years.


BC: What can you tell readers about season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

PDK: As much as I want to have word-vomit right now and tell you everything…I signed something which is pretty much a “gag” order. All I can say is it will be different from last season in ways your readers may find both positive and negative – as with everything.

BC: Everyone is looking forward to the new season and I now they will be looking out for you too!

PDK: You never know where or when I will turn up! (both laugh)

For more of Billy’s interview with Penny visit BillyCharlesNY.com! A special thanks to Billy for letting us share this interview with you!

Credits: BillyCharlesNY


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