Who Is Bryan AKA Bulldog & How Does He Know Melissa Gorga?

Melissa Gorga and Bryan AKA Bulldog

Many of you have seen the name Bryan aka @bulldog_nj on Twitter and wondered how he knows Melissa Gorga from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. We are here to break it down for you. Melissa dated Bryan before she met Joe Gorga, and Bryan says he has a lot of dirt on Melissa that he is ready to expose, but he will wait until the timing is right.

Melissa Gorga’s sisters, Kim Pirrella & Lysa Simpson, have been feuding with Bryan on Twitter, and below you will see him refer to ‘them,’ and ‘their’ phone calls, meaning the 3 Marco sisters. Bryan also claims that Melissa “stalked him,” and told him if he didn’t stop seeing other girls when they were dating she was going to, “marry that millionaire” aka Joe Gorga.

Here are some of Bryan’s tweets, where he says that he has dirt on Melissa. This timeline is courtesy of Fame.

“Time and a place for everything just know the phone call was an atomic bomb and not for me 🙂 tick tick tick lol.”

“Put herself through school don’t make laugh.She moved here for 1 reason not to let me out of her sight.Lol it’s all lies people. ALL!!!”

“We lived with my parents 4 the 1st 8 months my father threw her out so her mother came lol yas have no idea.”

“May I keep going cause I made it clear I’m not even warmed up yet.. :)”

“Talk about obsession we all know how obsessed your sis was with me. Hiding in bushes,running me over wit a car going through my parents mail.”

“So I get the phone call today that she says she’s not worried about me making it on the show because my tumor is back and I will be dead.”

“They’re hoping I will just go away ‘NOW’ or like she said, Die from my tumor. We’ll I’m not and I am ALIVE TODAY! Never wake a sleeping Giant!”

“I am back and fourth in NYU great hospital and I have one of the best surgeons in the world. God is in my life, I’ll be just fine :) “

“Didn’t kill me the 1st time, it’s not gonna kill me this time. I am blessed. I was 24 hours away from being paralyzed & blind.” pic.twitter.com/Hu9erHyF

“The ink on my body explains my story Demons of the past & The Angels of Today that r in my Life! It doesn’t come off & it doesn’t change.”

“Just so this clear, I’m not trying to make anyone believe anything. I just speak the truth! It’s how I roll.;) “

“Believe in yourself, that’s all that matters.”

“I don’t have to look in her mirror or live with her. She has to do that all by herself. I know the TRUTH & so does she.”

“It’s ok, she’s so desperate to keep her fake image & fake fame, that’s the level she is going to. I’m all good! Xo.”

“I get it, your sisters have your back. I have a sister 2 & we would die for each other, but when 1 of us is wrong, we don’t cosign each others BS.”

“UR family is suppose 2b the people that teach u right from wrong, not support & encourage bad behavior!”

“Maybe if u go on realty TV you should not act as if this were a movie and hurt people doing it.”

“I guess it’s coming out after a year of dealing with this BS that I tried so hard to avoid. I turned people away & changed my number 3 times.”

“Follow the arrows it will all ad up! I have nothing to gain or lose… Didn’t even wanna be involved in this.”

“The Fighter in me will always Be! Never will go away… Guess you took my kindness for weakness. #selfmade”

“Well considering they claim I’m broke, lets do it lol. They said I wanna ride her coattails, ok, u rode mine long enough.”

“I might have to appear just cause I know now that it’s killing them.”

“I remember the Friday nite u said 2 me, stop seeing other girls or I will marry that millionaire. 3 months Lata you were married Lol.”

“I bought her that cross, it was kind of like giving an exorcism. Lol I tried to help her.”

“Her definition of Jesus is $, that’s why she always says, Thank u Jesus. sad”

“Funny how all the plotting yas do is behind closed doors and very quietly public now. Hmmm funny… Still 10 steps ahead.”

“So I hear the new attack on me will be that I am “mentally disabled” cause of my surgery, if I speak lol, that I don’t know what I’m saying.”

“Addiction is also not something to attack people on. So sad! For the record, I live a sober life Today by my own choice!”

“Melissa was this bear in front of your house lol.” pic.twitter.com/wB1YVFJ8

“Really!? really!? lol Keep talking… I will keep exposing ya 3 hamsters.” pic.twitter.com/8CSG004r

“Now you r doctors too, right!? Teacher, singer, stripped, actress… C’mon, give it a rest already & define ‘cokehead’, people suffer from addiction”

“Remember I never said she was a stripper or not a stripper, I do know but I have not stated yet. Facts :) “

Here is a picture that may look familiar to you. A photo of Melissa Gorga when she first met Joe Gorga, wearing the cross necklace Bryan bought her.

Melissa Gorga

Bryan is a New Jersey native and is also friends with Jenni JWOWW Farley’s fiancé, Roger Mathews!

Bulldog & Roger

Stay tuned to this story guys, I have a feeling this is just the beginning…

UPDATE: RealityTea has exclusive information regarding Bryan and Melissa’s relationship! A source tells the site, “They dated for many years. She was obsessed with him. She was in touch with him when she was engaged and even after she was married. He is one of the reasons Teresa was leery about Melissa’s marriage to her brother.”

The source also adds, Melissa worked out with a trainer named Tarryn Dietterle last season. Tayrrn owns Bulldog Fitness in NJ. “She was training her 3 times per week,” the source says. “Now, Melissa claims otherwise. She wants to take credit so her ‘workout’ dvd does well.”

RealityTea’s insider also had a lot more to say about Melissa. “Melissa is making enemies faster than friends these days. She is obsessed with herself, fame, and constantly ‘acting,'” the source shares. “Melissa used to talk about Teresa and say she thinks who [does she think] she is and she needs to come back down to earth. Meanwhile, Melissa has been more effected by ‘fame’ than Teresa.”

“Melissa is really living her life as an ‘act,'” the source insists. “She pretends to have the perfect marriage, she pretends she is so into working out and fitness, and the sad thing is she is starting to believe her own lies and doesn’t know when to cut the act!”

“[She] and Joe portray such a fake marriage. Clearly, it is so they will sell books. But, to those who know them well, can’t stand it.” 

What do YOU think?

Photo Credit: Fame, Twitter


17 Replies to “Who Is Bryan AKA Bulldog & How Does He Know Melissa Gorga?”

  1. I am so tired of all these Jersey loosers tweeting that they had information and blah blah blah. Just like Johnny, Penny’s husband, he said he had so much dirt on Melissa and that he would talk after season 4 ended because they had contracts. The season ends, and nothing, abso-freaking-lutely nothing. He is now tweeting that if we thought S4 was explosive with Angelo, wait till Season 5. Seriously what man spends all day tweeting stuff about women? Such loosers, what kind of a man is he? They do not even have a salon?
    I believed bryan when a blogger outed his twitter account and said he didn’t want anything to do with this, and now look at him he is all into it. Melissa is a troll and so are her sisters, so what??

  2. He is in to it,because Melissa and her sisters have been messing with him behind their twitter page and on twitter.That is what they do,they try and scare the people who is ready to expose the real them.If you don’t LIKE IT,then you shouldn’t have did what you did to become a housewive and start telling lies.THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT,MARCOS!

  3. Melissa fans are out of there Darn mind!lol!They actually think that he is making all of this up!If he is making this up,then why is Kim(one of Melissa sisters)telling him to call her?Why is Melissa wearing the cross he bought her,she wore it in half of season 3 and in season 4?

  4. Melissa fans are CRAZY!Some of them are wayyyyyy,I mean wayyyyyyy behind in what is going on.I feel sorry for them.
    If everyone who is coming out about Melissa is lying,then why is Melissa not saying anything on twitter,she is doing hers behind.The girl should have relized if you get on t.v. in REALTY,once again REALTY,and think your little secrets aren’t going to come out,well in this prob BIG secrets aren’t going to come out,haha,you really have lost your mind!

  5. Melissa is clearly much sicker than any of us ever knew. She cheated on her husband and now needs to fess up. She’s so narcissistic that this fact Is now the faullt of tthe man she had the affair with. Wrong. It must be so tiring being a selfish pathalogical liar like Melissa is. Can’t be easy remembering who has heard what lie and not mess up though clearly she does. I’m curious what Joe Gorga is saying about his wifes promiscuous behavior during their marriage? This can’t be easy for him because its obviously true or Melissa wouldn’t be frantically calling Bryan to keep quiet.
    All I can say is Teresa must have some damn good Karma. All she is to do is keep being the pretty and fun Teresa we all love and the universe sends Melissa dose after dose of bitter medicine for the scheming and out right viciousness she displayed to Teresa AND her daughters. By the way I love this blog! Its by far my new favorite.

  6. I do not like Melissa, but someone wrote “She cheated on her husband and now needs to fess up” she needs to fess up to her husband not the viewers. I watch all the HW’s franchises for entertainment and it amazes me how so many viewers take these shows personally. Do viewers not realize that when the show ends, or they don’t get asked back, no one remembers them? Very few reality stars manage to make a name for themselves.

    It is also very entertaining how grown ass men who have nothing to do with these shows get involved with gossip threatening to talk. As for Bryan, he says that Melissa’s sisters are messing with him, he says, there is no proof. So the girl is a slut, how does that affect the viewers lives?

  7. What a sore loser jerk! he sounds so jealous and mean spirited lucky she picked the right man,she is a nice lady leave her alone get on with your life bulldog.

  8. Everybody Wants To Be On Reality Tv. Ugh! I’m Sure Tre Has Something To Do With Him Too. I Believe He Would Lie To Get On Tv. It’s So Sad What People Will Do/Say To Be Relevant And Stay Relevant. Family Is Suppose To Stick Together Not Try To Make Another Feel/Look Bad. RHONJ/RHOBH WERE My Favorites But Enoughs..Enough. Brandi The Classless Hoe Ruined 1 And Tre The Other. I Just Can’t BELIEVE The Direction That These 2 Have Gone To For Drama.

  9. Is it me or can you tell which comments are from Mel’s camp ? Hey Anita, obviously Johnny & Penny aren’t talking because Penny has been filming. Talk & give their dirt to who, twitter? Looks like S5 will answer your dumb ass Anita & the rest of Mel’s camp. Skankass Whorgamarcos are running with their Queenz friend spread shit on DM’s & commenting on blogs, yes here too. No need to run bitches, your career will just die tired. Don’t worry Mel your next appearance will be on Maury, Who’s the daddy? HaHaHaHaHa

  10. why would you write a blog and not do your own background check first? Brian, Not Bryan is a convicted violent FELON. I saw it on on App.com -click Data Universe-click NJ convictions-type in the name Brian T Bowen DOB 12/3/1973. There it is in black and white New Jersey Superior court the subject of indictment – 03-07-01277
    Sentenced Sept. 02,2005 in Hudson county Judge Mark Nelson. Aggrivated assault with bodily injury Sentenced to 5 years probation. The article in the paper said that he beat a neighbor with a bat until he was unconcious. The man was in a coma and they didn’t know if he was ever going to wake up. HE JUST LEFT HIM THERE FOR DEAD, because he was playing his music to loud. How did you not know this if you guys are a legit site? There was alot more, I’m trying to find the truth. We shouldn’t just believe him, just because he says something. This shows me he is not creditable

    1. Why is he not credible? Did he lie about his background? Melissa Gorga is the one that is consistently lying. She is the one that is not credible. Didn’t he have phone records or proof of texts, emails or something. Is that credible enough for a convicted felon??

  11. I don’t like Melissa. She’s a liar and a sneaky bitch. In saying that I think this Brian guy is low down to bring dirt out on her from 10 years ago. He should put all that energy into his own life. What a loser.

  12. What a puss*!!!!! Sounds like he’s the one that’s all obsessed! Find yourself another girlfriend and move the fu** on with yourself loser!!! WHO in their RIGHT mind would want to break up a marriage?!? Not only that joe and Melissa have kids together! What a loser ass little boy! Go get an education little man!

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