Who Is Andy Cohen’s Favorite Real Housewife?

Andy Cohen

Bravo executive Andy Cohen appeared on The Talk and was asked a very popular question. Who is your favorite Housewife? Andy played the infamous game of Plead The Fifth with the women of The Talk and had to answer a series of questions including revealing who is favorite Housewife is.

Cohen was also asked what would get a Housewife fired, and he said “being too boring on the show” is more likely to get a lady the boot.

Next, who is the biggest diva on vacation? Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa or Mark Conseuelos? Andy said “Coops” is the biggest the diva because he tends to get “bored quickly.”

And when the time came for him to answer who his favorite Real Housewife was, Mr. Cohen squirmed a little and then decided to plead the fifth.

Watch the video of Andy on The Talk below!

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Video Credit: The Talk


15 Replies to “Who Is Andy Cohen’s Favorite Real Housewife?”

  1. But, he wasn’t asked that question! He didn’t answer Sharon’s question about what famous women have asked to be on Housewives. He answered that if he was straight for a day what HW would he hook up with and said Adrianna from Miami. No one asked him who his favorite housewife is.

  2. Unfortunately I think Miss Andy’s fav. is Caroline Manzo, who is also the most boring of them all. Fire her Andy!

  3. Eve I agree with you. Nene is Andy’s fav of all times. I do not like Nene but because she seems to blunt and hurtful. But she has gone far because of Bravo. This is one smart woman. I do not know how she can treat Cynthia the way she has. From the way Bravo made it look Cynthia was a true friend to Nene. She was not jealous, and seemed so proud of Nenes accomplishments. Hurtful what Nene said about young girls and Cynthia’s daughter and her boyfriend. Cynthia is Nenes true. Unless Bravo just has her to play the part. I noticed Andy did like Romona a lot. She did not cooperate about her marriage. Treated Andy bad. Vicki was one of his favorites. Vicki brings that show. Tamra is his favorite, she will do anything to stay on the show, plus bring what Bravo needs. Washed out to me and time Tamra goes. Do not think Terry or Heather does anything for Bravo. All in all Nene is Andy’s favorite.

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