Who Is Andy Cohen’s Favorite Real Housewife?

Andy Cohen

Bravo executive Andy Cohen appeared on The Talk and was asked a very popular question. Who is your favorite Housewife? Andy played the infamous game of Plead The Fifth with the women of The Talk and had to answer a series of questions including revealing who is favorite Housewife is.

Cohen was also asked what would get a Housewife fired, and he said “being too boring on the show” is more likely to get a lady the boot.

Next, who is the biggest diva on vacation? Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa or Mark Conseuelos? Andy said “Coops” is the biggest the diva because he tends to get “bored quickly.”

And when the time came for him to answer who his favorite Real Housewife was, Mr. Cohen squirmed a little and then decided to plead the fifth.

Watch the video of Andy on The Talk below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Video Credit: The Talk