Who Does Lauri Peterson Have Dirt On In Season 8 RHOC?

Lauri Peterson

Lauri Peterson was one of the original cast members on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Lauri departed in Season 4 after she married George Peterson. The couple have seven children together from previous relationships, and Lauri left the RHOC to focus on her son Josh and his problems with addiction at the time. Josh is doing well now, and he has changed his life. In our EXCLUSIVE interview, Lauri told me, “Josh is a new father to an adorable little girl born December 13th.  He and his wife Hannah of two years, named her Kennedy Caydence-Rae. She is gorgeous with a head full of hair and these amazing glowing blue-green eyes. Josh is so in love with her that it melts my heart to watch him with her. I believe he has found his purpose and will now understand unconditional love.”

As far as we know, Lauri left the show on good terms with the women, but something must have transpired, because her former friends don’t appear to be happy to see her in the Season preview. Lauri was photographed with the women while Tamra Barney shopped for wedding dresses and in Whistler, Canada on vacation with the women. The Bravo cameras were filming both events.

After almost returning in Season 6, Lauri confirmed she will be appearing on Season 8 of RHOC, and she has some dirt on one of the women! In the preview for the Season, Lauri tells Housewife, Gretchen Rossi; “I walked in and she was in bed with another woman and they were both in bed with another man.” In our interview I asked Lauri if she could elaborate on her news, and she told me, “I think I upset the apple cart! I can’t say 🙁 ” By process of elimination we know Lauri has to be talking about Vicki Gunvalson or Tamra Barney. We aren’t positive who Lauri has gossip on, but we have a pretty good guess!

Who do YOU think Lauri has dirt on in Season 8? Vicki or Tamra?

Photo Credit: Bravo