Exclusive Details: Who Are Jan DeDolce, Penny Drossos And Bryan ‘Bulldog’ Bowen?


With Melissa Gorga’s cheating scandal making The Real Housewives of New Jersey full of drama this season, we thought we would put the pieces together for you and explain some of the key people to the puzzle. Bryan ‘Bulldog’ Bowen (who’s name has been bleeped on the show), Jan DeDolce and Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis are all new faces to some of you. So how do these people know what went on in Melissa’s past and how do they know each other? Keep reading to find out!


First, we have Melissa’s ex-boyfriend, Bryan ‘Bulldog’ Bowen. Melissa and Bulldog dated before she met and married Joe Gorga. “They dated for many years. She was reportedly obsessed with him. She was in touch with him when she was engaged and even after she was married. He is one of the reasons Teresa was leery about Melissa’s marriage to her brother,” an insider told RealityTea. Melissa is accused of cheating on Joe Gorga with Bryan. Her former best friend, Jan DeDolce claims she cheated with Bryan in the parking lot of a Sushi restaurant. Bryan refuses to give interviews about his relationship with Melissa but he has tweeted about her.

“I remember the Friday nite u said 2 me, stop seeing other girls or I will marry that millionaire. 3 months Lata you were married Lol.”

“Talk about obsession we all know how obsessed your sis was with me. Hiding in bushes,running me over wit a car going through my parents mail.”

“We lived with my parents 4 the 1st 8 months my father threw her out so her mother came lol yas have no idea.”


Next, we have Melissa’s long-time friend, Jan DeDolce. An insider told us EXCLUSIVELY that Melissa turned on Jan when she got cast on the show. “Melissa and Jan were old friends, but when Melissa got cast on RHONJ she let her friendship with Jan go. The fame went to Melissa’s head quickly and she only cared about what and who would make her look better on camera. Melissa only called Jan when she needed something,” the insider reveals. “Jan is a single parent who owns a salon. She asked Melissa to come in and get a blow dry to help Jan promote her business. All Melissa had to do to support her friend was walk through the door and maybe send out a tweet or something and she wouldn’t do it.”

“Then, Melissa and her sisters tried to discredit Jan, saying her ex-boyfriend was a drug addict,” the source continues. “Jan hadn’t been with the man in years, but Melissa and her sisters continued to backstab Jan and try and ruin her reputation, which is what started the feud between Melissa and Jan.”

“Jan saw Melissa’s true colors and eventually did not consider her a friend, which is why their lunch seemed so forced,” the insider says. “Jan was also friends with Penny Drossos, and eventually formed a friendship with Kim D. Penny and Jan knew a lot of details about Melissa’s past, and as payback, Jan wanted to expose Melissa’s alleged infidelity on camera.”

But another show insider told us a Bravo casting director reached out to Jan to expose Melissa on the show. “A Bravo casting director contacted Penny to get Jan involved to out Melissa’s affair,” the source EXCLUSIVELY explained. “Penny introduced Kim D to Jan. The day of filming, Kim D went to Jan’s salon so she would recognize her the night they filmed the women getting drinks and Jan revealed Melissa’s ex admitted she blew him.”


That brings us to Penny Drossos Karagiorgis who is most famous for her salon being the stage for Stripperate in season 4. Penny’s husband, Johnny “The Greek” is also the man who got into a physical altercation with Chris & Jacqueline Laurita and Joe Gorga at the opening of POSCHE 2. Penny says she’s known Melissa for years and she is also friends with ‘Bulldog’ and Jan.

But Penny reveals she really got to know the ladies from RHONJ when she met Kim D. “I met Kim D years ago while shopping at her store. We became friends instantly and she in turn started coming to my hair salon. Soon after, Kim D hired me to style the models for her shows. That is how I met the ladies from The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Penny said in an interview with Faux Reality. Before I ever heard of Kim D or Teresa Giudice, before I ever heard of Bravo TV or The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I was friends with Jan – a friendship we maintain to this day.  I also knew Melissa Marco (now Gorga). Melissa and I shared mutual friends –  friendships I continue to maintain.  Melissa frequented the salon I eventually bought.  She came into the  salon regularly and even had her bridal party styled by my girlfriends and staff. I was puzzled when Melissa claimed she never met me. Then again, Melissa seems to deny knowing a lot of people from her past. Just wait and see who else she denies knowing.”

Photo Credit: Bravo