Which RHOC Was NOT Invited To Heather Dubrow’s Party In RHOC Premiere?


In the Season 8 premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the women are navigating a minefield of fractured friendships. Vicki embraces the joys of “grandmotherhood” when daughter Briana gives birth to a baby boy. Tamra moves in with her fiancé and new business partner, Eddie, while Slade gets a job of his own leaving Gretchen to deal with her business ventures alone. Heather throws an East Coast-style clambake in her West Coast backyard, but she refuses to invite Alexis. The clambake reaches a boiling point when Vicki and Tamra come face-to-face for the first time since last year’s brawl over Vicki’s beau, Brooks.

In these photos of the premiere episode, you see all the women at Heather’s clambake party, except for Alexis. I can tell you that new Housewife, Lydia McLaughlin, will not be introduced until episode 3, but it looks like the drama will begin in the first episode! Why was Alexis the only Housewife not invited to Heather and Terry’s party? We will have to find out on April 1st when RHOC Season 8 airs!




Do YOU think Alexis should have been invited to Heather’s party?

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7 Replies to “Which RHOC Was NOT Invited To Heather Dubrow’s Party In RHOC Premiere?”

    1. I am just glad the divorce rumor was just tthat, rumor! I’ve been married for 18 years, & I know what she means…eebs & flows, ya just deal! Good for you two, ya gotta have balls to stick it out, any moron can file for divorce….it takes a REAL partner to stick through it! (It may take awhile, but it all gets back to where it should be….as long as you had it at the begging!)

    2. I think she (Alexis) May have just grown past the show? It happens. It doesn’t mean that’s bad…maybe it’s just not the center of her life. That’s ok, cuz I’m sure all the woman have their own lives after the camara’s are off. Can get sassy about that…can we?

  1. Good. The bitch didn’t deserve an invite. I really hope Heather, Tamra, & Gretchen do NOT make up with Alexis. I wish she would’ve got fired cause I’m tired of this fake broad who cries and whines all the time.

  2. Heather can invite anyone she wants. Having said that, I’m sure Alexis could have cared less. Seems to me that Heather was probably worried more about facing Jim and the possibility of getting called out on their attempted and failed ambush at last season’s party. In any case, the less time Alexis spends being contaminated by those hypocritical bullies, the better.

  3. I hope she does not spend the whole season.She and Terry being judgementel.Lex,is so Loyal.Hope she watches her back.I hope all the girls had some fun!

  4. Maybe people take the time we see on tv, and
    Take that as their whole life?! It’s just ‘our’ entertainment
    Once a week….some folks get WAY too invested!

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