Which RHOBH Marriage Is In Trouble?


In September of 2011 Crazy Days And Nights reported a blind item asking readers to guess: ‘Which RH Beverly Hills couple, despite giving off the appearance of being the most in love actually have the most marital issues and none of it began until the show did, which is ironic considering…. Half the time the couple does not even sleep in the same bed together.’

In December of 2012, the site followed up with a clue, writing, ‘This Real Housewife is being played for a fool. According to a woman who had sex with the husband of the Real Housewife, they sat in bed and watched an appearance of the Housewife on television while the Housewife said everything was great at home. The husband then said it is great as long as she is gone. Not New Jersey.’

Saturday, the site reports we will find out the answers to who this Beverly Hills couple is when the magazines come out Wednesday. ‘I have a feeling you will be seeing the answers to these on Wednesday when the tabloids release their big/cover stories for next Friday’s issues. As you can see, I first talked about it way back in 2011. Apparently the tabloids finally got one of the women to talk.’

Which couple do YOU think this is?

Photo Credit: Bravo